Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Book Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation is not just about the end times, but all times, past, present and future. It talks about events that have happened and will happen along the entire spectrum of time, including from when there was no life on earth. 

The reason it is hard to read is because the revelations are in fragments and not at all chronological. 
Only the Holy Spirit inspired can see. For example, I saw the 7,000 dying in an earthquake is a reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. This is confirmation that it was a divine act of retribution like those that visited the Pharoah of Egypt. 

At that moment there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell in ruins. Seven thousand people were killed during the earthquake 
Revelation 11:13

This is a reference to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The Nepal government figure is 8400 dead, which means the Nepal government figure is slightly exaggerated. 

The ten horns that you saw represent ten kings who have not yet been crowned 
Revelation 17:12

They will fight with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them, for he is the Lord of lords and king of kings, and those with him are called chosen and faithful. 
Revelation 17:14

This is a reference to the 10 Shaha kings of Nepal, which means the 2001 royal palace massacre of Nepal was prophecied 2,000 years ago and the role I have claimed ("the butterfly effect") in the April 2005 movement that ended the monarchy in Nepal is valid. I put forth the doctrine of nonviolent militancy. 

The Book Of Revelation, infact much of the prophetic books, like the Book Of Isaiah, are not to be read like regular English. The sentences and paragraphs are misleading. Prophecies are scattered all over the place, often in sentence fragments completely unrelated to the rest of the sentence and in sentences completely unrelated to the sentences before and after. 

John is above Isaiah in some ways. So panoramic is the sweep of events in the Book Of Revelation. 
John is above Peter and Paul. John is like Laxman. Peter and Paul are more like Hanuman. For God is love more than anyone else. Those who love the most are the dearest to God. John was revealed to more than anyone else in the Bible, for John was so beloved to Jesus. 

Book Of Revelation, Book Of Isaiah, Book Of Psalms in that order have an immense density of prophecies in them. As such John ought to be considered the top prophet. 

Physics talks of a Big Bang now 2,000 years later after the Gospel declared God spoke the world into existence. Physics is not yet sure about the end. The Bible has clearly stated there will be end times. Time itself will come to an end. 

In that sense it does not make sense to call God an eternal being. Eternal is a measuring rod in the fourth dimension of time. That is like saying someone is 300 miles old. God is beyond time. Heaven is beyond time. That is why it is said in heaven you have everlasting life. That is earth language for saying heaven is beyond time. God is beyond heaven itself. 

God metes out perfect justice. Nothing anyone does stays hidden from God. Nothing anyone thinks or feels stays hidden from God. But God is merciful and first seeks repentance on your part, a change of heart and conduct. But ultimately the God of infinite love, total power, and ultimate intelligence is a God who metes out perfect justice in all creation, from heaven to earth. That is why it is said, leave the judgment to God. 

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