Friday, January 20, 2017

The Monkeys Of The Ramayana

Everything that the monkeys are said to have done in the Ramayana, the scripture around Lord Rama, the first human incarnation of the Holy Father, or Yahweh, or Vishnu, the monkeys did, you have to believe. How do I know? The pigeons have been responding to me the same way all this past year. Hindus in India feed the monkeys. I want New Yorkers to feed the pigeons. I want people everywhere to feed the pigeons.

The trinity concept was explained to me by four pigeons, for example. One day I was feeling a little down and out and the message that got delivered was, if you want you can come back to heaven, and I said no, no, I want to get the work done, no matter how long it takes, I will be on earth for however long you need me to be. Large numbers of angels are at the ready to assist me with my work: that message was delivered to me by a flock of pigeons.

One day a pigeon flew from behind me to my right and landed in front of me in a way that caught my attention. So I watched. That pigeon then started walking. And I watched. It made the top half of the heart shape and then flew away. The message from Abba was, I am your Father, and you are my Son, and I love you, but I am only the top half of the heart. The bottom half of the heart is the Sita for this age who will also love you, and is to be worshipped alongside of you for all time. Go find her.

The pigeons have delivered numerous messages to me. But Abba talks to me like someone who owns all reality. He has not talked to me only through pigeons.

Pigeons by St. Patrick's

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Feeding Pigeons In Greeley Square with rice purchased at Jack's

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Pigeons: God’s Messengers

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