Friday, December 30, 2016

God's Youngest Child

The Muslims of the world are God's youngest spiritual child. The youngest child has the most accurate description of God.

God was not on earth when He created earth. God was not in heaven when He created heaven, obviously. So where was He?

Form, by definition, is to do with the first three dimensions. Each of those dimensions were created much later by God. God is beyond the three spatial dimensions. God is formless.

The angels of heaven who are spirit beings see God, the God that sits on the throne in heaven, as a spirit being. He looks just like one of them, just like I look fully human.

That is why Lucifer took one look at God and said, "You didn't create s___!"

God is beyond heaven. God is beyond earth.

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. God so loved humanity He disowned His own Son. But just like He did not stop at the sacrifice, He never intended to stop at the denial. The hope always has been for an eventual reconciliation.

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