Saturday, December 24, 2016

Let Me Hold On To Your Finger

Let me hold your finger, Abba
For I have work to do here on Earth
Thanks for the black boots
Thanks for the coffee
Thanks for the woolen cap
Thanks for being you
Thanks for being there
Always being there
The God of infinite love
Your love is more dazzling
Than all the stars in the universe
My Father. My God. My King. 

To my perfect snack
Of a dollar worth of peanuts, and garlic
You added a cup of coffee
That I just so happened to wish for
And gave me a woolen cap
To go with my boots
You put under my bed
Brand new
You taught me to keep pressing the knob
Until I got hot water for shower 

You sat in the chair I sat in
And swiped on your phone
Like I swiped my phone
While I sat where you sat
When you met me and later had lunch with me
You so relished the food I offered you
My orange juice
Like people offering me their food
Because they see I relish it so much 

Like that day you sat on the middle ridge
Of Park Avenue, smoking away
With not a care in the world
Being a proper homeless person
Like I offered to be
As I walked to the Sunday service
At Little Church
Precisely where a week before
You had placed a moving truck
On whose side was a tiny hand holding
On to your hand as you asked
"Who shall inherit the earth?"
You kept asking me for weeks
Until I said in a child's voice: "Me!" 

Abba. Father. My Father of simple love
Grand, obvious power and ever present love
You played piano for me
Since I was so taken by the
Exquisite music during my brief
Tour of heaven
Then you prayed to me as if to say
Me praying to you is the same thing
When you met me the first time
And simply said
"Did you want to see me?"
An angel said to you
"We don't want you here"
And to me she said
"You can stay"
Only in a kingdom of love
Would someone speak to a king like that 

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