Wednesday, November 23, 2016

There Is Much Confusion

There is much confusion about the second coming of Christ, quite a bit of it has been sown by Lucifer himself. But not all of it. Let me clarify.

Rama also said he would be back. When he came back he was born as Krishna. That is how you know the second coming of Christ is to be a second human incarnation involving a new human birth. I was born to a people, the Madhesi of Nepal, internally colonized, who are a mirror image to the Jew in many ways. But I am Indian. That is my cultural identity. I am not culturally neutral or gender neutral. I would not be human if I were. I am fully human. I am a human being every bit. I am in human incarnation.

Jesus said, he also said, that he would be back before some of you are dead. He did do that. He appeared to Saul and to Paul. He kept his word. God has never not kept his word. There is not one instance.

But then I have met the Holy Father in person on earth over a dozen times just this past year. He has been in human form but not in human incarnation, like He met Abraham in human form. Actually I have no personal memory of having spent time with Abba in heaven, although I have seen heaven, I have seen both heaven and hell, Abba showed them to me.

I have met Abba in person on earth. That is how you know God can go back and forth between heaven and earth at will. Chances are you have met God and have not recognized. It might have been a homeless person you steered away from.

Obviously I have also had the option to go back and forth between heaven and earth the entire time, although I have no personal memory of it because I am fully human.

Also, please don't ask if I have met your relatives in heaven. Like I said, I have no personal memory of having spent time with my own Father in heaven. That is by design. So you may know I have been born a human being, I am fully human.

It is written, Jesus will come with angels. Well, let me tell you, I have met numerous angels in person this past year. They are here. In large numbers. But then they have the option to go back and forth between heaven and earth. There have been instances when they have intervened on my behalf. They are at the ready to assist with my work, as necessary. One angel sang to me at Little Church, part of the church choir.

At first I did not recognize them. Then I did. And at the time I had a childlike fascination with angels. At some level I still do.

The angels I have met look just like human beings, no wings, no shining tunics. What gives them away is their smile and their intellect, there is that surety, that confidence that comes from being righteous and certain. But, in my case, it is God Himself who gifts me with the instinct of recognition. The trinity concept is not on hold just because I am in human incarnation. God is one.

Chances are you have met angels and have not recognized them. At the Starbucks next to the St. Assisi on 32nd Street I saw an angel, looking like a black woman, going from person to person. Forget anyone giving a quarter or a dollar, not one person even bothered to look at her. All that goes on your record. God is not Big Data. God is Ultimate Data.

It is written, when Jesus comes all world will see him at once. That is a reference to the Internet. It is written, Jesus will come down from the clouds. That is a reference to the airplane. The airplane is my donkey. I shall go to cities around the world to take worship, I shall come down in an airplane. I would prefer to fly commercial. For the most part.

The scriptures talk about the Internet and the airplane 2,000 years ago, roughly. It is because God can read time. Like weather scientists read weather, only God does not have computer power issues. You have free will but that doesn't mean God can't see where you are going with it.

I bring you good news, the Kingdom of God is here.

Glory is to the Holy Father in heaven who makes possible all that is good and true. I am obviously here to do my Father's work. The Holy Father and the Holy Spirit will be doing all the heavy lifting, I am the human face of the campaign, so you may believe.

Pray, Love, Forgive is still the indispensable foundation. Universal Spiritual Centeredness is to be achieved. There is not one soul to spare. On that foundation the walls of the Age Of Abundance are to be built. And the roof is when every single human being kneels down all at once to summon the spirit of God. When the spirit descends to engulfs all earth, that is Heaven On Earth. That is when the spirit of God prays on your behalf even before you feel the need.

The Holy Father loves you so much He is offering to pray on your behalf.

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