Thursday, January 19, 2017

God Metes Out Perfect Justice

The God of perfect knowledge and total power metes out perfect justice. That has happened every single time so far. The track record is 100%. There is no reason to believe that track record will change.

There is nothing that God does not know. Nothing you do or anyone does stays hidden from God. Nothing you think stays hidden from God. Nothing you feel stays hidden from God. The slightest flicker of your eyelid does not go unnoticed by God.

There is nothing your mind can conceive that God can not do. With God all things are possible.

That is why it is said, leave the judging to God. Do not envy the prosperity of the wicked. Do not get provoked. Stay true to the path of God.

Obey God's basic commandments so he may listen when you pray. Respect the ground rules and work hard. What is hard work but you making a full use of your God given abilities? It should be joyful.

God created you and God wants you to be happy.

Give the first 10% of your income to God. That might be the easiest way of achieving 24/7 God consciousness, that acknowledgment that 100% of your income is made possible by God. Save yourself from the sin of idolatry of wealth. Wealth can not be worshiped, only God.

The ones that have much should not have too much, the ones that have little should not have too little. Love all humanity. Reach out to all.

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