Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Small G Gods Of The Hindus

In the early stages of human evolution, God determined human beings were not ready to know the One True Living God, and so He Himself encouraged the Holy Angels of Heaven to stand behind various elements of nature and take worship. Those are most of the small g gods of the Hindus. In the Bible they are called angels.

But the fallen angels have been behind the false gods and goddesses of the Old Testament. And Lord Krishna, who walked the earth 5,000 years ago, made it ample clear that now it was time only He was worshiped because the small g gods like the god of rain and the god of sun and the god of wind were all subservient to Him, and they themselves worshiped Him, in heaven of all places. But Hindus to this day still worship the small g gods. They did not listen. Likewise ancestor worship is still going on. Weird. And, yes, they also worship some false gods and goddesses.

Lord Krishna says in the Geeta that He Himself created the caste system. Why would that be? Two reasons. In a birth after birth after birth scenario before the bridge to heaven was built 2,000 years ago, being an outcast on earth was far better than burning in hell. Also there was work division. But the caste system that God created is not what exists today. Today it is racism. God's idea of a caste system was where a Brahmin had certain qualities and people from all castes were treated as equals. To prove that point Sita Maiya went for a second vanavaas, or forest dwelling.

But just like all animal sacrifices everywhere have been unnecessary for 2,000 years now, the caste system has been completely unnecessary after Jesus. The birth after birth after birth thing is over. Humanity entered a new phase 2,000 years ago.

I am here to wipe out the caste system once and for all. I ask for a change of heart and conduct to herald a new age.

Lord Krishna prophesied the coming of Jesus long before a single word of the Bible was written. The caste system the Lord God created came with an expiration date. Similarly the worship of the small g gods should have long been over. But it is still going on.

Humanity everywhere today is capable of grasping the One True Living God. I am right in front of you.

My Father is always with me. I am in human incarnation. I am fully here. There is no Son Of God in heaven right now.

I am God, God to God, Light to Light, Son Of God, my Father's Son, here on earth to do my Father's work.

Every Old Testament prophet would have happily given up everything to be able to spend time with Jesus when Jesus walked the earth, and yet the priests of the day showed Jesus tremendous hostility. It was Jesus who created the priesthood in India, it was Jesus who gave them the Vedas at a time when they did not even know how to grow rice. And yet the Brahmins of India have rejected Jesus for 2,000 years now. On the other hand Christians go all the way to India and are not able to see the two human incarnations of the Holy Father. That is worse than going to New York City and missing out on the Statue Of Liberty.

In the Geeta, Lord Krishna claims authorship of "all the scriptures," the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bible, the Koran. There are parts of the Bible that only make sense if you read the Koran. Rama and Krishna are both mentioned in the Gospel. Jesus was prophesied in the Geeta before a word of the Bible was written.

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