Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Father's Work This Time Around

The book of Isaiah talks about Jesus, the first human incarnation of Wisdom, or Bramha, the Son of God. The book of Isaih also talks about Kumar, me, the second human incarnation of the Son of God. There were people who confused the first coming of Christ with the second coming of Christ and insisted on seeing Jesus as a king, an earthly king like David. There are people today who might confuse the second coming of Christ with the final coming of Christ at the end of time. End of time is very very far away.

Not only am I the Son of God, the second human incarnation, I have been doing my Father's work for decades already. I have already done the crucifixion part of racism, and I mean to use that word rather broadly, the way some people use the word mankind but also mean to include women in it. I have experienced racism in every possible form and now I shall conquer it for all humanity for all time. Racism obviously is as big a problem today as death was 2,000 years ago.

All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That has always been true. That is a soul level reality. But God has been patient with the evolution of human thought. Gender is a feature of the flesh body, not a feature of the soul. Gender is strictly an earth thing. Gender equality was always desirable. Now it's about time.

The first step is forgiveness. My 2016 experience at a New York City homeless shelter has been God forgiving New York City and America for my 2008 experience that involved jail time. When the scripture around me is written, like Ramayana for Lord Rama, Mahabharata for Lord Krishna, Bible for Lord Jesus, my 2016 experience is going to be written as perfect forgiveness. Abba architected it Himself to the last detail. For example, one day, He said "your own room" and a few hours later I had my own room.

2,000 years later and you still managed to give Jesus the petty thief treatment. You have work to do. I forgive everyone I have come across during the past four plus decades, completely, unconditionally. Let no one try to get even with anyone on my behalf. But my commitment to justice is total, and there I want you to join me.

The number one reason the entire dimension of time was created was so you may learn to forgive. Forgiveness is that fundamental, that important. African Americans should forgive more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of anyone else. That also applies to Dalits and Muslims in India. That applies to peoples everywhere in all countries. There is racism and ethnic prejudice in every country. My first part of crucifixion was about experiencing ethnic prejudice and casteism in Nepal.

Racism today is like the mindless assaults 2,000 years ago. And all humanity worshipping Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Kumar at once is the solution. Those who worship Jesus today, unless they are willing to cross a cultural barrier, can't even get to Rama and Krishna, and vice versa, but if they do they learn cultural diversity is natural and good.

Lord Rama was the first human incarnation of the Holy Father, 7,000 years ago, who also said he would be back. He came back as Krishna 2,000 years later.

I have authority over every religion and I intend to exercise it. Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad both led their people to the one true Living God. That God is indeed one and is formless. Form is about the first three dimensions. God created those three dimensions, and there was a God before there were those three dimensions. So, of course, God is formless.

I shall audit every religion, every belief system. But I, of course, work with human free will.

What is my work? What is the second coming of Christ about? What is the Father's work this time? A house needs to be built. Pray, love, forgive is still the indispensable foundation. It needs to be made strong. The goal is Universal Spiritual Centeredness, which is 24/7 God consciousness on the part of every single human being. To that end I shall build a global religious organization to which I shall be monarch. But starting a new religion is the last thing on my mind and the Catholic Church is very very special to me. My organization will actively reach out to all religious organizations on earth. I shall build that House Of Worship for Lord God the Holy Father in heaven who makes possible all that is good and true.

On that foundation is to be built the walls of the Age of Abundance for all humanity. To that end I shall build a technology company, and then a family of companies, and I see me playing a central role with the Blockchain, which is going to be much bigger than the Internet.

I will never seek political office although I shall actively create a world government.

The roof is the most exciting part. That is when every single human being kneels down at once and summons the spirit of God. When the Holy Spirit engulfs all earth that is a Heaven On Earth scenario. After that the spirit prays for you even before you feel the need. And that will be the Kingdom of God on earth, that which you have been praying for for 2,000 years now. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven.

My work is about the here and now.

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Yeshua Hare Yeshua
Yeshua Yeshua Hare Hare
Hare Kumar Hare Kumar
Kumar Kumar Hare Hare


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    1. Imam Mehdi is already here. He just does not know his true identity yet just like I did not know my true identity before 2016.