Monday, December 19, 2016

The Various Religions And One Humanity

Every major religion talks of God as the Creator, but there is only one creation. Followers of various religions all point at the same stars, the same earth, the same people. 

Christians say God is one. Jews and Muslims pray to that one true Living God. Prophet Moses was a prophet not just to Jews but to all humanity. On that tablet God wrote down the basic laws. If you do not adhere to God's basic laws God is going to be blind to your prayers and worship. 

But not everything Moses wrote was from God. Some of his knowledge he inherited from his patriarchs and Jesus contradicted some of what Moses said. 

Prophet Muhammad was indeed the last prophet. There has not been another prophet after him. That is how you know I am not a prophet. But he was not the last prophet just to the Arabs in Mecca but to all humanity. There is a finality to my human incarnation. I am your senior year. Rejoice, you are about to graduate. 

Christians say God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. What they do not say is God so loved humanity He also denied His own Son. God made a covenant with Abraham. God intends to keep that covenant for a thousand generations. The Muslims are the lineage of Abraham that got denied. God the merciful, God the God of infinite love denied His own Son to empathize with the Muslims so as to some day bring them back into the fold. 

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. 
Prophet Muhammad led his people from false gods and goddesses to the one true Living God. But there were times when he thought he was talking to Gabriel but he was talking to Lucifer posing as Gabriel. Some of those instances he was able to figure out, some not. I shall audit the Islamic belief system and unearth every such instance. 

The Catholic Church has built an elaborate organizational structure which was the only way to counter the elaborate organizational structure of Lucifer and his team. There are people who fear Artificial Intelligence today. But no matter how much intelligence you add to that Artificial Intelligence it will be limited to the first four dimensions. Fallen angels like Lucifer are spirit beings with vastly superior intellects because they are not of the first four dimensions. There are those who fear Artificial Intelligence who are not even aware of Lucifer, the superior evil intelligence. 

God already gave you the cure to Lucifer 2,000 years ago. That is still the cure to your fears about Artificial Intelligence. 

In terms of intelligence a human being is like a glass, angels are like buckets, but God is the ocean. The Devil is completely powerless in the face of God but because both the bucket and the ocean are capable of filling up the glass Satan gets portrayed as God's adversary. It is a human perspective, not an objective reality. 

Just like it's the same God in every major religion it's the same Devil in every religion. 

The chosen people have been gathered back in the promised land in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Judge not the Jews too harshly for 2,000 years later you still have managed to give the Son of God the petty thief treatment. They confused the first coming of Christ with the second coming. Today too many Christians confuse the second coming of Christ with the final coming of Christ at the end of time, and some with the first coming itself, in that there might be expectations of touch and cure, walk on water, raise people from the dead. 

The Catholic Church has gotten gender fundamentally wrong. God being the God who can read time has always known about democracy but God being the God who works with human free will has patiently waited as you worked with monarchies. That explains God's patience with the evolution of human thought on gender. Otherwise God has been crystal clear on gender. Wisdom is a woman in the Old Testament. Jesus is a man in the New Testament. Nobody has seen the Son but the Father. Nobody has seen the Father but the Son. In his answer to the question about the woman who marries seven brothers Jesus makes it clear gender is not a feature in heaven. Your soul is not gendered, only your body. But now God is going to call you out on this. Gender is the most basic human diversity and humanity has to get it right. 

Muslims rightly say God is formless. God was not on earth when He created earth. God was not in heaven when He created heaven. Form is the first three dimensions. God is the 10th, the final dimension. The angels of heaven see God as a spirit being but God is not a spirit being, God is God. But it does not make sense to say God has the power to create heaven and earth but God does not have the power to show up on earth in human incarnation. 

Christians say the Holy Son can show up on earth in human incarnation and did. That was Jesus. But they think the Holy Father can't do the same, or maybe lacks interest to do the same. And thus are blind to the fact that the Holy Father already showed up as Rama and Krishna 7,000 and 5,000 years ago. 

Christians say the Holy Son was begotten. Hindus say Bramha emerged out of the navel of Vishnu. Jews call him Yahweh. 

Christians say the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit are three distinct identities, but God is one. That one God Muslims call Allah. The Christian description of the Holy Spirit matches the Hindu description of the superconsciousness. Some Hindus have claimed there is no God, just this all pervasive superconsciousness. 

The Hindu belief system is like the bed of a lake or a seabed. Every religious belief that ever existed in any part of the world among any people is still well and alive in the Hindu belief system. It is a basement full of stuff that was never thrown out. It is a junkyard. 

When people say Hinduism is polytheism Hindus say God is one. But then they produce a grand list of 33 million gods and goddesses. 

Some Hindus still practice human sacrifice. 

The Romans and Greeks had plenty of false gods and goddesses. They let go of them when they accepted Jesus. But it is not like Hindus deny Rama and Krishna. They simply kept all the false gods and goddesses. They don't even deny Jesus. When Christians say to Hindus Jesus is the Son of God Hindus say I am happy for you, to each his or her own. You worship Jesus and be happy. 

Not only do Hindus accept the Holy Father and the Holy Son, although both have names, Vishnu and Bramha, they proceeded to create a wife for Vishnu and a wife for Bramha, Laxmi and Saraswati. But Bramha was not born of Laxmi, he was still begotten. 

God did create human beings in His own image. Both Vishnu and Bramha have human figures. But Bramha has four heads. In the final book of the Bible the Lamb of God has seven heads. That is human symbolism. Both Hindus and Christians think that Wisdom/Bramha/Jesus is so smart that he must have many heads. The smarts don't come from having many heads but from the God substance, that which the 10th and final dimension is. God's intelligence is total. There is nothing that God does not know. 

According to the Hindu belief system it was Bramha, or Wisdom, or Jesus, who gave the Hindus the Vedas. Veda basically means knowledge. Yoga means unity, unity not just of body, mind, heart and soul, but unity of soul and God, becoming one with God, attaining a 24/7 God consciousness. Bible means book. 

But Hindus have been rejecting Jesus for 2,000 years straight. There is no logic to why you would accept the human incarnations of Vishnu but reject the human incarnation of Bramha. 

To understand Shiva you have to understand the Buddha. The Buddha was a human being who never claimed otherwise, absolutely never asked for worship, but did seek to teach. The Buddha was able to completely wipe out the caste system simply by teaching. The Hindus completely buried his teachings by turning him into a God and worshipping him. They did the same thing to Shiva, only bigger and better. 

Shiva is the first person in human history to have discovered the black hole. He talks about experiencing falling into a bottomless pit, which is the exact same experience physicists today say you would have if you were to cross the event horizon and fall into a black hole. Yogis are on record having made accurate astronomical observations of distant star systems, no telescopes, eyes closed too. Shiva also figured out the human brain could not get any bigger, the energy laws of the universe would not allow it. 

How is all that possible? 

The Holy Spirit already knows everything any scientist might ever discover. Your human consciousness has the option to tap into that superconsciousness. God created the laws of physics. God created you capable of discovering the laws of physics. 

Shiva is the founder of the science of yoga, which is much more comprehensive than the meditation teachings of the Buddha. Shiva is an Ice Age figure. He did marry a South Indian princess by the name of Parvati. Instead of God getting offended that you turned Shiva into a God on par with Vishnu and Bramha, God's Son has now been born to a woman named Parvati and is a Son of Man, fully human. 

Humility is realizing God is like the Sun and a human being is like a sunflower, so immense is the power differential. But humility also is that Jesus was born a small time carpenter who died with a net worth of zero and who was last seen by many helplessly dangling from a cross. Unless you have humility you can not relate to someone like that. You could not listen to what he had to say, unless you had humility. 

The final book of the Bible reads like the first chapter of some of the Hindu scriptures. Just like both America and China today are ahead of India in terms of physical infrastructure, in terms of spiritual knowledge the Hindu belief system houses some superior knowledge. There are richer descriptions of the beyond dimensions and the beyond worlds among the Hindus. 

Abraham chose. Remember? Similarly Shiva reached out. And so his people were rewarded with two human incarnations of God, the Holy Father. 

But there is a tremendous amount to discard. Just like the Exodus is God vociferously arguing against slavery and Jesus being born a carpenter's son is God nudging humanity towards democracy, God argues against the caste system again and again, in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. There are evil practices like human sacrifice to discard. There are false gods and goddesses to discard. There is Jesus to accept. 

The family is weak in America precisely because Americans don't worship Lord Rama. Rama created the family on earth. Jesus created the person on earth, the person of the one person one vote democracy, the person that is the basic unit of the modern economy, the person that becomes a scientist and entrepreneur. India could not become a modern democracy and economy without opening its heart to Jesus. 

On the other hand some of the most comprehensive descriptions of the geography of heaven are perhaps housed in the Hindu belief system, only in that basement is also a ton of junk. 

God is the God of all humanity. There is but one God, there always has been but one God, the God of ultimate intelligence, total power, and infinite love, a being who has always been, always will be. 

My crucifixion experience has been to do with racism. That means racism today is as big a problem as death was 2,000 years ago. Africa is top of mind for God. I have done the crucifixion part. I have had to experience ethnic prejudice, and casteism, and racism, and other such isms. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. 

Gender equality was always desirable, but now it can no longer be postponed. Saint Thomas is back like I am back. He is Pastor Amy Kay of the Lutheran Church Of The Messiah in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The message is, your soul is not gendered. Gender is a feature of the body in flesh. 
Universal Spiritual Centeredness (USC), 24/7 God consciousness on the part of every single human being, is the foundation. On that foundation the walls of the Age Of Abundance are to be erected. The roof is every single human being kneeling down to summon the spirit of God to engulf all earth. That is a Heaven On Earth scenario. 

The Sikh gurus were able to figure out there is but one God, the one true Living God, the God of Muslims and the God of Hindus, they also were able to figure out the caste system is 100% wrong and evil and were able to discard it wholesale. And I am a huge fan of their community kitchen program that I would like to scale a thousand, a million, 10 million fold. I have visited the Woodside Gurudwara in Queens a greater number of times than any religious establishment on earth, a greater number of times than the Janaki Mandir in Janakpur. Curious that my hometown should be the hometown of Sita Maiya who made the first big sacrifice to argue against the caste system.   

Immanuel means God is with us. Paramendra means king of heaven. I shall be king of earth. You have been praying for this for 2,000 years now.     

To appreciate God you have to make the effort to understand 10 dimensional geometry. God is more mysterious than the universe. God is fundamentally incomprehensible. You do not understand God. God reveals. And God has revealed plenty, for God so loves humanity.    

If I have decided to build a new global religious organization it is because there are not enough communities of prayer on earth to include every human being. But this is not a new religion. In heaven there is no religion. I will also build first one company and then a family of companies. I shall play a central role with the Blockchain, which is going to be much much bigger than the Internet. But I shall not seek political office. Barack Obama is my Arjuna and your George Washington. I shall be monarch to the global religious organization.   

I seek a fundamental change of heart and conduct on your part so as to herald a new age. 

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