Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mental Roadblocks

I have been a little perplexed by the lack of response to my reachout effort. I am trying to understand what some of the mental roadblocks might be. 

I am a human being, 100%. That actually can be a roadblock. You don't expect to get an email from Jesus. You don't expect the messiah to be active on Twitter and Instagram. You never thought you would actually see a photograph of the Son of God. Statues? Yes. Paintings? Yes. But photographs? I can imagine people getting thrown off balance by the fact that I am fully human. I eat, for example. I quite relish food. There are people who have known me for decades. My mother, for example. I was born a human being. I have grown up a human being. I have done the high school thing. I have done the college thing. That's the whole point, that I am a human being. I have done the New York thing. 
But I totally understand. Two years ago if you had asked me if I was the Son of God I would have said, considering we are all God's children, sure, why not? Two years ago, or 20. 

Humanity, all humanity, is my younger sibling. That is how I look at it. 

Learning my true identity has not been some kind of an achievement. I was born this way. I learned my true identity at the time of Abba's choosing. He has needed me to spend a few decades on earth without being aware of my true identity because my work is right here on earth. I am King of Heaven. I am to be King of Earth. You have been praying now for 2,000 years, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. I am the answer to your prayers. I bring you good news, the Kingdom of God is here. 

I have been doing my Father's work for decades already. I already did the crucifixion on racism before I even knew who I was. I have had my character assassinated. I have been shot at by the police. I have done jail time. I have taken career hits multiple times. You name it I have done it. 

Another mental roadblock for people might be that I am Indian. I am as Indian as Jesus was Jewish. I am not supposed to be culturally neutral, or I would not be fully human. I can imagine this being a mental roadblock to white folks. What? I have to worship a brown guy now? Yes, you do. There is a reason why there is no physical description of Jesus anywhere in the Gospels. It does not really matter what he looked like. All that matters is that he was born a human being. 

Abba has met me in human form over a dozen times this past year, like there is record of Him having met His friend Abraham. Each time He has looked different. The first two times He was an old white man, like He gets popularly portrayed. But then He branched off. He once met me looking like a Bangladeshi old man. The last time He met me He was full Rastafari. 

The point being, nobody has seen the Son but the Father, nobody has seen the Father but the Son, that Father and Son before there was a heaven, before there was an earth. The angels of heaven see God as a spirit being, but God is not a spirit being, God is God. 

My being an Indian, I can imagine, would also be a major roadblock to Indians who have spent 2,000 years actively resisting Jesus. And for them to now have to face the fact that Jesus is back, and he is an Indian! Oh, the horror! 

I am the one who created the Hindu priesthood. I am the one who gave them the Vedas according to their own scriptures. 

The Holy Son created the Hindu priesthood and the Holy Father showed up among the Hindus in two human incarnations 7,000 and 5,000 years ago. The Holy Father created the Jewish priesthood and the Holy Son showed up among the Jews in human incarnation 2,000 years ago. But the Hindu priests are as obstinate and corrupt today as the Jewish priests proved to be 2,000 years ago, and there are a hundred million of them on the Indian subcontinent. 

I created the hereditary Hindu priesthood, because at the time that was the only way to pass information from generation to generation. But the hereditary Hindu priesthood has long outlived its usefulness. Both Rama and Krishna argued against the caste system. Read your Ramayana. Read your Mahabharata. The caste system is racism. It is primitive, it is archaic, it is inhuman. Only now you no longer have the option to not listen. 

Nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father. What that means is that there is no Laxmi. There is no Saraswati. There is no need. Gender is a feature of the flesh body strictly in the physical dimensions on earth. Your soul is not gendered. In heaven your soul is given a perfect spirit body that does not need to eat, that does not need health care. In heaven you are given everlasting life. There is no need for sexual reproduction. Don't you see? 

In the Old Testament I am not the Son of God but the Daughter of God. In the New Testament I am the Son of God. I am now again the Son of God. So what am I? Am I God's son or daughter? The thing is, that is earth language. Nobody has seen the Father but the Son, nobody has seen the Son but the Father. 

Thomas was a man 2,000 years ago right here on earth. Then Thomas was simply Thomas in heaven, the soul Thomas. And now Thomas is Amy on earth, Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, picked by Abba to be the first person on earth to recognize me and for months the only person by my decision. 

Amy is her own answer to her gender anxieties. Sexism is sin like racism is sin. All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That is a statement on your soul. God was never not for gender equality, but He has been patient with the evolution of human thought. Like since God can read time God has always been aware of the idea of democracy, but God was patient with you as you fiddled with monarchies for thousands of years. 

The Catholic Church should not feel bad that it got it all wrong on gender. You did well by the chapter three that you were entrusted with, but now I am chapter four, approach me with an open mind. God is a Living God. You get to listen to me. If you will not listen to me but will simply worship statues of Jesus then such worship will have become idolatry. You don't want to go down that path. There is no Son of God in heaven right now. I am it. I am fully here. 

If the crucifixion that I have already done this time has been to do with racism, Jesus had to experience human death before he could conquer it for all humanity for all time, I have similarly have had to experience racism and casteism and a whole bunch of such isms, yes, also sexism, then that means racism is the defining problem of this time, obviously. That is God's judgment call. There is no arguing if racism exists. God doesn't seem to be in any confusion on the topic. Not only it exists, it is as bad as death was 2,000 years ago. That actually is Lucifer's final remaining grip on humanity. I have met Lucifer in human form several times this past year. He is a spirit being. Racism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Sexism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Casteism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Classism, ageism, physicalism, heterosexism. And there is a cure. I am the cure. 

I shall now proceed to conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. And I use the word racism broadly, like some people say mankind and mean everyone. 

This clarity on racism I can imagine would be a mental roadblock to many white people, including people at academic departments and in churches. But know that God's way is love. And this is for the good of everyone involved. 

My humble background might also be a mental roadblock. What? Jesus? Homeless? 2,000 years ago a lot of people got offended when they saw Jesus on the cross. Can you look any more helpless than that? They were waiting for a king and here was this dude helplessly hanging from the cross. What a cruel joke! 

At least I have been at a shelter, one day Abba met me in a full blown proper out in the street homeless guy mode. 

I am from a middle class family in a small town in the poorest country outside of Africa, of an internally colonized people. Jesus also was from the wrong geographical part. He was literally called a N word, Nazarene. My background actually makes perfect sense. God is the God of all peoples. God is particularly fond of the poor. 

The richest on earth will not see on earth what the poorest on earth will see in heaven. 
It is also quite possible my email ended up in your spam folder. The spam folder can also be quite a mental roadblock. 

Another mental roadblock would be, if I am to be king, then how? I am going to be monarch to the global religious organization I am going to create. This is not ceremonial monarchy, even though taking worship is going to be the most important part of my work, since love of God is the starting point of all that is good and true. I will actively create a world government. Barack Obama is my Arjuna and your George Washington. Yeah, I know, he is a black guy. 

The problematic high priests were at the temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Where are they now? They are at the temples in India. Priests, regardless of religion, that have problems with God are no priests at all. I am God. God is indeed self sufficient. God does not need a Son to exercise His power. God does not need a Son to do the work He does. But God does need a Son to love. That is where I come in. The biggest problematic high priests today are all on Wall Street. They would rather destroy trillions of dollars than invest in the Global South. The Wall Street firms are like the paper newspapers of 1990. The Blockchain will do to money what the Internet did to information. Money will not become free but it will become universally accessible. If I look like a threat to your lifestyle, I am. My greatest concern is for the poorest of the poor. Let no one harbor any illusion that I am on US territory. It's the other way round. 

To Jesus they said, why is he hanging out with sinners? Of me some might say later, if he is the Son of God, why is he hanging out with politicians? Entrepreneurs? With movie stars? 

The people I most wish to hang out with are the poorest of the poor.   

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