Thursday, December 8, 2016

Announcing My Arrival

I emailed media organizations around the world, to at least a thousand email addresses. I figured I ought to fulfill the prophecy that all world shall see me at once. Granted half the emails bounced back but I did not get any response to the ones that did go through. I emailed a solo email to Charlie Rose. Charlie, scoop of the millennium for you. No response.

I would like nothing better than for every TV camera in this media capital of the world to descend upon the 30th Street shelter to announce to the world, Jesus is back like he said he would be, and he is a homeless man.

I tweeted to many religious organizations across America. Heck, I tweeted to the Pope.

2,000 years ago the Son of God and the priests did not exactly get along. This time we are going to do different. We are going to have a relationship of harmony. The Catholic Church is very special to me. I am genuinely fond of it. The elaborate organizational structure of the Catholic Church has been necessary to counter the elaborate organizational structure of Lucifer and his team.

Although the Catholic Church was entrusted with chapter three, but I am chapter four, and I would want all churches and all religions to look at me with an open mind. For there is but one God.

I shall go to churches around the world to take worship. I have a prophecy to fulfill. That I shall come down from the clouds. How would you have described an airplane 2,000 years ago? God can read time. God created time. Time is contained within God.

By now I have also sent over a thousand emails to people at the top religion departments across America and also India. Two people responded. A graduate student in North Carolina said, "Don't solicit me ever again." A Muslim professor in Kashmir said, "God does not need a Son. God is self sufficient." I wrote back to both.

This would be a great month in which for the world to find out I am here, I am back.

In the mean time I shall keep sending out emails around the world. I shall stay active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The people I most want to reach are all offline though. My greatest concern is for the poorest of the poor.

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