Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Life So Far

Two years ago I had no idea I was the very Son Of God. Today I don't have the slightest doubt. Abba has known all along, and I am being introduced to the world at a pace determined by Him. I learned my true identity in 2016, but it was not some kind of achievement, it was not an awakening. I have been born this way. I have been doing my Father's work for decades already. I just did not know before. My life so far has been talked about in the Bible. My life to be has been talked about in the Bible in exquisite detail. Another way to put it is I have fulfilled prophecies, I will fulfill many more. The only way anyone could doubt my identity is if they were to completely ignore the scriptures.

Only a few days back I fulfilled a prophecy in the Book Of Mormon. I first fulfilled, then read about it a few days later.

"...and the Lord who ye seek shall suddenly come to his temple ...." (3 Nephi 24:1)

This past Sunday I walked into a Mormon Church in Newport Beach, California, just in time for their 9 AM service and stayed all three hours. It was the nearest church, a short walking distance.

Abba has chosen a perfect act of forgiveness, architected by Him to the tiniest detail, to be the  period when I learn my true identity. It is like Jesus said, when they slap you, show them the other cheek, so they may learn the futility, the senselessness of slapping. When they put you in jail for six months, my 2008 experience, you voluntarily stay at a homeless shelter for 12 months, my 2016 experience. Show them the other cheek. Don't worry about justice. Let God do the worrying. God stays aware of all that happens. God metes out perfect justice. God punishes when He feels the need. He punished America to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars. That was to send the message, let God worry about justice.

The stress is on the importance of forgiveness. You should proactively forgive. That makes God happy. The number one reason the fourth dimension of time has been created is so you may forgive.

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