Thursday, December 22, 2016

There Will Be Scripture Around Me

Just like Rama has Ramayana, Krishna has Mahabharata, Jesus has the Bible, there is going to be a scripture around me. My biographical details of the work I have already done, and the work I will do are like a PowerPoint presentation to all humanity for all time.

I have done the crucifixion on racism, the entire spectrum of the isms, ethnic prejudice in a poor country, for I grew up among an internally colonized people, casteism, for the Hindu Brahmins deny God Himself as vociferously as the Jewish priests 2,000 years ago, not only Jesus, who gave them the very Vedas that is their supposed claim to the priesthood, but also Rama and Krishna. 

Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bible were all inspired by the same Holy Spirit. The message I have delivered this past year has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

Have you noticed? The Jews don't try to convert. The Hindus don't try to convert either. It is a chosen people syndrome. But God is not the God only of the Hindus or the Jews. God is the God of all humanity. God is the God of the entire cosmos. 

This year Abba has architected a perfect act of forgiveness through me. I have done the crucifixion on racism and the entire spectrum of isms. Now I shall conquer all racism for all humanity for all time. The first step seems to be forgiveness. The number one reason God created the fourth dimension of time is so you may learn to forgive. It is an active process like prayer. African Americans should forgive more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of everyone else. 

The cure is the mahamantra that brings together Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Kumar. The lessons of Rama, Krishna and Jesus are timeless. The entire era around them was different. There are miracle stories associated with each, for example. God can mould an entire era like that to create a PowerPoint presentation for all humanity for all time. 

Unless you are willing to cross cultural barriers you can not worship all four, but if you do you will learn cultural diversity is natural and good. Culture gives people a sense of belonging. Worshipping all four together is the cure. 

All human beings have been created equal by the creator. That is a statement on the human soul, which is not gendered. Jesus spoke the final word on gender equality 2,000 years ago, just like Rama spoke the final word against the caste system 7,000 years ago and Krishna repeated that message 5,000 years ago. I emphasize the message on gender equality. Saint Thomas is back and she is a woman. She is not here to attain sainthood. She did that 2,000 years ago. She is here to help me with my work. 

I am waiting for the Catholic Church and the churches of the world to invite me to become monarch to their organizations. But know that this is no ceremonial monarchy. And I shall also create an organization of my own from scratch. You have mastered chapter three over 2,000 years. I am chapter four. Anyone who sets his or her mind can master it in two years. 

Hanuman waited 2,000 years for Rama to come back. Rama kept the promise. He came back as Krishna. You have been doing the bread and wine thing for 2,000 years now. Jesus kept the promise. He is back. His name is Kumar.

The bread and wine thing can now come to a stop.  

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