Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jesus: The Only Bridge To Heaven In Any Religious Tradition

The Hindu belief system talks of birth after birth after birth. There is no talk of an after life in the Jewish belief system. Muhammad himself did not go to heaven, not according to the Koran he did not.

Lord Rama, the Holy Father's first human incarnation, was about the here and now. It was about family and justice. Lord Krishna, the second human incarnation of the Holy Father, was about the modern state and justice. Both delivered timeless messages. But both also knew the bridge to heaven will be built through the Holy Son. It can be seen as the Father's love for the Son that it was made to be that way.

Moses was a prophet in his mother's womb as per God's decision, as was Muhammad, both prophets to all humanity. Muhammad's designation as the last prophet was a designation for all humanity. That is how you know I am your senior year. You are about to graduate. That is also how you know I am not a prophet.

The 10 commandments are not just for Jews but for all humanity. They are God's basic laws. Unless you adhere to those basic laws God is going to be blind to your prayers and worship. It is a covenant between you and God. You are expected to keep your end. Prophet Moses led his people to the one true Living God. Prophet Muhammad led his people from false gods and goddesses to the one true Living God.

Materialism is the 21st century idolatry and so the Moses-Muhammad message is as relevant as ever. God is not anti wealth, anti prosperity, or one of the basic commandments would not be do not steal. It is okay to have wealth, but do not worship the wealth, worship God. Lord Krishna's message of detachment teaches the same thing. Maintain 24/7 God consciousness. Focus on the spiritual not physical even as you stay fully engaged in life.

Muhammad is extra relevant to today's India. The Hindu belief system is a house to every false god and goddess in human history, even though the Hindus are the original chosen people among whom the Holy Father was born two times.

Ends up Jesus is the only bridge to Heaven in any religious tradition. It is not even Kumar, the second human incarnation of the Son of God.

We are moving towards one world religion, and one world government. But that leaves total room for cultural diversity. And that leaves tremendous room for national, state and local governments. The Jewish culture can continue. The Islamic culture can continue. The Hindu culture can continue. Countries can continue to be countries. But every religion is to be audited. There are malpractices going on in every religion.

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. That Christians know well. But God did not stop there. Then He resurrected His Son and built a bridge to heaven, for all humanity for all time, the only bridge to heaven. God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. That is why Jesus is called a prophet in the Koran. But God never meant to stop there. It has been 1500 years. That's enough. Now the Muslims also get to come to Jesus without losing their distinct Islamic culture. The chosen people have been gathered back in the promised land. The God of second chances, the merciful God, is giving the Jews a second chance to accept the Son of God, both human incarnations at once. But the distinct Jewish culture can continue.

It was Jesus who gave the Hindus their Vedas. Veda means knowledge. Bramha is another name for Wisdom. There is absolutely no logic to why the Hindus should reject Jesus, especially when he is the only bridge to heaven.

The Son of God is the daughter of God in the Old Testament. God Himself is called a mother a few times. Son or daughter, father or mother, all that is earth language, nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father, not even the angels of heaven. The important point is, your soul is not gendered. Gender is a feature strictly of the body in flesh. Gender equality was always the message, now it can no longer be postponed.

Racism is Lucifer's final grip on humanity. That grip is to be broken now. The crucifixion part of the work on racism has already been done.

Christians should not get too comfortable. To worship Jesus but not worship Rama and Krishna makes zero sense. Also, note that three of God's four human incarnations have been to do with earth. Earth is precious to God. God really really wants earth to work. 

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