Saturday, January 28, 2017

God So Loved Humanity He Denied His Own Son

God so loved humanity He sacrificed His own Son. But then three days later He resurrected the Son and built a perfect bridge to heaven for all humanity for all time. It is the only bridge. And it is available to one and all. No matter how sinful your life has been, you can repent and ask for forgiveness and a fresh start, and God will give it to you, but God had to build a perfect bridge to heaven first, and he paid an enormous price for it. He had to sacrifice His own Son. And He did, the God of infinite love did.

God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. This denial has gone on now for 1500 years, but it was never meant to be forever. That is why Muhammad was called the last prophet. That is how you will know I am not a prophet.

God promised his friend Abraham that He will make a nation also out of his son Ishmael, born to Hagar. And so that nation may feel that God understands, God denied His own Son. But it is not meant just for the descendants of Ishmael, but so all the orphans across the world may know that God is their true Father. No human being on earth is fatherless. And to that end God denied His own Son. God is also the true Father to those who do have fathers and mothers, as God is the true Father to those who might not have fathers, or mothers, or both.

And so God denied His own Son for 1500 years.

The Muslims of the world are God's youngest spiritual child and are so very special to God.
Christ the son of Mary was no more than a messenger ... They both had to eat their food ... (Koran 5:75)

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