Saturday, October 14, 2017

Free Will, Predetermination, Faith, And Works

There are some false debates in circulation.

Is there free will? Or is everything already predetermined? Well, if you are asked tea or coffee, and you respond with a choice, that is evidence of free will. But God being the God of perfect knowledge already knows what your choice is going to be. But that is just God being God.

The human being is finite. God is infinite. The finite human being has free will, unless you are in bondage with Satan. Then you are just a captive who does have the option to break free, and that involves an active choice you make.

How do you attain salvation? Through faith in God? Or through the good work that you do?

Of course faith is fundamental. Glory is to Lord God the Holy Father who makes possible all that is good and true. Love of God is the best central organizing principle there is. There is not another. And God's power is total. It is so total that you attain salvation through his grace. Nothing you could do even compares to that grace. The power differential is so much. God is like the Sun. You are like a sunflower. But that God wants you to do good work. That God wants you to take care of the needy.

Of course you have free will. God's revelations relentlessly try to get you to do right by that free will. Of course good work matters.

But God is God. God simply is, the God of perfect knowledge, the God of total power. All that is is contained within God.

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