Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Laws Of Physics And God

God created the human senses like sight and hearing with which data is collected. God created the human mind that makes sense of the data and formulates theories. God created the universe that the scientists study. Those who know the laws of physics should be some of the most God loving people, for the thinking should be, if the laws of physics are so amazing how much more amazing the creator of the laws of physics! God not only created matter but space itself. The space is still being created. God created time. All of space and time is contained within God.

The Bible talks about end times. Modern physics has presented the Big Bang theory. That theory says time has had a beginning. Time itself was created. Space time is being created as we speak. Space time is expanding much faster than the speed of light.

Some people have done the math on the chances of all of the hundreds of the Old Testament prophecies getting fulfilled in one person Jesus. It is a huge number. Obviously there is a power beyond the four dimensions that seems to have total knowledge of and total power over time. You can't discard that evidence any more than you can discard the evidence that light rays bend near the sun.

It is written, Jesus walked on water. What does that mean? It means Jesus walked on water. It means, if you had a smartphone at the time you could have captured the video of Jesus walking on water. That is what it means.

So what is the physics of Jesus walking on water? That is the physics of God. Obviously there is a power that can bend the laws of physics at will. So the claim that the same power created the laws of physics is probably true.

Gluttony is a sin. The obesity epidemic in America is physical evidence that America is a massively sinful nation. Why is gluttony a sin? Why is eating the right amount so important. Because your body is so special. God created you in His own image. Your body is God's temple. That is why murder is sin. Violence is sin. Your body might be temporary, but it is real. This world is real. Earth is no punishment. Having to earn everlasting life is a good thing. Lucifer could have benefitted from that. Eating right and eating the right amount is about being thankful to God that He created you in His own image.

There is a certain hubris that has sprung forth through the industrial revolution. That is why earth is such a mess today. Something as gigantic as the Pacific Ocean is choking with plastic. The weather systems of the planet that support agriculture and much else are on the edge and could very well spin out of control and humanity could end up right back in the stone age.

People who fear Artificial Intelligence obviously do not realize Lucifer is much smarter than any Artificial Intelligence could be, because Lucifer is a spirit being from beyond the first four dimensions, whereas AI, by definition, is limited to the first four dimensions. God showed you how to conquer The Devil 2,000 years ago. You do it by loving God. For Lucifer is like a bucket and God is like an ocean.

Hundreds of prophecies getting fulfilled in Jesus makes him very very special, statistically speaking. If intelligent life only exists on earth in this vast cosmos, how special does that make you? What is the number on that? Would that make you feel like you are perhaps like a younger sibling to Jesus, the very Son of God?

The earth is at a perfect distance from the sun. But it has also needed its magnetic field, otherwise solar radiation washed away all traces of liquid water from Mars. The earth has also needed a perfect size moon. Minus the perfect size moon the earth would have been too wobbly for intelligent life to emerge. Not only that, because the moon lacks the earth’s atmosphere, it gets constantly bombarded. Every 80,000 years the moon's surface gets a whole new look. Super high speed space travel would turn those dust particles and rocks into missiles that strike your space ship. The human body is designed for earth's gravity, not for space travel. Months of orbiting the earth and astronauts come back complaining about a weaker backbone and incurable near sightedness, among other things. The nearest stars are light years away.

What if this huge cosmos was created by God for no reason other than to make you feel special? What if the earth is your only home? Would you take better care of it?

What if the idea is that you take care of your physical needs, and everyone takes care of their physical needs, and that is a finite challenge, but after that it is all about mind, heart and soul, and all that is non physical and the possibilities there are infinite?

Lack of Universal Spiritual Centeredness and something like the industrial revolution leads to evils like colonization, the obesity epidemic, global warming, mass extinctions, and a Pacific Ocean choking with plastic. Where is the happiness?

Plastic was the nanotechnology of its time. The damage humanity could do with the technologies on the horizon are of a whole different magnitude. Universal Spiritual Centeredness (USC) is the only way you would get it right. You are fascinated by four dimensional geometry and rightly so. Be so much more fascinated by the 10 dimensional geometry, for God is the 10th, the final dimension. That God is the God of ultimate intelligence, total power and infinite love. That God loves you. He created this vast cosmos so you may feel special. He created the fourth dimension of time so you may learn to forgive. Love that God with all your heart, mind and soul, for that God is the source of all that is good and true, and that God loves you at full capacity.

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