Thursday, December 21, 2017

From Belief To Knowledge Of God

What do you know? Do you know that the earth is round and it goes round the sun? How do you know that? Do you know that salt is salty and sugar is sweet? How do you know that? What is the sum total of all the things that you know? There is knowing, and there is believing. You know your way to downtown. You could drive to Los Angeles. You know the driving directions. You know the language you speak. There is much you know, and there is much you don't know. There is knowing, and there is believing.

Usually those who believe in God say, I believe. I don't know but I believe. I don't see but I believe. Such belief is called faith.

But it is possible to know God. It is possible to move from a belief in God to knowing that, yes, there is a God. If you apply the same discipline that you apply to all that you know in your various branches of knowledge, it is possible to know God.

You can come to know that there is a God just like you know that the earth is round and it goes round the sun. It is possible to know that God is a God of total power, perfect knowledge and infinite love, just like you know salt is salty and sugar is sweet.

Knowledge of God is possible if you think in terms of 10 dimensional geometry. You are quite aware of the first four dimensions. There are the three space dimensions, and the fourth dimension is time. The jump from a point to a line is huge. From that line to a surface is another huge leap. A one dimensional creature, if there were one, would have a hard time believing there is anything beyond that line. From the surface to volume is another huge leap. You are a three dimensional being. Imagine a whole bunch of two dimensional creatures crawling all over the floor. How would you let them know that, hey, guess what, I am here! They would have a hard time believing you even exist.

From the third to the fourth dimension is a humongous leap. There is nothing in the first three dimensions that hints at the fourth dimension. Space-time is the domain of physics.

But know that the fourth is not the final dimension. There are beyond dimensions. Angels are beings in the beyond dimensions. An angel could be standing right next to you and watching over you but you would not know, just like a two dimensional creature would not know if you were watching over them.

Heaven and hell are in the beyond dimensions. There's the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth. There are seven heavens, each one more amazing than the other. Paradise is the lowest of the seven heavens. In paradise there is no toil, there is no strife, and there is everlasting life. The time dimension does not even exist there, so who's counting?

Eventually even heaven has to come to an end in something like 150,000 billion earth years. But when that happens your soul is not destroyed. God takes you back into His womb for a new cycle of creation.

God is the tenth, the final dimension. There is nothing above and beyond God. God feels even more amazing to the angels of heaven because, with their enormous powers of comprehension, they understand even more of God's ways and God is still infinity to them.

God is unchanging, undying. God simply is. All that is is contained within God.

God wanted human beings in paradise. But the God of perfect knowledge knew the transgression would happen. And so God created earth. Earth is not hell. But earth is no paradise. When you are born a human being on earth, your number one priority ought be that you secure your place in paradise, in heaven. Nothing on earth is worth more than a place in paradise. Similarly no pain or discomfort on earth compares to the pain you would experience in hell. You don't want to go to hell.

In paradise you will see gardens. You will see leaves and flowers. But those leaves and flowers will not be physical leaves and flowers like on earth. You will have a body but it will be a spirit body that never needs to see a doctor, that does not die. In paradise the music is exquisite beyond description. In paradise you will feel love come to you from every direction.

God spoke the world into existence. How much power is that!

God is One, that One True Living God. That God is a Trinity, the Holy Father, the Holy Son, the Holy Ghost. The three exist in perfect harmony, and so it is said God is One.

If God is One, why are there several religions? Is there only one true religion? And are others besides that one true religion false religions? It is a case of five blind men and the elephant. The five blind men are supposed to compare notes so as to get a fuller picture of God.

God, heaven and hell are counter-intuitive suggestions. If there is a God, where is He, who is He? If there is a heaven, where is it? Where is hell?

Religious groups that often do not see eye to eye all confirm that there is a God, that there is a heaven, there is a hell. That has been the purpose of having several religions. But ultimately the idea has been for the five blind men to compare notes and get a fuller picture of God.

You have Judaism, you have Christianity, you have Islam. You have Hinduism, you have Buddhism. You have other smaller religions. In the Koran it is said God has sent 244,000 prophets, only 25 of them are mentioned in the Koran. The 10 Sikh gurus, for example, would be among the 244,000.

The Jews are a chosen people, as are the Brahmins of India. Why a chosen people? God would have preferred to talk to all peoples at once from the outset, but human beings would not listen. And so God had to choose a people. God chose a people to establish the fact that, yes, there is a God, a Living God.

But the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. The Gentiles came to Jesus before the Jews.

None of the scriptures contradict each other. None of the major religions contradict each other. They seem they do, but they don't.

The Jews rejected Jesus because Prophet Isaiah had told them, a messiah will come, and he will be a king like David. But Jesus was nothing like a king like David. He was last seen helplessly dangling from a cross. To the Jews that felt like mockery. The messiah was supposed to sit on a throne!

But then a lot of Christians today are in that exact same mindset. They will want to reject the Second Coming of Christ because it will not have been the Final Coming. The millennial reign that has been promised has not happened yet. The earth will end suddenly but it will not end before the millennial reign has happened. The Jews confused the Second Coming for the First Coming. A lot of Christians today are all set to confuse the Final Coming for the Second Coming. The political messiah the Jews have been waiting for is to do with the promised millennial reign. David had humble origins. "A king like David" is meant to have humble origins.

In the Gospel Jesus is the Sacrificed Son. In the Koran Jesus is the Denied Son. Ischmael was denied. Look at all those people on earth today who don't know who their parents are. God's message to them is, I am your True Father. The Koran has to be understood in that light. God so loves humanity He denied His own Son.

A biblical prophecy is that the Gospel will be preached in every nation on earth. That will come to be. But a lot of Christians erroneously believe that means the Bible is the only scripture. Not so. The Gospel will be preached in every nation on earth, but that is not to say the Bible will be the only scripture left standing.

Some of the very best adjectives used to describe God are in the Koran. Some of the most explicit descriptions of Satan anywhere are in the Koran.

The Koran points towards the Gospel. Prophet Muhammad died not knowing if he was going to heaven. Prophet Muhammad is not a bridge to heaven. The Geeta points towards the Gospel. In the Geeta Lord Krishna says, no matter the extent of your sin, you can still get to paradise by way of Wisdom, Wisdom being the name for Jesus in the Jewish Bible. Lord Krishna talked about Jesus 3,000 years before Jesus was born.

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Jesus was the first human incarnation of the Son of God, the Holy Son. That was 2,000 years ago. Lord Rama, 7,000 years ago, was the first human incarnation of the Holy Father. The scripture around Lord Rama is the book Ramayana. Just like Jesus said He will be back, Lord Rama said He will be back. He was back 2,000 years later as Lord Krishna. That was 5,000 years ago. The scripture around Lord Krishna is the book Mahabharata. The Geeta is a small segment of the Mahabharata, just like the Gospel is a small segment of the Bible.

Ends up the Holy Ghost, the third person of the Holy Trinity, also showed up on earth in human form more than 10,000 years ago. He had seven disciples. He is the founder of Yoga. Hindus call Him Shiva.

The Buddha attained enlightenment. He never claimed he was God. Buddhism is a science of the mind. It does not deal with your soul.

In the Koran Satan says to human beings, I will talk you into destroying nature that is your home. Looks like He delivered on his promise just fine. You have global warming. The planet is on the brink. In the past few hundred years humanity has made much progress in terms of science, technology and economic growth. But all that knowledge and progress led to human hubris. And humanity by and large walked away from God. That walking away from God creates space for Satan. And you end up with global warming. Satan is smarter than the smartest Artificial Intelligence you could possibly create. Your Artificial Intelligence will be limited to the first four dimensions. Whereas Lucifer, aka Satan, is a being from the beyond dimensions.

There are only two religions possible. Surrender is the religion of God. Rebellion is the religion of Satan. Surrender to the will of God. God is infinitely smarter and more powerful than Satan.

Love of God is above everything. Humanity is poised to make enormous progress but along that track love of God has to be the central organizing principle, otherwise you end up with a big mess.

Universal Spiritual Centeredness (USC) is the foundation. USC means 24/7 God consciousness on the part of every single human being. On that foundation the four walls of justice and prosperity can be built. The roof on top is when God opens up the floodgates of heaven and the spirit of God engulfs all earth. That is a scenario when God prays on your behalf. All humanity is to get down on the knees at once and summon the spirit. That will be a heaven on earth scenario.

The Holy Father loves you so much He is offering to pray on your behalf.

You are looking at one world religion, and one world government. God is One, that One God has revealed Himself to a few different peoples. And now it is for those peoples to compare notes and together get a fuller picture of God.

One world government is a bicameral legislature where in the lower house each member country has a voting weight in direct proportion to its population, in the upper house it is in direct proportion to its GDP. Each member country pays 1% of its GDP as a membership fee. You have the local, the state, and the national government. And you have the world government. It is just the top layer.

God asks for the first 10% of your income. Because 100% of your income and wealth is made possible by God. Giving the first 10% of your income to God is the easiest way for you to attain 24/7 God consciousness.

Hindus rejecting Jesus is the weirdest thing. The Brahmins are at the forefront of it. The other chosen people, the Brahmins, match the fervor of the Jews from 2,000 years ago in how strongly they oppose Jesus. They do so out of grand ignorance.

Hindus recognize Bramha, the Creator, who emerged out of the navel of Vishnu, the Hindu name for the Holy Father. In the Mahabharata it is written, O Bramha, among your many names one name is Isa. Isa is the name for Jesus in the Koran.

It was Bramha who gave the Brahmins the divine gift of the Vedas. It was Bramha who chose the Brahmins to be a chosen people. Jesus is the first human incarnation of that Bramha.

Christians rejecting Rama and Krishna is the weirdest thing. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are the two human incarnations of the Holy Father. Lord Rama created the family on earth, for all humanity for all time. The family is so strong in India precisely because Hindus worship Lord Rama. Lord Krishna created the state and laid out the spiritual foundation for the use of force to uphold justice. The Krishna avatar was also about making it as easy as possible for women to love God.

The five blind men touching the elephant are meant to compare notes and get a fuller picture of God. The various scriptures like the Koran and the Geeta all point towards the Gospel. On the other hand to learn more about the God of the Bible you necessarily have to read the Koran, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata.

2,000 years ago Jesus was born into an age of mindless physical violence. He called for a ceasefire and new vistas for human progress and prosperity opened up. It is not like the human brain has become bigger. Today is an age of mindless emotional violence at the level of the various group identities. That is holding humanity back. There is a need for a ceasefire. Humanity has to learn to move past racism and sexism and classism and physicalism and heterosexism and various other isms like ablism, adultism, ageism, elitism and so on. Those at the receiving ends of the various isms should actively forgive. Have faith in the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God and forgive. Have faith in the God of perfect justice. And forgive.

The Age of Abuandance is right round the corner. Advances that will be made over the next 10 years will eclipse the advances that were made in the last 100 years. But these walls of prosperity must be built on a strong foundation. That strong foundation is Universal Spiritual Centeredness.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Forgiveness Requires Faith

True forgiveness is not possible without strong faith. To have faith in God is faith in a God, the One True Living God, who is the God of perfect knowledge -- there is nothing that God does not know -- the God of total power -- there is nothing that God can not do -- the God of complete justice -- He has meted out perfect justice every single time so far, that will not change -- the God of infinite love -- God loves you more than you will ever be able to fathom -- the God who created all there is, creator of heaven and earth.

When you forgive someone you are saying you realize that the number one reason God created the fourth dimension of time is so you may learn to forgive. When you forgive you do so out of awareness God is aware of everything that has happened. You forgive because God is infinitely more powerful than every being on earth and every being in heaven. God, of course, has power over those who might have wronged you. Your forgiveness is not an act of a weak person too weak to fight those who might be in the wrong. You forgive because you know God fights on your behalf. And that God has total power. There is nothing that God can not do. You do not worry if you have sufficient power yourself. You only worry that you walk the path of God, the path of righteousness, and justice, and generosity, and love.

To forgive is to learn to walk light by putting your burdens on to the shoulders of God. He rejoices when you do that. Forgiveness is an expression of faith.

Jerusalem Is To Be A Global City

Half of earth is the Pacific. For the other half Jerusalem is the geographic center. It is meant to be that way.

Christianity sits on the base that is Judaism. Yes, Jesus was the Messiah prophesied in the Jewish Bible. Christians are best positioned to understand the Koran, because Jesus is the sacrificed Son in the Gospel, in the Koran Jesus is the denied Son. Christians worship Jesus as the human incarnation of the Son of God. That puts Christians in a good position to recognize Lord Rama, the first human incarnation of the Holy Father, and Lord Krishna, the second human incarnation of that same God. The Buddha was an elightened human being who never claimed to be God. It is wrong to worship Buddha, although there is much to learn from him. I went through that same experience late in 2015 before I ascended to heaven, and descended back to earth. But the Buddha stopped at enlightenment.

I lay claim to Jerusalem, all of it, on behalf of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Jerusalem is of great significance for the millennial reign. The earth will end suddenly but it will not end before the long promised millennial reign is over.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Will Take The First 10% Of Your Income

Towards A Global Government

I envision a world government to which every member country pays 1% of its GDP as tax. To the national government citizens pay income tax and indirect taxes. That income tax might be 25% or 35%, maybe even 40%. Sometimes you pay 35% to the federal government and another 10% to the city and state governments. And if you are to give 10% of your income to God, what are we looking at? Are you giving away half of your income? Maybe more? 60%?

There is income, and then there is wealth. Maybe all billionaires ought to limit themselves and their families to a billion and give away the rest. There can be foundations. There can be wealth tax. There is an urgency to meet the basic needs of all humanity.

There are laws that enforce taxation. If you don't pay up, you could go to jail. But the 10% you give to God is not like that. If you don't give you don't go to jail. If you don't give you don't go to hell either. The tithe is not God's tax. The act of not giving that 10% to God is not sin.

But it is guidance. That guidance is an act of love. God who created everything has no need for your money. Then why ask for it? And not just any 10% but the first 10%. Why? So you may, through your act of giving, reassure yourself that 100% of your income, 100% of your wealth comes from God. That is total surrender. It is so you may engage in work and generate income and create wealth and yet not fall into that trap of idolatry that worship of wealth is. Only God can be worshipped. Worship of wealth is idolatry and it takes you away from God and salvation becomes impossible. You do not give away 10% because priests and pastors need to be paid salaries or because houses of worship need to be built and maintained or because the hungry need to be fed, the naked need to be clothed, and the homeless need to be housed. All that is necessary but secondary. The primary reason is so you may attain 24/7 God-consciousness in the easiest way possible. You do it for you.

And so I will take the first 10% of your income. You are to give the first 10% of your income to God. There is no jail or hell if you don't. But if you don't that might lead you away from God and salvation. Paradise is so wonderful it is worth 100% of your income and wealth, it is worth your very life. But you are merely being asked to give the first 10% of your income.

How do you give me your 10%? You give it to the house of worship you visit. It is not too much to ask that each such house of worship keep their book keeping transparent. Taking care of the needy is the first order of business. Although worship related expenses are very much included. Try and get the ratio right. Reach out to the needy globally.

या अल्लाह, या अब्बा

इस सृष्टि के कण कण से आप झाँक रहे होते हैं
प्रत्येक ह्रदय के प्रत्येक स्पंदन में आप का वास है
आँख बंद करूँ तो आप सब जगह
आँख खोलुँ तो आप सामने
मेरे प्रार्थना के शब्द ह्रदय से निकलने से पहले
आप सुन लेते
जितना बड़ा ये संसार
उससे बड़ा आपका प्यार

Thursday, November 9, 2017

One God, Several Religions

The Holy Father is a Being. The Holy Son is a Being. The third member of that Holy Trinity is also a Being. The Holy Ghost is described a witness to both the Father and the Son. But God is one because the three exist in perfect harmony.

Jesus was a name the Holy Son acquired on earth in human incarnation. It is a culture-specific name too. It is Greek. The name actually was Yeshua. In the Koran the same name is Isa. In Hindi today the name is Yeshu. That name is for this cycle of creation until the earth is ended and the long night begins.

That there is a God, that there is a heaven, that there is a hell: these are counter-intuitive suggestions. That is why the trinity concept is hard to understand. Because the human being tries to understand the Trinity through four-dimensional metaphors. That is hugely limiting. Describe a three-dimensional person using only two-dimensional tools. What do you get? You get photographs and sketches, even videos. If God is the tenth, the final dimension, how do you present God in four dimensions? But it is possible for human beings to understand. Not God, but God's revelations. The creation itself is revelation, of what God can do. The scriptures are revelation.

A human incarnation of God is the ultimate revelation. It is a special divine act. It is done for the benefit of humanity.

The concept of a chosen people - the Jews, the Brahmins - is that otherwise it was hard for God to make His presence felt among human beings.

The major world religions all talk about the same God from slightly different angles. None of the scriptures contradict each other. If you have been born into one faith tradition you stand to benefit by learning about the other faith traditions. You get a fuller picture of God.

Ends up the third person of the Trinity has been on earth in human form. Hindus call Him Shiva. He is the founder of Yoga on earth. He had seven disciples. He is placed somewhere between 10 and 12 thousand years ago towards the end of the Ice Age. The Holy Father showed up in human incarnation as Lord Rama 7,000 years ago. Before He left (or died) He said He will be back, just like Jesus said He will be back. He was back 2,000 years later as Lord Krishna. But the Hindu belief system talks about birth after birth after birth. In the Geeta, spoken out by Lord Krishna 5,000 years ago, Jesus is presented as the path to salvation also for Hindus. No matter the extent of your sin, you can still go to heaven by way of Wisdom, Lord Krishna says. Wisdom is the name Jesus has in the Old Testament, or the Jewish Bible.

If God is one, and there is a heaven to go to, and all major religions talk about the same God, and if none of the scriptures contradict each other, then religions should not be thought of as tribes you belong to. It is not my religion is better than yours. It is how you love that one God. It is about how you do good work. It is about atoning for your sins.

The Jews were taught to burn animal fat. The Brahmins were taught to burn butter, or ghee. But both only to a point. After Jesus no animal sacrifice has been necessary anywhere. Contrition of heart is enough. That is universally applicable.

In the Koran Jesus is the Denied Son, because Ischmael was denied. There are many human beings today who do not know who their father is. To them God says I am your true Father. The Koran is a statement of love. Just like the Gospel is a statement of love. God sacrificed His Son to atone for your sins. Christians, of all people, should understand why God denies His Son in the Koran.

On the other hand, Prophet Muhammad dies not knowing if he is going to heaven. His task was to lead his people to the One True Living God from the many false gods and goddesses they had been worshipping. He did that. But Prophet Muhammad was not the bridge to heaven. He did not pretend otherwise. Just like the Geeta points towards Jesus, the Koran also points towards Jesus. You are to surrender to the knowledge that God denying His Son is an act of love. God so loved humanity He denied His very Son.

Matter and energy in the vast universe obey the laws of physics created by God. Human will is different. There are consequences to choices you make. You have to pay for your sins. But if you will repent, God will pay on your behalf.

Hell is so hellish, earth looks like paradise from hell. No pain, no discomfort, no deprivation, no injustice, no poverty, no torture on earth compares to the pain you would experience in hell. If you are on earth your first priority ought be to secure your place in heaven, in paradise. Have faith. Love God. Pray. Worship.

The pursuit of human knowledge is the premise that the human being does not know. There are many academic disciplines. At any point in time you have working knowledge based on which you make decisions. But the thing about faith is God is the God of perfect knowledge. There is nothing that God does not know. All knowledge you have acquired, all knowledge you will ever possibly acquire, God already knows it all, all of it. And that God loves you with His capacity for infinite love. Loving that God has got to be your priority number one. You love God back with your finite capacity for love.

Look at the past few hundred years. Look at how grandly you have messed up. For one, there is global warming. And that global warming Satan promises in the Koran. In the Koran Lucifer is quoted as saying, I will talk you into destroying the very nature that is your home. Think about that. Lucifer has had a monkish detachment towards all your scientific and technological advances of the past few hundred years. He has been utterly unimpressed. He does not care for your riches. He only wants your soul. In the recent centuries human knowledge has led to human hubris and by and large humanity has walked away from God, with disastrous consequences. Something as gigantic as the Pacific is floating in plastic. There is a big hole in the atmosphere.

Let that be a lesson as you embark on a steeper trajectory of advances in science and technology. Love of God has to be your priority number one. Otherwise you just end up with a much bigger version of global warming, if that is even possible.

Love God back with all your heart, mind and soul. That is the most important thing.

Those who study physics study the first four dimensions. Let them have the humility to extrapolate and see there are beyond dimensions. The fourth dimension of time itself was created. This is creation. You were created.

Mindless physical violence has to stop. Mindless emotional violence at the level of group identities has to come to a stop. Love of God is the path to peace, prosperity and, most important, salvation.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Importance Of The Book Of Mormon

There is nothing in the Book Of Mormon that contradicts the Bible. The Book Of Mormon emphasizes the laws and the gospel. Very early in the Book Of Mormon "one wife and no concubines" is emphasized. The Book Of Mormon is "another testament of Jesus Christ" like it claims.

America's current greatness was prophecied in the Book Of Mormon thousands of years ago. It has several prophecies and thus meets the definition of scripture.

On the other hand, there is ample warning that a blessed people, a blessed land, a blessed country can lose it all by walking away from God and losing their way. That is a warning call to America.

In the Book Of Mormon Mother Mary is described as "fair and white." Jesus being depicted as white is thus not inaccurate. On the other hand Lord Rama and Lord Krishna both had dark skins. The very word Krishna means "Blackie."

The Book Of Mormon is supposed to act as a bridge to other scriptures beyond the Bible. First you open up to the fact that the Bible is not the only scripture. The Book Of Mormon, "another testament of Jesus Christ" is also it. Then you open up also to other scriptures like the Koran where God denies His own Son, and the Geeta where the Holy Father talks about Himself in the first person.

None of the scriptures contradict each other.

A biblical prophecy is that the Gospel will be preached in every nation on earth. That will come to be. But that is not to say the Bible will be the only scripture left standing.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Free Will, Predetermination, Faith, And Works

There are some false debates in circulation.

Is there free will? Or is everything already predetermined? Well, if you are asked tea or coffee, and you respond with a choice, that is evidence of free will. But God being the God of perfect knowledge already knows what your choice is going to be. But that is just God being God.

The human being is finite. God is infinite. The finite human being has free will, unless you are in bondage with Satan. Then you are just a captive who does have the option to break free, and that involves an active choice you make.

How do you attain salvation? Through faith in God? Or through the good work that you do?

Of course faith is fundamental. Glory is to Lord God the Holy Father who makes possible all that is good and true. Love of God is the best central organizing principle there is. There is not another. And God's power is total. It is so total that you attain salvation through his grace. Nothing you could do even compares to that grace. The power differential is so much. God is like the Sun. You are like a sunflower. But that God wants you to do good work. That God wants you to take care of the needy.

Of course you have free will. God's revelations relentlessly try to get you to do right by that free will. Of course good work matters.

But God is God. God simply is, the God of perfect knowledge, the God of total power. All that is is contained within God.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Biographical Details Of The Past Few Decades

Many have come in my name, like I said they would, but I am the only who has fulfilled prophecies. Those who know Jesus was the Son Of God know so because Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies. That is also the way to establish my identity on earth during this second human incarnation. Before Abba places me on the earthly throne He has put the Bible in numerous human hearts. The Bible is called "the cradle for Christ."

I have revealed a few of those prophecies I have fulfilled. I will reveal more over time. Or the enterprising can find them on their own. But my biographical details are not that well known right now except to those who have crossed paths with me. My biographical details are like a PowerPoint presentation in four dimensions from God to all humanity decided at the very moment of creation.

I have been doing my Father's work for decades already, but I did not know that until 2016, which is when I learned my true identity. Early in 2016 I was taken to heaven where I heard music that was a hundred times more exquisite than anything possible on earth. And then I was gently put back on earth. Call it descension. I have come down the same way I went up 2,000 years ago.

Jesus was born into an age of mindless physical violence. Peter cut off a soldier's ear in the Gardern of Gethsemane. That was the norm. Jesus called for a ceasefire. As humanity has learned to walk away from mindless physical violence new vistas of human progress and prosperity have opened up. You don't do touch and cure, but you cure, for one.

Today, 2,000 years later, I have been born into an age of mindless emotional violence at the level of group identities. And I am calling for a ceasefire. New vistas of progress and prosperity will open up if you heed the call. My Father's work that I have been doing for a few decades already has been this call for a ceasefire. I have experienced ethnic prejudice in Nepal and racism in America, not because God does not understand, but so you may believe God does understand. Through life events I have demonstrated vividly how harmful ethnic prejudice is, by taking career hits and nosedives, and I have demonstrated how harmful racism is. All that concluded in 2016 when Abba architected a perfect act of forgiveness through me: America had me in jail for six months in 2008, I stayed at a homeless shelter for 12 months for much of 2016. I forgave America in 2016 for what America and New York City did to me in 2008. But it is for America to repent.

Repent and you will be forgiven. Ask and you will be given. Be thankful for all that you have been given.

The mindless emotional violence at the level of group identities has many frontiers, namely racism, sexism, classism, adultism, ageism, physicalism, ablism, heterosexism and elitism. All human beings have been created equal by God. Love one another.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Book Of Exodus And Women

Nobody can read the Book Of Exodus and can come up with any conclusion other than that God is absolutely, unequivocally against slavery, always has been, always will be. So why has there been slavery? There are slaves today. There have been slaves across human history. Why? Human beings trying to do things on their own and falling short and falling sideways.

Sexism is much of human history. But that has been human beings trying to do things on their own. God's way is one of gender equality.

God is the God of infinite love. It is erroneous, at best incomplete, to describe God in earthly, human terms. God is not an Eternal Being in that the word eternal is limited to the fourth dimension of time which God created, all of which is contained within God. God is the tenth, the final dimension. Similarly the talk of God as a He is hugely limiting. The Son Of God is the Daughter Of God in the Jewish Bible. In the Geeta, the Holy Father says He takes all beings in all heaven and all earth and everywhere back into His womb when it is time to destroy all heaven and all earth for a new cycle of creation which happens once every 150,000 billion years in earth terms. Womb? Yes, womb. God is not a He or She, God is simply God. God simply is, unborn, unchanging, undying.

The human being is finite. God is infinite.

Jesus: Everywhere In The Koran

Jesus is everywhere in the Bible, it is widely acknowledged by Christians. Jesus is Sofia, or Wisdom, in the Jewish Bible. Jesus is explicitly Bramha in the Hindu scriptures. But Jesus is also everywhere in the Koran. In the Koran Jesus is the Denied Son. Just like in the Gospel Jesus is the Sacrificed Son.

I Have Lived An Ordinary Life

Lord Krishna lived an ordinary life. He grew up herding cows. Even later, on the battlefield, He was not the lead warrior. God does not show up in human incarnation because God can not do what needs to be done without it. But so you may believe.

Look at me in 2008. I was an ordinary campaign volunteer to Barack Obama, my Arjuna, your George Washington.

Avatar is God making an appearance. That would be the many avatars of the Holy Father that the Hindus talk about. For that God does not have to be born. God does not need an earthly death. I got to meet the Holy Father about two dozen times in 2016. He was in human form, most times looking different. Two times He looked the exact same, the second time He was shorter. That second time He demonstrated to me that I was the Eternal Priest, Melchizedek.

Those were avatars, or rather, appearances. Those were not human incarnations, perhaps not even avatars, simply appearances.

God is everywhere. God can appear in human form any time, anywhere. Which means, the human incarnation itself is no big deal. It is so you may believe.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter's son. That was ordinary. Jesus had no property to his name. That was ordinary.