Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Lord Rama was king and warrior. Lord Krishna also became king, but he was a smaller king who answered to a bigger king. Lord Krishna was not the warrior. That was delegated to Arjuna. Krishna was campaign manager.

Do you notice the pattern? God is delegating.

Jesus was not born king or priest. He was born to an ordinary carpenter. That is God oh so very gently nudging humanity from monarchy to democracy.

I was not warrior. I was not campaign manager. I was an ordinary volunteer to Barack Obama, my Arjuna, in 2007 and 2008.

Do you see the pattern? God is delegating.

When God met Moses, there was lightning and thunder, a million Israelites, the entire nation, was witness. When Jesus had his transfiguration experience, there were only three witnesses. Do you see the pattern? As you mature spiritually you are to have a lesser need for special effects. Word of God should be enough. Muslims say, the Koran is the only necessary miracle.

My transfiguration experience had no witnesses, even though it happened in a large dorm full of homeless men. It was a physical experience with no outward sign, no glow of any kind, no voice of God was heard. It was a bodily experience. This time no human witnesses were deemed necessary.

Do you see the pattern? God simply wants to sit across the table from you.

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