Friday, December 30, 2016


Kumar: Fall 2015


God's Youngest Child

The Muslims of the world are God's youngest spiritual child. The youngest child has the most accurate description of God.

God was not on earth when He created earth. God was not in heaven when He created heaven, obviously. So where was He?

Form, by definition, is to do with the first three dimensions. Each of those dimensions were created much later by God. God is beyond the three spatial dimensions. God is formless.

The angels of heaven who are spirit beings see God, the God that sits on the throne in heaven, as a spirit being. He looks just like one of them, just like I look fully human.

That is why Lucifer took one look at God and said, "You didn't create s___!"

God is beyond heaven. God is beyond earth.

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. God so loved humanity He disowned His own Son. But just like He did not stop at the sacrifice, He never intended to stop at the denial. The hope always has been for an eventual reconciliation.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah is my current favorite movie, by far, and I have been hugely into movies all my decades on earth. My favorite celebrity is a movie star, not a politician, not an entrepreneur, not a religious figure. In fact, after I learned my true identity, I wondered, how do you explain the fact that I am so into movies? The answer is, you are fascinated by God's creation, God is fascinated by yours. Right back at you.

I watched the Godfather movies many many times. The next stop was Heat. It is a classic. Then I watched the Bourne movies more times than I can remember. It still speaks to me. At one point Bourne says, how can I do all these amazing things and not know who I am? I could have said that a few times these past few decades. And now it is The Young Messiah. I cried a bucket just watching the trailer, and I cried in many public places.

As God's very own Son I tell you, this movie's release was timed to coincide with the year I learned my true identity. Abba meant it that way. This movie was made for me.

I just wrote to the director on his Facebook page.

'Young Messiah' director: How I came to make a Bible movie

One Prophecy Fulfilled Three Times

"... he holds aloof from our paths as from things impure." Wisdom 2:16 

I have fulfilled this one prophecy three times, at Budhanilkantha School, at Berea College, and in New York City.

Jesus: The Only Bridge To Heaven In Any Religious Tradition

The Hindu belief system talks of birth after birth after birth. There is no talk of an after life in the Jewish belief system. Muhammad himself did not go to heaven, not according to the Koran he did not.

Lord Rama, the Holy Father's first human incarnation, was about the here and now. It was about family and justice. Lord Krishna, the second human incarnation of the Holy Father, was about the modern state and justice. Both delivered timeless messages. But both also knew the bridge to heaven will be built through the Holy Son. It can be seen as the Father's love for the Son that it was made to be that way.

Moses was a prophet in his mother's womb as per God's decision, as was Muhammad, both prophets to all humanity. Muhammad's designation as the last prophet was a designation for all humanity. That is how you know I am your senior year. You are about to graduate. That is also how you know I am not a prophet.

The 10 commandments are not just for Jews but for all humanity. They are God's basic laws. Unless you adhere to those basic laws God is going to be blind to your prayers and worship. It is a covenant between you and God. You are expected to keep your end. Prophet Moses led his people to the one true Living God. Prophet Muhammad led his people from false gods and goddesses to the one true Living God.

Materialism is the 21st century idolatry and so the Moses-Muhammad message is as relevant as ever. God is not anti wealth, anti prosperity, or one of the basic commandments would not be do not steal. It is okay to have wealth, but do not worship the wealth, worship God. Lord Krishna's message of detachment teaches the same thing. Maintain 24/7 God consciousness. Focus on the spiritual not physical even as you stay fully engaged in life.

Muhammad is extra relevant to today's India. The Hindu belief system is a house to every false god and goddess in human history, even though the Hindus are the original chosen people among whom the Holy Father was born two times.

Ends up Jesus is the only bridge to Heaven in any religious tradition. It is not even Kumar, the second human incarnation of the Son of God.

We are moving towards one world religion, and one world government. But that leaves total room for cultural diversity. And that leaves tremendous room for national, state and local governments. The Jewish culture can continue. The Islamic culture can continue. The Hindu culture can continue. Countries can continue to be countries. But every religion is to be audited. There are malpractices going on in every religion.

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. That Christians know well. But God did not stop there. Then He resurrected His Son and built a bridge to heaven, for all humanity for all time, the only bridge to heaven. God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. That is why Jesus is called a prophet in the Koran. But God never meant to stop there. It has been 1500 years. That's enough. Now the Muslims also get to come to Jesus without losing their distinct Islamic culture. The chosen people have been gathered back in the promised land. The God of second chances, the merciful God, is giving the Jews a second chance to accept the Son of God, both human incarnations at once. But the distinct Jewish culture can continue.

It was Jesus who gave the Hindus their Vedas. Veda means knowledge. Bramha is another name for Wisdom. There is absolutely no logic to why the Hindus should reject Jesus, especially when he is the only bridge to heaven.

The Son of God is the daughter of God in the Old Testament. God Himself is called a mother a few times. Son or daughter, father or mother, all that is earth language, nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father, not even the angels of heaven. The important point is, your soul is not gendered. Gender is a feature strictly of the body in flesh. Gender equality was always the message, now it can no longer be postponed.

Racism is Lucifer's final grip on humanity. That grip is to be broken now. The crucifixion part of the work on racism has already been done.

Christians should not get too comfortable. To worship Jesus but not worship Rama and Krishna makes zero sense. Also, note that three of God's four human incarnations have been to do with earth. Earth is precious to God. God really really wants earth to work. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yoga (Shiva) And Meditation (Buddha) In The Bible

"Be still and know that I am God!"
Psalms 46:11

Prayer is all good but prayer is not enough. In sitting still you temporarily walk away from your body as if to say, the body is real, created by God, but it is not eternal, it is not everlasting. You can make your body sit still but your mind can still race in a hundred different directions. You make your mind still so you may realize there is something beyond not just the body but also the mind. You claim your soul that longs for God.

Shiva was the first yogi, the Adiyogi, the founder of the science of yoga, and yes, it's a science. He was the first to figure out the black hole, and he was an Ice Age person. That places him somewhere between 12,000 to 15,000 years before current time. He describes the experience as falling into a bottomless pit. That is precisely the description physicists give today. Falling into a black hole would feel like falling into a bottomless pit.

Buddhism is also a science. It is a science of the mind. The Buddha was able to wipe out the caste system from large swathes of India simply by peacefully teaching. So the Brahmins turned him into a God and butchered the Buddhist monks.

There are strong arguments against the caste system in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, just like the Book Of Exodus is God's clear statement against slavery.

Shiva's yoga is much more comprehensive than the Buddha's meditation techniques. The Buddha attained enlightenment. He laid out a roadmap for the same saying anyone could attain enlightenment like he did. But there is no record of anyone else in the Buddhist tradition having done so. That is how you know he attained enlightenment through the grace of God. He was born special.

The family is weak in America precisely because Americans don't worship Lord Rama who created the family on earth, the first human incarnation of Vishnu, or Yahweh, or the Holy Father. Jesus is the one who gave the Hindus their Vedas. But the Hindus have refused to accept Jesus for 2,000 years now. Jesus created the person on earth. There is no other bridge to heaven available in any other religious tradition.

Jesus spoke the final word on gender equality 2,000 years ago when someone asked him about the woman with seven husbands. The soul that is given a perfect spirit body in heaven is not gendered, he said. In the Old Testament Jesus is the daughter of God, Wisdom. Wisdom, or Bramha.

The gun culture in America which is the source of civil wars all over the world and the ongoing civil war in America (30,000 dead every year without making news) is precisely because Americans are not into yoga and meditation.

"Be still and know that I am God!"
Psalms 46:11

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Let Me Hold On To Your Finger

Let me hold your finger, Abba
For I have work to do here on Earth
Thanks for the black boots
Thanks for the coffee
Thanks for the woolen cap
Thanks for being you
Thanks for being there
Always being there
The God of infinite love
Your love is more dazzling
Than all the stars in the universe
My Father. My God. My King. 

To my perfect snack
Of a dollar worth of peanuts, and garlic
You added a cup of coffee
That I just so happened to wish for
And gave me a woolen cap
To go with my boots
You put under my bed
Brand new
You taught me to keep pressing the knob
Until I got hot water for shower 

You sat in the chair I sat in
And swiped on your phone
Like I swiped my phone
While I sat where you sat
When you met me and later had lunch with me
You so relished the food I offered you
My orange juice
Like people offering me their food
Because they see I relish it so much 

Like that day you sat on the middle ridge
Of Park Avenue, smoking away
With not a care in the world
Being a proper homeless person
Like I offered to be
As I walked to the Sunday service
At Little Church
Precisely where a week before
You had placed a moving truck
On whose side was a tiny hand holding
On to your hand as you asked
"Who shall inherit the earth?"
You kept asking me for weeks
Until I said in a child's voice: "Me!" 

Abba. Father. My Father of simple love
Grand, obvious power and ever present love
You played piano for me
Since I was so taken by the
Exquisite music during my brief
Tour of heaven
Then you prayed to me as if to say
Me praying to you is the same thing
When you met me the first time
And simply said
"Did you want to see me?"
An angel said to you
"We don't want you here"
And to me she said
"You can stay"
Only in a kingdom of love
Would someone speak to a king like that 

A Sita For This Age

In the Book Of Revelation, the densest book of prophecies in the entire Bible that in panoramic in that it touches upon events past, present and future, not just the end times, and that makes John, the brother of Jesus, the top of all prophets in the Bible, above Moses, above Elijah, above Isaiah, and it just so happens to be that the name John rhymes with the name Laxman, the brother of Lord Rama, in that book there is mention of a wedding of the Lamb of God. There are no weddings in heaven, in a world where everyone has everlasting life there is obviously no need for sexual reproduction. In heaven your soul is given a perfect spirit body. It is not gendered. 

So what is this wedding? We know Jesus did not have a wedding. And the end times Christ will not have a wedding, for it will not be a human incarnation but a direct descent from heaven. He will come precisely at the end. What wedding?

So what is this wedding of the Son of God in the Book of Revelation? That would be my wedding, the wedding of the second human incarnation of the Son of God. Barack Obama is my Arjuna. There apparently is also a Sita for this age, and that is how the four divine incarnations are brought together in my life story. A Sita who will be worshipped alongside of me and for all time with me just like Rama and Sita are worshipped today and will be worshipped for all time. 

After I learned my true identity I offered to go out into the streets and become a proper homeless person. I knew Jesus died with a net worth of zero. I prayed for an hour every day for over a week seeking clarity for if I were to build a company I would get rich and if I am supposed to stay poor then I should ditch the idea of building a company but Abba wants me to build the game I was seeking to build before I learned my true identity. And I felt bad. Jesus prayed only for an hour before going up the cross. I had prayed for an hour every day for 10 days. This is not good, I said to myself. Then Abba gave me clarity. He inserted a sentence into the speech Barack Obama delivered at the convention in Philadelphia that I read online. This is not about me. 

Just like the crucifixion was not about me, the coronation is not about me either, it is about humanity, my younger sibling, with whom I share a common Father. Last time I showed by example it is possible to walk the path of God and stay true to God at net worth zero, it is possible when tortured, it is possible when you get killed. This time I am to show by example in the other direction. I am to show it is possible to stay true to the path of God even as you start at net worth zero and go on to acquire tremendous wealth and power. 

How much power? All earth has never seen one monarch. I am to be king of all earth. I am to be a king like never has been. How much wealth? I am to build a company, then a family of companies. I am going to be the central player of the Blockchain era. The Blockchain is going to be much much bigger than the Internet. A million to a billion to a trillion and beyond. But that does not mean I am going to be a trillionnaire, or even a billionnaire. Because that would be to not walk the path of God. 
Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity. Too many people stop at love one another. They interpret that to mean they ought to love their children. Full stop. 

Nobody needs to be a billionnaire. I am putting a ceiling of a net worth of 500 million on myself, a figure that I actually disagree with, I think 100 million more than enough, but hats off to Mark Zuckerberg. That is a ceiling on personal net worth, not on wealth creation. There is no ceiling on wealth creation. But the surplus all goes to God's commandment of love all humanity. 

Another offer I made to Abba was, I knew Jesus had been single, so I said, I have been single the entire time I have been in New York City, I was not even particularly planning it that way, it just ended up being that way, but now if thy will be that I stay single, then thy will be done going forward, singleness continued. 

At one point many many weeks later Abba made me more of a spirit being for a few days to help me understand how as Jesus I had been single during the years of my ministry. That was a hint. 
On December 23, 2016 I finished reading the Bible, and there it was written in plain English 2,000 years ago, that I am to have a wedding, like a Rama Sita wedding, come full circle. 

For the wedding day of the Lamb has 
his bride has made herself ready. 
Revelation 19:7

Blessed are those who have been called to the wedding feast of the Lamb. 
Revelation 19:9 

Me mistaking myself for the first coming of Christ, was that a mistake? No, I don't make mistakes. That was Abba architecting an on ramp for people who might mistake me for my first coming or my final coming. Be patient with them when that happens. That is the Holy Father's message. Like when I ditched the entire Hindu belief system and He gave me a gentle nudge on Krishna. That was not a mistake on my part. That was Him architecting an on ramp for both Hindus and Christians to Lord Kumar. 

"You are my son;
today I have begotten you. 
Ask it of me, 
and I will give you the nations as your 
and, as your possession, the ends of the 
Psalms 2:7-9   

The Book Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation is not just about the end times, but all times, past, present and future. It talks about events that have happened and will happen along the entire spectrum of time, including from when there was no life on earth. 

The reason it is hard to read is because the revelations are in fragments and not at all chronological. 
Only the Holy Spirit inspired can see. For example, I saw the 7,000 dying in an earthquake is a reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. This is confirmation that it was a divine act of retribution like those that visited the Pharoah of Egypt. 

At that moment there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell in ruins. Seven thousand people were killed during the earthquake 
Revelation 11:13

This is a reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The Nepal government figure is 8400 dead, which means the Nepal government figure is slightly exaggerated. 

The ten horns that you saw represent ten kings who have not yet been crowned 
Revelation 17:12

They will fight with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them, for he is the Lord of lords and king of kings, and those with him are called chosen and faithful. 
Revelation 17:14

This is a reference to the 10 Shaha kings of Nepal, which means the 2001 royal palace massacre of Nepal was prophecied 2,000 years ago and the role I have claimed ("the butterfly effect") in the April 2005 movement that ended the monarchy in Nepal is valid. I put forth the doctrine of nonviolent militancy. 

The Book Of Revelation, infact much of the prophetic books, like the Book Of Isaiah, are not to be read like regular English. The sentences and paragraphs are misleading. Prophecies are scattered all over the place, often in sentence fragments completely unrelated to the rest of the sentence and in sentences completely unrelated to the sentences before and after. 

John is above Isaiah in some ways. So panoramic is the sweep of events in the Book Of Revelation. 
John is above Peter and Paul. John is like Laxman. Peter and Paul are more like Hanuman. For God is love more than anyone else. Those who love the most are the dearest to God. John was revealed to more than anyone else in the Bible, for John was so beloved to Jesus. 

Book Of Revelation, Book Of Isaiah, Book Of Psalms in that order have an immense density of prophecies in them. As such John ought to be considered the top prophet. 

Physics talks of a Big Bang now 2,000 years later after the Gospel declared God spoke the world into existence. Physics is not yet sure about the end. The Bible has clearly stated there will be end times. Time itself will come to an end. 

In that sense it does not make sense to call God an eternal being. Eternal is a measuring rod in the fourth dimension of time. That is like saying someone is 300 miles old. God is beyond time. Heaven is beyond time. That is why it is said in heaven you have everlasting life. That is earth language for saying heaven is beyond time. God is beyond heaven itself. 

God metes out perfect justice. Nothing anyone does stays hidden from God. Nothing anyone thinks or feels stays hidden from God. But God is merciful and first seeks repentance on your part, a change of heart and conduct. But ultimately the God of infinite love, total power, and ultimate intelligence is a God who metes out perfect justice in all creation, from heaven to earth. That is why it is said, leave the judgment to God. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Divine Will, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Research And Marriage

The first incarnation of the Holy Father was dedicated to the creation of the family. Why would that be? Lord Rama created the family on earth like Lord Jesus created the person on earth, the person of the one person one vote democracy, the person who is the basic unit of the modern economy. And there are concrete earthly implications. The family is weak in America precisely because Americans don't worship Lord Rama. India could not become a modern democracy and economy without opening its heart to Jesus.

Look at modern research. Surveys routinely show seniors say their marriage is the best part of their senior years. But that marriage takes time to build. People who have been married 15 years say their sex is better than ever, if sex is the thing. Research shows unmarried people in big cities have much less sex than married people, if sex is the thing. 

So if modern research is saying the same thing as ancient wisdom and divine will, how do you find that special person? First find you and your special person will be standing right in front of you. 

Earth is not punishment. That would be hell. 

Both David and Solomon committed sexual sins. The sexual sins of Solomon destroyed an entire people. 

God spoke the world into existence. The physical world was the easy part. You now call it the Big Bang. But look at how much more challenging is the human part. God has had to intervene again and again. Four separate human incarnations! 

Krishna created the modern state. He defined the case for the use of force to uphold justice. Exhaust all peaceful options first. But ultimately justice is above peace.

There Will Be Scripture Around Me

Just like Rama has Ramayana, Krishna has Mahabharata, Jesus has the Bible, there is going to be a scripture around me. My biographical details of the work I have already done, and the work I will do are like a PowerPoint presentation to all humanity for all time.

I have done the crucifixion on racism, the entire spectrum of the isms, ethnic prejudice in a poor country, for I grew up among an internally colonized people, casteism, for the Hindu Brahmins deny God Himself as vociferously as the Jewish priests 2,000 years ago, not only Jesus, who gave them the very Vedas that is their supposed claim to the priesthood, but also Rama and Krishna. 

Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bible were all inspired by the same Holy Spirit. The message I have delivered this past year has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

Have you noticed? The Jews don't try to convert. The Hindus don't try to convert either. It is a chosen people syndrome. But God is not the God only of the Hindus or the Jews. God is the God of all humanity. God is the God of the entire cosmos. 

This year Abba has architected a perfect act of forgiveness through me. I have done the crucifixion on racism and the entire spectrum of isms. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. The first step seems to be forgiveness. The number one reason God created the fourth dimension of time is so you may learn to forgive. It is an active process like prayer. African Americans should forgive more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of everyone else. 

The cure is the mahamantra that brings together Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Kumar. The lessons of Rama, Krishna and Jesus are timeless. The entire era around them was different. There are miracle stories associated with each, for example. God can mould an entire era like that to create a PowerPoint presentation for all humanity for all time. 

Unless you are willing to cross cultural barriers you can not worship all four, but if you do you will learn cultural diversity is natural and good. Culture gives people a sense of belonging. Worshipping all four together is the cure. 

All human beings have been created equal by the creator. That is a statement on the human soul, which is not gendered. Jesus spoke the final word on gender equality 2,000 years ago, just like Rama spoke the final word against the caste system 7,000 years ago and Krishna repeated that message 5,000 years ago. I emphasize the message on gender equality. Saint Thomas is back and she is a woman. She is not here to attain sainthood. She did that 2,000 years ago. She is here to help me with my work. 

I am waiting for the Catholic Church and the churches of the world to invite me to become monarch to their organizations. But know that this is no ceremonial monarchy. And I shall also create an organization of my own from scratch. You have mastered chapter three over 2,000 years. I am chapter four. Anyone who sets his or her mind can master it in two years. 

Hanuman waited 2,000 years for Rama to come back. Rama kept the promise. He came back as Krishna. You have been doing the bread and wine thing for 2,000 years now. Jesus kept the promise. He is back. His name is Kumar.

The bread and wine thing can now come to a stop.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Crack In The Ceiling

I was walking westward towards the only church I knew, the Church Of Holy Apostles on 28th and 9th, and it started raining, and it was raining hard enough. I found myself standing in front of what looked like a church, so I walked in. Little Church. Church Of Transfiguration.

When I went through the symbolic transfiguration experience that was a few weeks before I had ever come across the term. I have always known about the crucifixion, but I had not been aware there also had been a transfiguration. When I chanced upon it and read upon it I was like, wait a minute, that explains that experience I had a few weeks ago. There was no shining. There were no clouds. I was not on a mountain but in a crowded dorm room. But it was an experience of electricity passing through my entire body. Nothing unpleasant, nothing painful. But it was a tremendous force. It was actually quite pleasant.

And here I was at a church of transfiguration. It's a beautiful church, beautiful size, beautiful garden, beautiful music and worship, and so I showed up every Sunday for about six months. Then I was asked to maybe leave and I left.

Many Sundays after that I have showed for the 10:15 AM service at the St. Patrick's Cathedral and taken worship sitting in the audience, and have been tremendously moved.

Before the Little Church I had been showing up at the Lutheran Church Of The Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One Sunday a guy there, Nathan, said to me, "You should attend a church in Chelsea." I remember thinking, why would I attend a church in Chelsea! A few short weeks later I was attending a church in Chelsea where I met another guy named Nathan, pleasant guy.

Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church Of The Messiah (she is St. Thomas come back like John The Baptist was Elijah come back) took me to lunch one day. At one point she said, "your own room." That was the Holy Spirit talking through her. A few hours later I had my own room at the 30th Street shelter. In the months after that I walked many times to the Greenpoint church to attend an event, usually the Sunday dinner event the first Sunday of the month.

A few different random people told me at the Little Church that I should attend "a bigger church." I resisted at first.

I have also walked two ways to the Woodside Gurudwara about once a week, sometimes twice. Two succeeding Sundays as I was walking to the St. Patrick's Cathedral for the service I saw a ton of pigeons, maybe 50, maybe 100, feasting on something by the sidewalk and I immediately understood. You want me to go to the Woodside Gurudwara? I will go, I said. And went. Thy will be done, always.

I had not been the praying worshiping kind. I had read one of the gospels a few times. When I learned I was the Son of God I felt a little self conscious that I read War And Peace at high school but I had not read the Bible cover to cover. I had always been completely comfortable attending houses of worship associated with various religions. A few years ago when I was living with a Pakistani family in Jackson Heights I ate my evening meal at a nearby mosque the entire month of Ramadan.

I had not been the praying worshiping kind but I have always had an uncompromising attitude towards justice. After I read through the Old Testament I saw God has always cared more about justice than worship.

I am almost done reading the Bible cover to cover. I understand as easily as I understood the Stephen Hawking book A Brief History Of Time when I read it at high school. I understood it so easily I lost interest in the Newtonian high school physics they were teaching. The Bible is a fascinating book.

Last week I was sitting near Macy's. I had with me a bag of peanuts I had bought for a dollar at Jack's next to the Church Of St. Francis Of Assissi on 32nd. And I had garlic. And I was feeling so amazed that I had invented this perfect snack, healthy, cheap, and chilli hot like I crave. And half way in I started thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have some coffee right now!

Just then a few young people apparently working for Uniqlo showed up with drums of coffee and cream on their backs. I took the coffee and burst out laughing. I knew Abba had done this. God, the prankster. I walked a few steps, and as if to confirm that yes, He did it, there I saw an abandoned woolen cap on a table that I picked and am wearing right now. Head to toe I am covered with stuff Abba gave me. The boots I wear appeared under my bed. The winter jacket was a gift at the Bowery Mission with the Thanksgiving meal.

The coffee appearing is like this scene in the movie The Young Messiah when God makes it rain.

God made it rain because He wanted me at Little Church. God made it rain a few times when He wanted me to stick around just a little bit longer at the Church Of The Sacred Hearts Of Jesus And Mary on 32nd and 1st.

The boots are precisely the black boots I bought a few years in a row at a store on 74th Street in Jackson Heights. I am a walking kind. And these boots are strong. They appeared under my bed brand new.

I went through the symbolic crucifixion experience in a small room in a shared apartment in Astoria I got evicted out of. It was after I had had pizza. It took me months to realize not only was I the Son of God, I had been doing my Father's work for decades already. My experience in white American racism started with a pizza. Before that in Nepal I had done the crucifixion on ethnic prejudice, racism and casteism at the top school in Nepal.

After that Abba made light of my use of the word awakening. This had not been an awakening. True, I learned my true identity this year after four plus decades on earth. But I have been doing the work all along. I just did not know I was. But I was not doing it alone. Abba has always been involved. There is a poster you can see many places right now. It says, who shall inherit the earth. The tiny hand in that poster is mine. That is how I will do my work, by holding on to my Father's finger.

I have made no mistakes, I have most certainly not made career mistakes. I have been doing work. Crucifixion is work for the Son of God. Jesus had to experience human death before he could conquer it for all humanity for all time. I have had to experience racism for the same reason. Racism, ethnic prejudice, casteism, and the whole spectrum of isms.

On the work front Abba simply said, continue. As in, the Augmented Reality Mobile Game I was trying to build before I learned my true identity is something He wants me to build. The first time He met me in person was at the Starbucks in Greenpoint. That store is central to my idea.

He simply said, "Did you want to see me?"

This was like Him meeting Abraham. He has met me over a dozen times so far. Recently he met me five times in a row.

So at Little Church I was trying to get some of the people I got to know to become angel investors. I had no success. The church roof cracked open in one place. I did not connect the dots in real time. Much later I realized that was like the curtain getting torn at the Temple in Jerusalem.

I deciphered two meanings. You worship my Son every Sunday and here he is in flesh trying to get you to invest in his tech startup and it is part of his work, but you will not budge, but I bet you will fundraise to fix this roof that I slightly teared up.

Another meaning is the heaven will crack open and the Spirit of God will descend to engulf all earth. All you got to do is ask. You asked for a Kingdom of God on earth for 2,000 years and I have answered your prayers. My son here is the political Messiah many Jews thought Jesus might be.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Laws Of Physics And God

God created the human senses like sight and hearing with which data is collected. God created the human mind that makes sense of the data and formulates theories. God created the universe that the scientists study. Those who know the laws of physics should be some of the most God loving people, for the thinking should be, if the laws of physics are so amazing how much more amazing the creator of the laws of physics! God not only created matter but space itself. The space is still being created. God created time. All of space and time is contained within God.

The Bible talks about end times. Modern physics has presented the Big Bang theory. That theory says time has had a beginning. Time itself was created. Space time is being created as we speak. Space time is expanding much faster than the speed of light.

Some people have done the math on the chances of all of the hundreds of the Old Testament prophecies getting fulfilled in one person Jesus. It is a huge number. Obviously there is a power beyond the four dimensions that seems to have total knowledge of and total power over time. You can't discard that evidence any more than you can discard the evidence that light rays bend near the sun.

It is written, Jesus walked on water. What does that mean? It means Jesus walked on water. It means, if you had a smartphone at the time you could have captured the video of Jesus walking on water. That is what it means.

So what is the physics of Jesus walking on water? That is the physics of God. Obviously there is a power that can bend the laws of physics at will. So the claim that the same power created the laws of physics is probably true.

Gluttony is a sin. The obesity epidemic in America is physical evidence that America is a massively sinful nation. Why is gluttony a sin? Why is eating the right amount so important. Because your body is so special. God created you in His own image. Your body is God's temple. That is why murder is sin. Violence is sin. Your body might be temporary, but it is real. This world is real. Earth is no punishment. Having to earn everlasting life is a good thing. Lucifer could have benefitted from that. Eating right and eating the right amount is about being thankful to God that He created you in His own image.

There is a certain hubris that has sprung forth through the industrial revolution. That is why earth is such a mess today. Something as gigantic as the Pacific Ocean is choking with plastic. The weather systems of the planet that support agriculture and much else are on the edge and could very well spin out of control and humanity could end up right back in the stone age.

People who fear Artificial Intelligence obviously do not realize Lucifer is much smarter than any Artificial Intelligence could be, because Lucifer is a spirit being from beyond the first four dimensions, whereas AI, by definition, is limited to the first four dimensions. God showed you how to conquer The Devil 2,000 years ago. You do it by loving God. For Lucifer is like a bucket and God is like an ocean.

Hundreds of prophecies getting fulfilled in Jesus makes him very very special, statistically speaking. If intelligent life only exists on earth in this vast cosmos, how special does that make you? What is the number on that? Would that make you feel like you are perhaps like a younger sibling to Jesus, the very Son of God?

The earth is at a perfect distance from the sun. But it has also needed its magnetic field, otherwise solar radiation washed away all traces of liquid water from Mars. The earth has also needed a perfect size moon. Minus the perfect size moon the earth would have been too wobbly for intelligent life to emerge. Not only that, because the moon lacks the earth’s atmosphere, it gets constantly bombarded. Every 80,000 years the moon's surface gets a whole new look. Super high speed space travel would turn those dust particles and rocks into missiles that strike your space ship. The human body is designed for earth's gravity, not for space travel. Months of orbiting the earth and astronauts come back complaining about a weaker backbone and incurable near sightedness, among other things. The nearest stars are light years away.

What if this huge cosmos was created by God for no reason other than to make you feel special? What if the earth is your only home? Would you take better care of it?

What if the idea is that you take care of your physical needs, and everyone takes care of their physical needs, and that is a finite challenge, but after that it is all about mind, heart and soul, and all that is non physical and the possibilities there are infinite?

Lack of Universal Spiritual Centeredness and something like the industrial revolution leads to evils like colonization, the obesity epidemic, global warming, mass extinctions, and a Pacific Ocean choking with plastic. Where is the happiness?

Plastic was the nanotechnology of its time. The damage humanity could do with the technologies on the horizon are of a whole different magnitude. Universal Spiritual Centeredness (USC) is the only way you would get it right. You are fascinated by four dimensional geometry and rightly so. Be so much more fascinated by the 10 dimensional geometry, for God is the 10th, the final dimension. That God is the God of ultimate intelligence, total power and infinite love. That God loves you. He created this vast cosmos so you may feel special. He created the fourth dimension of time so you may learn to forgive. Love that God with all your heart, mind and soul, for that God is the source of all that is good and true, and that God loves you at full capacity.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Various Religions And One Humanity

Every major religion talks of God as the Creator, but there is only one creation. Followers of various religions all point at the same stars, the same earth, the same people. 

Christians say God is one. Jews and Muslims pray to that one true Living God. Prophet Moses was a prophet not just to Jews but to all humanity. On that tablet God wrote down the basic laws. If you do not adhere to God's basic laws God is going to be blind to your prayers and worship. 

But not everything Moses wrote was from God. Some of his knowledge he inherited from his patriarchs and Jesus contradicted some of what Moses said. 

Prophet Muhammad was indeed the last prophet. There has not been another prophet after him. That is how you know I am not a prophet. But he was not the last prophet just to the Arabs in Mecca but to all humanity. There is a finality to my human incarnation. I am your senior year. Rejoice, you are about to graduate. 

Christians say God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. What they do not say is God so loved humanity He also denied His own Son. God made a covenant with Abraham. God intends to keep that covenant for a thousand generations. The Muslims are the lineage of Abraham that got denied. God the merciful, God the God of infinite love denied His own Son to empathize with the Muslims so as to some day bring them back into the fold. 

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. 
Prophet Muhammad led his people from false gods and goddesses to the one true Living God. But there were times when he thought he was talking to Gabriel but he was talking to Lucifer posing as Gabriel. Some of those instances he was able to figure out, some not. I shall audit the Islamic belief system and unearth every such instance. 

The Catholic Church has built an elaborate organizational structure which was the only way to counter the elaborate organizational structure of Lucifer and his team. There are people who fear Artificial Intelligence today. But no matter how much intelligence you add to that Artificial Intelligence it will be limited to the first four dimensions. Fallen angels like Lucifer are spirit beings with vastly superior intellects because they are not of the first four dimensions. There are those who fear Artificial Intelligence who are not even aware of Lucifer, the superior evil intelligence. 

God already gave you the cure to Lucifer 2,000 years ago. That is still the cure to your fears about Artificial Intelligence. 

In terms of intelligence a human being is like a glass, angels are like buckets, but God is the ocean. The Devil is completely powerless in the face of God but because both the bucket and the ocean are capable of filling up the glass Satan gets portrayed as God's adversary. It is a human perspective, not an objective reality. 

Just like it's the same God in every major religion it's the same Devil in every religion. 

The chosen people have been gathered back in the promised land in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Judge not the Jews too harshly for 2,000 years later you still have managed to give the Son of God the petty thief treatment. They confused the first coming of Christ with the second coming. Today too many Christians confuse the second coming of Christ with the final coming of Christ at the end of time, and some with the first coming itself, in that there might be expectations of touch and cure, walk on water, raise people from the dead. 

The Catholic Church has gotten gender fundamentally wrong. God being the God who can read time has always known about democracy but God being the God who works with human free will has patiently waited as you worked with monarchies. That explains God's patience with the evolution of human thought on gender. Otherwise God has been crystal clear on gender. Wisdom is a woman in the Old Testament. Jesus is a man in the New Testament. Nobody has seen the Son but the Father. Nobody has seen the Father but the Son. In his answer to the question about the woman who marries seven brothers Jesus makes it clear gender is not a feature in heaven. Your soul is not gendered, only your body. But now God is going to call you out on this. Gender is the most basic human diversity and humanity has to get it right. 

Muslims rightly say God is formless. God was not on earth when He created earth. God was not in heaven when He created heaven. Form is the first three dimensions. God is the 10th, the final dimension. The angels of heaven see God as a spirit being but God is not a spirit being, God is God. But it does not make sense to say God has the power to create heaven and earth but God does not have the power to show up on earth in human incarnation. 

Christians say the Holy Son can show up on earth in human incarnation and did. That was Jesus. But they think the Holy Father can't do the same, or maybe lacks interest to do the same. And thus are blind to the fact that the Holy Father already showed up as Rama and Krishna 7,000 and 5,000 years ago. 

Christians say the Holy Son was begotten. Hindus say Bramha emerged out of the navel of Vishnu. Jews call him Yahweh. 

Christians say the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit are three distinct identities, but God is one. That one God Muslims call Allah. The Christian description of the Holy Spirit matches the Hindu description of the superconsciousness. Some Hindus have claimed there is no God, just this all pervasive superconsciousness. 

The Hindu belief system is like the bed of a lake or a seabed. Every religious belief that ever existed in any part of the world among any people is still well and alive in the Hindu belief system. It is a basement full of stuff that was never thrown out. It is a junkyard. 

When people say Hinduism is polytheism Hindus say God is one. But then they produce a grand list of 33 million gods and goddesses. 

Some Hindus still practice human sacrifice. 

The Romans and Greeks had plenty of false gods and goddesses. They let go of them when they accepted Jesus. But it is not like Hindus deny Rama and Krishna. They simply kept all the false gods and goddesses. They don't even deny Jesus. When Christians say to Hindus Jesus is the Son of God Hindus say I am happy for you, to each his or her own. You worship Jesus and be happy. 

Not only do Hindus accept the Holy Father and the Holy Son, although both have names, Vishnu and Bramha, they proceeded to create a wife for Vishnu and a wife for Bramha, Laxmi and Saraswati. But Bramha was not born of Laxmi, he was still begotten. 

God did create human beings in His own image. Both Vishnu and Bramha have human figures. But Bramha has four heads. In the final book of the Bible the Lamb of God has seven heads. That is human symbolism. Both Hindus and Christians think that Wisdom/Bramha/Jesus is so smart that he must have many heads. The smarts don't come from having many heads but from the God substance, that which the 10th and final dimension is. God's intelligence is total. There is nothing that God does not know. 

According to the Hindu belief system it was Bramha, or Wisdom, or Jesus, who gave the Hindus the Vedas. Veda basically means knowledge. Yoga means unity, unity not just of body, mind, heart and soul, but unity of soul and God, becoming one with God, attaining a 24/7 God consciousness. Bible means book. 

But Hindus have been rejecting Jesus for 2,000 years straight. There is no logic to why you would accept the human incarnations of Vishnu but reject the human incarnation of Bramha. 

To understand Shiva you have to understand the Buddha. The Buddha was a human being who never claimed otherwise, absolutely never asked for worship, but did seek to teach. The Buddha was able to completely wipe out the caste system simply by teaching. The Hindus completely buried his teachings by turning him into a God and worshipping him. They did the same thing to Shiva, only bigger and better. 

Shiva is the first person in human history to have discovered the black hole. He talks about experiencing falling into a bottomless pit, which is the exact same experience physicists today say you would have if you were to cross the event horizon and fall into a black hole. Yogis are on record having made accurate astronomical observations of distant star systems, no telescopes, eyes closed too. Shiva also figured out the human brain could not get any bigger, the energy laws of the universe would not allow it. 

How is all that possible? 

The Holy Spirit already knows everything any scientist might ever discover. Your human consciousness has the option to tap into that superconsciousness. God created the laws of physics. God created you capable of discovering the laws of physics. 

Shiva is the founder of the science of yoga, which is much more comprehensive than the meditation teachings of the Buddha. Shiva is an Ice Age figure. He did marry a South Indian princess by the name of Parvati. Instead of God getting offended that you turned Shiva into a God on par with Vishnu and Bramha, God's Son has now been born to a woman named Parvati and is a Son of Man, fully human. 

Humility is realizing God is like the Sun and a human being is like a sunflower, so immense is the power differential. But humility also is that Jesus was born a small time carpenter who died with a net worth of zero and who was last seen by many helplessly dangling from a cross. Unless you have humility you can not relate to someone like that. You could not listen to what he had to say, unless you had humility. 

The final book of the Bible reads like the first chapter of some of the Hindu scriptures. Just like both America and China today are ahead of India in terms of physical infrastructure, in terms of spiritual knowledge the Hindu belief system houses some superior knowledge. There are richer descriptions of the beyond dimensions and the beyond worlds among the Hindus. 

Abraham chose. Remember? Similarly Shiva reached out. And so his people were rewarded with two human incarnations of God, the Holy Father. 

But there is a tremendous amount to discard. Just like the Exodus is God vociferously arguing against slavery and Jesus being born a carpenter's son is God nudging humanity towards democracy, God argues against the caste system again and again, in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. There are evil practices like human sacrifice to discard. There are false gods and goddesses to discard. There is Jesus to accept. 

The family is weak in America precisely because Americans don't worship Lord Rama. Rama created the family on earth. Jesus created the person on earth, the person of the one person one vote democracy, the person that is the basic unit of the modern economy, the person that becomes a scientist and entrepreneur. India could not become a modern democracy and economy without opening its heart to Jesus. 

On the other hand some of the most comprehensive descriptions of the geography of heaven are perhaps housed in the Hindu belief system, only in that basement is also a ton of junk. 

God is the God of all humanity. There is but one God, there always has been but one God, the God of ultimate intelligence, total power, and infinite love, a being who has always been, always will be. 

My crucifixion experience has been to do with racism. That means racism today is as big a problem as death was 2,000 years ago. Africa is top of mind for God. I have done the crucifixion part. I have had to experience ethnic prejudice, and casteism, and racism, and other such isms. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. 

Gender equality was always desirable, but now it can no longer be postponed. Saint Thomas is back like I am back. He is Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church Of The Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The message is, your soul is not gendered. Gender is a feature of the body in flesh. 
Universal Spiritual Centeredness (USC), 24/7 God consciousness on the part of every single human being, is the foundation. On that foundation the walls of the Age Of Abundance are to be erected. The roof is every single human being kneeling down to summon the spirit of God to engulf all earth. That is a Heaven On Earth scenario. 

The Sikh gurus were able to figure out there is but one God, the one true Living God, the God of Muslims and the God of Hindus, they also were able to figure out the caste system is 100% wrong and evil and were able to discard it wholesale. And I am a huge fan of their community kitchen program that I would like to scale a thousand, a million, 10 million fold. I have visited the Woodside Gurudwara in Queens a greater number of times than any religious establishment on earth, a greater number of times than the Janaki Mandir in Janakpur. Curious that my hometown should be the hometown of Sita Maiya who made the first big sacrifice to argue against the caste system.   

Immanuel means God is with us. Paramendra means king of heaven. I shall be king of earth. You have been praying for this for 2,000 years now.     

To appreciate God you have to make the effort to understand 10 dimensional geometry. God is more mysterious than the universe. God is fundamentally incomprehensible. You do not understand God. God reveals. And God has revealed plenty, for God so loves humanity.    

If I have decided to build a new global religious organization it is because there are not enough communities of prayer on earth to include every human being. But this is not a new religion. In heaven there is no religion. I will also build first one company and then a family of companies. I shall play a central role with the Blockchain, which is going to be much much bigger than the Internet. But I shall not seek political office. Barack Obama is my Arjuna and your George Washington. I shall be monarch to the global religious organization.   

I seek a fundamental change of heart and conduct on your part so as to herald a new age. 

Prophecies Fulfilled In Me

I published my book Son Of God, then I decided to read the Bible cover to cover, something I had not done in four plus decades, although I read Tolstoy's War And Peace in high school, a similarly long book. Considering my biographical details will define this era for thousands of years, nothing is random, there is a reason for all that happens, if I am only now reading the Bible cover to cover, it must be because Abba has meant it to be that way.

I got done reading the Old Testament. It is a fascinating book. Know that God's power is total, and God is still just wrestling with you. The Bible is but God's PowerPoint presentation, for all humanity for all time. God's power is total in the physical realm, God's power is total also in human affairs.
I started reading the Book Of Isaiah precisely when I needed to. That is when I realized I am not reading the Bible too late. I am reading it precisely when Abba has meant for me to read it.

I was startled that I have been talked about in the Bible. Things that I have said I am here to do, that I have published in my book, they are mentioned in the Book Of Isaiah.

Even before that I had been on my own picking up prophecies to do with Jesus, including some that were not picked up as such in the footnotes.

No one who makes the effort will fail to see that I am the second coming of Christ. Just like hundreds of prophecies got fulfilled in Jesus, there are so many prophecies that have already been fulfilled in me.

Jesus says in the Gospel, "The Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head." That is a prophecy, and it is about me. I have fulfilled it. In fact I am actively fulfilling it right now. That is a reference to my 2016 homelessness which has been architected by Abba Himself to the tiniest detail. He punished America and New York City and Europe for my 2008 mistreatment, He was not a happy camper. He caused the 2015 Nepal earthquake to prove my claims in the immigration court were accurate and to prove it is the same God in India and America. But then He also architected the perfect act of forgiveness. Just like he architected the perfect bridge to heaven.

My 2016 homelessness has been God's perfect act of forgiveness for my 2008 experience. But it also has been the first step in the cure to racism. The number one reason God created the fourth dimension of time was so you may learn to forgive. Jesus had to experience death before he could conquer death, for all humanity for all time. I have similarly had to experience racism. That includes ethnic prejudice, casteism, yes even sexism, and all possible similar isms. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. Forgiveness is step one. That means African Americans should forgive more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of anyone else. Women should forgive more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of everyone else. Dalits should.

I have not been religious. But I have had an uncompromising attitude towards justice all my life. And now I realize God has always cared more about justice than worship. One day I said, my justice ambitions had become so grand if I had not been the Son of God God would have had to adopt me and give me all the powers. When I said that bells rang in heaven. Abba was pleased.

I did not become Son of God after I learned I was Son of God. I have been Son of God this entire time. Not only that I have already been doing my Father's work for decades already. That my first few decades went to the crucifixion on racism ought to tell you racism is as big a problem today as death was 2,000 years ago.

But just like crucifixion could not kill Jesus racism can not hold me down. I am going to become king of all earth. I am going to become a king the likes of which human history has not seen.

"Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven" (Acts 1:11).

Will come in the same way means physical birth. But as you saw does not mean physical birth. The final coming of Christ will not be a physical birth.

I had a physical birth. But this time it was necessary that I spent a few decades without being aware of my identity. So there were no angels to announce.

Was it a virgin birth? I don't know. How am I supposed to know? But it must have been. If it was then the conception coincided with my mother's wedding. By the way the day I announced my true identity to my mother on the phone she had never heard the Jesus story.

"How can someone enter his mother's womb before the mother's wedding?" she protested. Thus speaketh the 21st century Mary.

The second coming of Christ and the final coming of Christ have both been prophecied in the Bible. The Jews who were looking for a king 2,000 years ago were looking for me.

Lesson: in me please do not seek the end times Christ.

Elijah was to come before Jesus. And Elijah did come. He was John the Baptist.

I determined Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is Saint Thomas before I learned John the Baptist was Elijah. The Holy Father picked her to be the first person on earth to recognize me.

I am here to do work. I am to launch a tech startup and a global religious organization. Those are the first steps.

From my vantage point it is so obvious none of the major religions are really clashing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I knew you would ask for one, so I gave you one long before you asked for one. I asked Abba for one to establish my identity, and He gave me one.

But no more signs. Focus on the message and the work.

Those who seek miracles ought to know the creation is full of miracles. Those who seek signs ought to know if they made the effort to read these times, these times are full of signs and wonders.

Will there be miracles? Will I perform miracles? Yes. But they go with the theme of the work. If the past is any indication my miracles will be to do with large scale group dynamics.

"The Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head."

That prophecy has been fulfilled in my homelessness for much of 2016, which has been God forgiving America and New York City for my 2008 experience.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mental Roadblocks

I have been a little perplexed by the lack of response to my reachout effort. I am trying to understand what some of the mental roadblocks might be. 

I am a human being, 100%. That actually can be a roadblock. You don't expect to get an email from Jesus. You don't expect the messiah to be active on Twitter and Instagram. You never thought you would actually see a photograph of the Son of God. Statues? Yes. Paintings? Yes. But photographs? I can imagine people getting thrown off balance by the fact that I am fully human. I eat, for example. I quite relish food. There are people who have known me for decades. My mother, for example. I was born a human being. I have grown up a human being. I have done the high school thing. I have done the college thing. That's the whole point, that I am a human being. I have done the New York thing. 
But I totally understand. Two years ago if you had asked me if I was the Son of God I would have said, considering we are all God's children, sure, why not? Two years ago, or 20. 

Humanity, all humanity, is my younger sibling. That is how I look at it. 

Learning my true identity has not been some kind of an achievement. I was born this way. I learned my true identity at the time of Abba's choosing. He has needed me to spend a few decades on earth without being aware of my true identity because my work is right here on earth. I am King of Heaven. I am to be King of Earth. You have been praying now for 2,000 years, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. I am the answer to your prayers. I bring you good news, the Kingdom of God is here. 

I have been doing my Father's work for decades already. I already did the crucifixion on racism before I even knew who I was. I have had my character assassinated. I have been shot at by the police. I have done jail time. I have taken career hits multiple times. You name it I have done it. 

Another mental roadblock for people might be that I am Indian. I am as Indian as Jesus was Jewish. I am not supposed to be culturally neutral, or I would not be fully human. I can imagine this being a mental roadblock to white folks. What? I have to worship a brown guy now? Yes, you do. There is a reason why there is no physical description of Jesus anywhere in the Gospels. It does not really matter what he looked like. All that matters is that he was born a human being. 

Abba has met me in human form over a dozen times this past year, like there is record of Him having met His friend Abraham. Each time He has looked different. The first two times He was an old white man, like He gets popularly portrayed. But then He branched off. He once met me looking like a Bangladeshi old man. The last time He met me He was full Rastafari. 

The point being, nobody has seen the Son but the Father, nobody has seen the Father but the Son, that Father and Son before there was a heaven, before there was an earth. The angels of heaven see God as a spirit being, but God is not a spirit being, God is God. 

My being an Indian, I can imagine, would also be a major roadblock to Indians who have spent 2,000 years actively resisting Jesus. And for them to now have to face the fact that Jesus is back, and he is an Indian! Oh, the horror! 

I am the one who created the Hindu priesthood. I am the one who gave them the Vedas according to their own scriptures. 

The Holy Son created the Hindu priesthood and the Holy Father showed up among the Hindus in two human incarnations 7,000 and 5,000 years ago. The Holy Father created the Jewish priesthood and the Holy Son showed up among the Jews in human incarnation 2,000 years ago. But the Hindu priests are as obstinate and corrupt today as the Jewish priests proved to be 2,000 years ago, and there are a hundred million of them on the Indian subcontinent. 

I created the hereditary Hindu priesthood, because at the time that was the only way to pass information from generation to generation. But the hereditary Hindu priesthood has long outlived its usefulness. Both Rama and Krishna argued against the caste system. Read your Ramayana. Read your Mahabharata. The caste system is racism. It is primitive, it is archaic, it is inhuman. Only now you no longer have the option to not listen. 

Nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father. What that means is that there is no Laxmi. There is no Saraswati. There is no need. Gender is a feature of the flesh body strictly in the physical dimensions on earth. Your soul is not gendered. In heaven your soul is given a perfect spirit body that does not need to eat, that does not need health care. In heaven you are given everlasting life. There is no need for sexual reproduction. Don't you see? 

In the Old Testament I am not the Son of God but the Daughter of God. In the New Testament I am the Son of God. I am now again the Son of God. So what am I? Am I God's son or daughter? The thing is, that is earth language. Nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father. 

Thomas was a man 2,000 years ago right here on earth. Then Thomas was simply Thomas in heaven, the soul Thomas. And now Thomas is Amy on earth, Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, picked by Abba to be the first person on earth to recognize me and for months the only person by my decision. 

Amy is her own answer to her gender anxieties. Sexism is sin like racism is sin. All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That is a statement on your soul. God was never not for gender equality, but He has been patient with the evolution of human thought. Like since God can read time God has always been aware of the idea of democracy, but God was patient with you as you fiddled with monarchies for thousands of years. 

The Catholic Church should not feel bad that it got it all wrong on gender. You did well by the chapter three that you were entrusted with, but now I am chapter four, approach me with an open mind. God is a Living God. You get to listen to me. If you will not listen to me but will simply worship statues of Jesus then such worship will have become idolatry. You don't want to go down that path. There is no Son of God in heaven right now. I am it. I am fully here. 

If the crucifixion that I have already done this time has been to do with racism, Jesus had to experience human death before he could conquer it for all humanity for all time, I have similarly have had to experience racism and casteism and a whole bunch of such isms, yes, also sexism, then that means racism is the defining problem of this time, obviously. That is God's judgment call. There is no arguing if racism exists. God doesn't seem to be in any confusion on the topic. Not only it exists, it is as bad as death was 2,000 years ago. That actually is Lucifer's final remaining grip on humanity. I have met Lucifer in human form several times this past year. He is a spirit being. Racism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Sexism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Casteism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Classism, ageism, physicalism, heterosexism. And there is a cure. I am the cure. 

I shall now proceed to conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. And I use the word racism broadly, like some people say mankind and mean everyone. 

This clarity on racism I can imagine would be a mental roadblock to many white people, including people at academic departments and in churches. But know that God's way is love. And this is for the good of everyone involved. 

My humble background might also be a mental roadblock. What? Jesus? Homeless? 2,000 years ago a lot of people got offended when they saw Jesus on the cross. Can you look any more helpless than that? They were waiting for a king and here was this dude helplessly hanging from the cross. What a cruel joke! 

At least I have been at a shelter, one day Abba met me in a full blown proper out in the street homeless guy mode. 

I am from a middle class family in a small town in the poorest country outside of Africa, of an internally colonized people. Jesus also was from the wrong geographical part. He was literally called a N word, Nazarene. My background actually makes perfect sense. God is the God of all peoples. God is particularly fond of the poor. 

The richest on earth will not see on earth what the poorest on earth will see in heaven. 
It is also quite possible my email ended up in your spam folder. The spam folder can also be quite a mental roadblock. 

Another mental roadblock would be, if I am to be king, then how? I am going to be monarch to the global religious organization I am going to create. This is not ceremonial monarchy, even though taking worship is going to be the most important part of my work, since love of God is the starting point of all that is good and true. I will actively create a world government. Barack Obama is my Arjuna and your George Washington. Yeah, I know, he is a black guy. 

The problematic high priests were at the temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Where are they now? They are at the temples in India. Priests, regardless of religion, that have problems with God are no priests at all. I am God. God is indeed self sufficient. God does not need a Son to exercise His power. God does not need a Son to do the work He does. But God does need a Son to love. That is where I come in. The biggest problematic high priests today are all on Wall Street. They would rather destroy trillions of dollars than invest in the Global South. The Wall Street firms are like the paper newspapers of 1990. The Blockchain will do to money what the Internet did to information. Money will not become free but it will become universally accessible. If I look like a threat to your lifestyle, I am. My greatest concern is for the poorest of the poor. Let no one harbor any illusion that I am on US territory. It's the other way round. 

To Jesus they said, why is he hanging out with sinners? Of me some might say later, if he is the Son of God, why is he hanging out with politicians? Entrepreneurs? With movie stars? 

The people I most wish to hang out with are the poorest of the poor.   

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Announcing My Arrival

I emailed media organizations around the world, to at least a thousand email addresses. I figured I ought to fulfill the prophecy that all world shall see me at once. Granted half the emails bounced back but I did not get any response to the ones that did go through. I emailed a solo email to Charlie Rose. Charlie, scoop of the millennium for you. No response.

I would like nothing better than for every TV camera in this media capital of the world to descend upon the 30th Street shelter to announce to the world, Jesus is back like he said he would be, and he is a homeless man.

I tweeted to many religious organizations across America. Heck, I tweeted to the Pope.

2,000 years ago the Son of God and the priests did not exactly get along. This time we are going to do different. We are going to have a relationship of harmony. The Catholic Church is very special to me. I am genuinely fond of it. The elaborate organizational structure of the Catholic Church has been necessary to counter the elaborate organizational structure of Lucifer and his team.

Although the Catholic Church was entrusted with chapter three, but I am chapter four, and I would want all churches and all religions to look at me with an open mind. For there is but one God.

I shall go to churches around the world to take worship. I have a prophecy to fulfill. That I shall come down from the clouds. How would you have described an airplane 2,000 years ago? God can read time. God created time. Time is contained within God.

By now I have also sent over a thousand emails to people at the top religion departments across America and also India. Two people responded. A graduate student in North Carolina said, "Don't solicit me ever again." A Muslim professor in Kashmir said, "God does not need a Son. God is self sufficient." I wrote back to both.

This would be a great month in which for the world to find out I am here, I am back.

In the mean time I shall keep sending out emails around the world. I shall stay active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The people I most want to reach are all offline though. My greatest concern is for the poorest of the poor.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Of Isaiah Talks About Me

2: 4 He shall judge between the nations,
and set terms for many peoples.
They shall beat their swords into
and their spears into pruning hooks,
One nation shall not raise the sword
against another,
nor shall they train for war again.
I shall actively create a world government. Humanity, all humanity, is my younger sibling, in God's grand design and so all peoples of the earth are dear to my heart, although in my human incarnation I am neither culturally neutral nor gender neutral. If I were then I would not be fully human, but I am. I am fully human. I am as Indian as Jesus was Jewish. Religion makes violence completely unnecessary. I shall end all wars for all time. There is enormous drama to love and peace.
2:18 The idols will vanish completely.
By the time I am done there will not be one human being on earth, not one household anywhere, that has the slightest doubt as to who the one true Living God is.
3:15 What do you mean by crushing my
and grinding down the faces of the poor?
says the Lord, the God of hosts.
That will be my attitude towards the wronged, the aggrieved, the poor, the oppressed everywhere on earth.
5: 25 The mountains quake
9: 18 At the wrath of the Lord of hosts the Land quakes
That is a reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
Chapter 11: The Ideal Davidic King
11: 3 Not by appearance shall he judge,
nor by hearsay shall he decide,
But he shall judge the poor with justice,
and decide fairly for the land's
He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of
his mouth,
and with the breath of his lips he shall
slay the wicked.
Justice shall be the band around his waist,
and faithfulness a belt upon his hips.
Then the wolf shall be a guest of the
and the leopard shall lie down with the
young goat;
The calf and the young lion shall browse
with a little child to guide them.
The cow and the bear shall graze,
together their young shall lie down;
the lion shall eat hay like the ox.
The baby shall play by the viper's den,
and the child lay his hand on the
adder's lair.
The people who wanted desperately for Jesus to become an earthly king confused the second coming of Christ with the first coming. The ideal earthly king was always a prophecy about the second coming. I shall be monarch to the global religious organization I shall create and actively lead. But the democracies stay, the governments stay, I never seek political office, I want them filled through popular elections, and even the religious organizations like the Catholic Church and others continue, it is just that I have authority over every religion and I intend to exercise it. I shall audit every belief system.

I also see me playing a central role with the Blockchain, which will be much bigger than the Internet. The Internet is like the floor, the Blockchain will be like a room. But the jump from there to the Holy Spirit is the jump from the third to the fourth dimension. It will be a huge jump, a jump so big a bigger jump is not possible. For God is the 10th, the final dimension.

Do not make the 2,000 year old mistake. Do not confuse me with the final coming of Christ at the end of time, which is very very far away. 2,000 years ago Jesus took away your fear of death. The end of time coming will be so you can rest assured space and time will end but you will not end with it.

"Not by appearance shall he judge" is a reference to the fact that I have already done the crucifixion part of racism. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time.

One of the first steps I am going to take once I am set up organizationally is arrange to take food and water to those in need everywhere with the passion of a firefighter.

Let my past be prologue. I am a very political person. I shall lash out as necessary. The people are the only legitimate source of earthly power everywhere. You will see revolution after revolution, peaceful revolutions.

The animal references might catch your eye, since when a lot of people think Son of God they first think miracles. The wolf and the lamb, the leopard and young goat, the calf and young lion, all this has already been happening. You can see videos on YouTube and Facebook. In fact this should have told you the second coming of Christ has already happened just as millions who have had near death experiences will tell you the worthy among the dead now go straight to paradise. That also was associated with the second coming of Christ.

As for the David part, you should look at what I wrote in a blog post years ago in 2009 before I was aware of my true identity about the Jews and the Madhesi, the people I was born into, an internally colonized group of Indians in Nepal who the British colonialists handed over to the despotic rulers in Kathmandu. My crucifixion on racism started in Nepal at the then national school of Nepal. Ethnic prejudice is racism. Casteism is racism. It is the same basic mechanism.

Of all the dead people, Einstein is my favorite. Larry Ellison is very, very smart, but he is no genius. But of all the people alive today, my number one hero just so happens to be Larry Ellison. He is very, very smart, but I am sure I can dig up smarter people on the planet. Stephen Hawking is alive and he is borderline genius. (Stephen Hawking Has Taken Sick) It is Larry's life story. I find it vastly inspiring. It is not his smarts, but his out of the box thinking, his guts, his aggressiveness that gets me. I like the guy tremendously. I am fond of him. He gave the world his middle finger the first three decades of his life and then went ahead and created a multi-billion dollar company. That kind of gets me.

Q: What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison?
A: God doesn't think he's Larry Ellison.

On another note, Brooke Ellison is my favorite New York politician. Larry does not know me, or of me, but I am honored to have an active Facebook friendship with Brooke. I have met her in person. (Hands Off Brooke Ellison) She has the most interesting Facebook wall of anyone I know. She says the darndest things.

Jesus was born a Jew. Buddha was born a Madhesi. I am a Madhesi. Buddha was born on a full moon day. I was born on a full moon day.

There are about 13 million Jewish people on the planet. There are about 13 million Madhesis on the planet.

The Jews carved out their own land: Israel. We Madhesis are working to get our own state in a federal Nepal.

There is anti-Semitism. There is strong anti-Madhesi prejudice in Nepal.

NYC is the first hometown I ever had, and I was past 30 when I got here. There just so happen to be more Jews in NYC than in Tel Aviv.
The punchline, now I realize, is, God does not think he is Larry Ellison, but God does think He is me.
11: 9 for the earth shall be filled with
knowledge of the LORD,
as water covers the sea.
Universal Spiritual Centeredness is 24/7 God consciousness on the part of every single human being on earth. You need that strong foundation on which can be built the walls of the Age of Abundance. And since you will always have free will, the foundation once built then asks for eternal vigilance. USC is indispensable for the roof of the House. Every single human being is going to have to kneel down at the same time to summon the spirit. When the spirit of God descends to engulf all earth that is Heaven On Earth.
11: 12 He shall raise a signal to the nations
and gather the outcasts of Israel;
The dispersed of Judah he shall
from the four corners of the earth.
The chosen people were collected again in the promised land in 1948 in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Let the priests of India know, I am the one who created your priesthood in the first place. I am the one who gave you your Vedas. Do not make the mistake of the Jewish priests from 2,000 years ago. Listen to what I have to say.
13: 13 For this I will make the heavens tremble
and the earth shall be shaken from its
At the wrath of the LORD of hosts
on the day of his burning anger.
13: 14 Like a hunted gazelle,
or a flock that no one gathers,
They shall turn each to their own people
and flee each to their own land.
13 is the reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. 14 is a reference to the 2008 financial meltdown. Both are related. Lord God is God, the creator. But he is also a Father, my Father. Let's say in 2008 Abba was not a happy camper.
14: 5 The LORD has broken the rod of the
the staff of the tyrants
14: 6 That struck the peoples in wrath
with relentless blows;
That ruled the nations in anger,
with boundless persecution.
14: 7 The whole earth rests peacefully,
song breaks forth;
There is going to be a world government, and there is going to be a total spread of democracy. And, no, this is not an American project. America itself will be turned into a democracy.

Let there be no confusion. I am not on US territory, it's the other way round.

It is going to be a happy conclusion, and I would like to get there in the least disruptive way possible.
14: 9 Below, Sheol is all stir
preparing for your coming;
Awakening the shades to greet you,
all the leaders of the earth;
Making all the kings of the nations
rise from their thrones.
I have direct information from Abba, that hell is to be shut down. How and when I don't know yet. I don't have all the details right now, but Abba does, and that is all I need to know.

I shall never seek political office but heads of state shall worship me.
14: 12 How you have fallen from the heavens,
O Morning Star, son of the dawn!
How you have been cut down to the earth,
you who conquered nations!
I have met Lucifer on earth several times this past year. He is a spirit being. But he has met me in human form several times. The guy has not learned a thing. One day he kept calling me "Simon." Another day he tried to deceive me by posing as an old man, because he knew Abba had met me several times looking like an old man, but his unbearably foul smell gave him away, Abba had apparently turned the knob on my spirit sense of smell.

When the guy got kicked out of heaven on earth he took to taking earthly kings into sinly grips.
14: 15 No! Down to Sheol you will be brought
to the depths of the pit!
When they will see you they will stare,
pondering over you:
"Is this the man who made the earth
who shook kingdoms?
At the current rate Lucifer will get kicked out of earth like he got kicked out of heaven.

Lucifer was not created evil. And it is not like her has a substance abuse problem and needs to go through some kind of detox program. It is 100% to do with free will. His bad luck is he got created with everlasting life. Consider yourself lucky that you are having to earn your everlasting life. The opportunity to first master your free will is a tremendous gift. Earth is not punishment.
14: 21 and fill the breadth of the world with
The world is on a pace to becoming 75% big city.
14: 26 This is the plan proposed for the whole
It is no longer just about the original chosen people, the Indians, or the chosen people, the Israelites, or just the Christians. Now it is about every single nation, every single human being.
14: 30 In my pastures the poor shall graze,
and the needy lie down in safety;
I am asking all churches around the world to stop doing the bread and wine thing. You were only supposed to do it until the Son of God was back. And I am here. Bring it to a complete halt by the Wednesday before Easter 2017 at the latest.

Another thing I am going to ask is, since now you know the earth is no longer the resting place for the dead, the worthy go to paradise immediately there to await a second judgment at the end of time, and so you are to turn all cemeteries on earth into public gardens. Let the church leadership of every congregation decide and pass it on to each community in question. In those pastures, as desired, you shall erect a House Of Worship that my organization would like to design, and each such house shall run a community kitchen, serving food every day 8 AM to 8 PM, all welcome, no questions asked. In the same garden you are to erect shelters for the homeless.
18: 4 For thus says the LORD to me:
I will be quiet, looking on from where I dwell,
Like the shimmering heat in sunshine,
like a cloud of dew at harvest time.
After I learned my true identity during the early months of 2016 I felt I was naturally here to do my Father's work. What is my Father's work? On that Abba simply said continue. As in the work I had been trying to do before I learned who I truly was was my Father's work. It took me a full 10 months to realize I have been doing my Father's work for decades, that I had already done the crucifixion part over decades. Abba also went on to say, Fulfill your vision. He wrote it down in chalk on the Williamsburg Bridge. At one point He asked, "Do you have a plan?" The words were written on the T shirt of a janitor at the 30th Street shelter. In short, I am in charge. I am in the lead. Abba has basically delegated the project to me. And there are a large number of angels on earth ready to assist me. It is written, angels will come with me. They have. No wings, no shining tunics, they look just like human beings, human beings of many different cultural backgrounds.
22: 2 You who were full of noise,
tumultuous city,
exultant town?
That is a reference to New York City after the 2008 financial meltdown.
25: 3 Therefore a strong people will honor you,
ruthless nations will fear you.
For you have been a refuge to the poor,
a refuge to the needy in their distress;
Shelter from the rain,
shade from the heat.
When the blast of the ruthless was like a winter rain,
the roar of strangers like heat in the desert,
You subdued the heat with the shade of the cloud,
the rain of the tyrant was vanquished.
Good work will be done. The poor will be taken care of. Tyrants will be pushed out.
25: 8 The Lord GOD will wipe away
the tears from all faces;
Quite literally all faces. There is not one soul to spare. Or the house will not get a roof.
29: 20 For the tyrant shall be no more,
There is to be a total spread of democracy and fast. One person one vote one voice from local to state to national to global levels. Barack Obama gets to be George Washington to the world.
30: 15 By waiting and by calm you shall be
in quiet and in trust shall be your
Word to the wise.
30: 20 The Lord will give you bread in adversity
and water in affliction.
This is the first order of business. It is my standing instruction to my organization and to every religious organization that will accept me as monarch (like the queen of England is also the queen of Canada and Australia, only I am an active monarch, active and an activist, I have a to do list) and to all humanity that you take food and water to every human being in need everywhere on the planet with the passion of a firefighter. Thus says Lord Kumar.
32: 6 For the fool speaks folly,
his heart plans evil:
Godless actions,
perverse speech against the LORD,
Letting the hungry go empty
and the thirsty without drink.
32: 7 The deceits of the deceiver are evil,
he plans devious schemes:
To ruin the poor with lies,
and the needy when they plead their case.
32: 8 But the noble plan noble deeds,
and in noble deeds they persist.
This is the first order of business. This is my first instruction to you. Take food and water to everyone in need with the passion of a firefighter.
32: 15 Until the spirit from on high
is poured out on us.
And the wilderness becomes a garden land
and the garden land seems as common
as forest.
32: 16 Then judgment will dwell in the
and justice abide in the garden land.
32: 17 The work of justice will be peace;
the effect of justice, calm and security
32: 18 My people will leave in peaceful country,
in secure dwellings and quiet resting
32: 19 And the forest will come down completely,
the city will be utterly laid low.
After his baptism the spirit of God came to wash upon Jesus. Every single one of you is destined to have that experience. But you do have to ask for it and all at once. It will only work if every single human being asks at once. Then the spirit will be poured out on you and indeed to engulf all earth. That is a Heaven On Earth scenario. If Lucifer and the fallen angels have not learned to love God by then they all get kicked out of earth like they got kicked out of heaven at one point.

My primary garden will be on Long Island, New York. Long Island is to be my Dwarika. There is to be a global network of such gardens encompassing all six continents, at least one garden near every of the 100 biggest cities. In fact I shall popularize the term garden architecture. You plant every plant possible in that particular climate condition, every fruit tree, every flower, and you also build a network of pathways so much of the garden is accessible to the public, all of it kept safe through a robust communication network. Every cemetery on earth is to be similarly turned into a public garden, because the earth is no resting place for the dead.

Forests like the Amazon are to stay that way, more such wild forests are to be created. In fact I envision an Amazon size forest in the United States long before 2050. But deep inside the Amazon I shall have a station that gets used for retreats and that is an active part of the larger network. The idea would be for a small community to co exist with the native forest. Then it is also a garden. This is a high tech proposition. Public gardens will be absolutely common everywhere. Cities without public gardens always within walking distance are no cities at all.

Religion makes violence completely unnecessary. Sexism is sin. Domestic violence, as all violence, is sin. Law enforcement should only resort to violence after all other options have been exhausted first. By the time you exhaust all other options, violence becomes unnecessary. The world government will make wars obsolete. Rule of law within nations, rule of law between nations.

The forest coming down completely is a comparison to what forest cover on earth was like when those words were written and what it is now. But now gardens will sprout up everywhere. What is a garden but a forest you can access safely?

The city will be flat even if it has many tall buildings. If there is internet in the air everywhere then the city is flat.
33: 17 Your eyes will see a king in his splendor
33: 22 For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
he it is who will save us.
You asked for the Son of God to become an earthly king 2,000 years ago, you asked again and again, you asked before the crucifixion, you asked after the resurrection. Here I am.
40: 5 Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed,
and all flesh shall see it together
This is a reference to the Internet. I am here and all world can see that at once if it so chooses. Once I am organizationally set up I shall go to churches around the world and take worship and those worships will be live streamed on the Internet. Interested TV stations may choose to broadcast it.
42: 4 He will not grow dim or bruised
until he establishes justice on earth
How long am I on earth? I am here as long as I need to be here. I am absolutely delighted to be here. As to precisely how long that is only the Holy Father knows.
42: 10 Sing to the LORD a new song,
his praise from the ends of the earth
The book of psalms is still relevant and always shall be but it is thousands of years old. Songs will be composed, love songs to God, they will be mainstream and hit the pop charts everywhere on earth. Commandment enforcement movies will do as brisk business as law enforcement movies.
45: 23 To me every knee shall bend
Quite literally every single knee. There is no other way to build the roof. Love all humanity is in your active self interest.
49: 23 Kings shall be your guardians,
their princesses your nursemaids;
Face to the ground, they shall bow down
before you
and lick the dust at your feet.
Then you shall know that I am the LORD,
none who hope in me shall be
When you pray you are trying to reach out to a Being. When you meditate, same thing. When you do yoga, same. I am that destination. That is true for a subsistence farmer, that is true for a Head Of State. All will bow down to me regardless of their station in life. You have been bowing down to my statue. Now you get to bow down to me. If you believe you will not feel shame in bowing down to me, though you might be running a mighty country or have created a great business empire. 100% of what you have is by the grace of God.

Elected leaders running political institutions and nations shall take care of my peoples for me. They shall be my guardians.

Taking worship, simply taking worship, is going to be one of the most important things I do. But we shall restrict it to 11 AM on Sundays, the first day of the week. I also have other work to do.
60: 18 No longer shall violence be heard of in
your land,
or plunder and ruin within your borders.
USC (Universal Spiritual Centeredness) is a zero violence scenario. The Blockchain brings a complete end to the very idea of theft and robbery.
60: No longer will your sun set,
or your moon wane;
For the LORD will be your light forever,
and the days of your grieving will be
Once the House Of Worship is built, the solid foundation of USC, the walls of the Age of Abundance, the roof of the spirit of God, that is the Kingdom of God you have been praying for for 2,000 years now. That is quite literally a Heaven On Earth scenario. Earth is no punishment.

At various times in history different peoples have worshiped the sun and the moon rather than the creator of the sun and the moon because of erroneous thinking. Lord God shines brighter than a billion suns and a trillion moons.

I am your senior year. The good news is you are about to graduate. I bring you good news, the Kingdom of God is here.
65: 25 The wolf and the lamb shall pasture
and the lion shall eat hay like the ox-
but the serpent's food shall be dust.
The wolf and the lamb thing has been happening already. There are videos on YouTube and Facebook. In fact that should have been a sign to you that Jesus is already back, if you had bothered to read the sign.

Lucifer, on the other hand, will find there is no space for him on earth, for God does not tolerate evil. Sin is abhorrent to God.
66: 18 I am coming to gather all nations and tongues; they shall come and see my glory.
That is not about the second coming of Christ, which is now. That is about the final coming of Christ at the end of time, which is very very far away. The first four dimensions will collapse and come to an end. But that will not be the end of you. Do not fear. That is a promise. God has never made a promise He did not keep.

If you insist on me being the final coming of Christ of the end times I shall walk away from you and go into the mountains all by myself. For you will have confused the timing.

“Those who saw it live claim that it looked like the moon fell out of the sky.”