Monday, December 31, 2018

Pastor Renn Was Moses When She Was Moses

Pastor Renn was Moses when she was Moses. Women are to similarly see liberation. But this liberation is not about vacating the land and going somewhere else. This is about reimagining the family as an institution. Those at the giving end of sexism should confess, those at the receiving end should forgive.

And that is why Pastor Renn is a pastor, not a political leader, or an academic. The liberation is spiritual.

Lord Krishna told Arjuna on the battlefield, you existed before you were born on earth, it's just that you don't remember it.

Pastor Amy was Thomas 2,000 years ago.

The promised land was a small piece of real estate for one people. The promised millennial reign is a span of time for all humanity. But humanity is not ready yet. There is not sufficient faith. This is history repeating itself. The chosen people were made to wander in the desert for 40 years. Humanity today will be made to similarly wait. Because there seems to be an attitude problem.

The first human being on earth to recognize me for who I am is a four-year-old in the Bay Area. He addressed me as Infinity. His name is Aadi. Aadi means first.

The Infinite God, The Finite Human Beings, And The Several Religions

The human being is finite. God is infinite. Which is to say, it is not possible for human beings to fully comprehend God. Not now, not never. God is always going to be bigger than what you know God to be.

God is One. There is no your God, my God. God is not a president or a prime minister. The prime minister of India is not the prime minister also of Americans. But God is not like that. There is one God. That God is the God of the entire cosmos.

God is One, but that One God is a Trinity. There are three distinct persons of God, but because the three exist in perfect harmony, it is said God is One. The Holy Father (Vishnu), the Holy Son (Bramha/Wisdom), and the Holy Spirit (Mahesh).

The Holy Spirit showed up on earth in a human form something like 10,000 or more years ago. Hindus call Him Shiva. He was not born from a woman's womb. He simply descended on earth from heaven in human form.

The Holy Father was born as a human being 7,000 years ago as Lord Rama, and the scripture associated with that human incarnation of God is the Ramayana. Before he left he said he will be back. He was back 2,000 years later as Lord Krishna, the second human incarnation of the Holy Father. The scripture associated with that is the Mahabharata. Geeta is the crown jewel of that book, just like the Gospel is the crown jewel of the Bible.

There is mention of the Vedas in the Ramayana, which is to say the Vedas precede the Ramayana. The Vedas were given to the Brahmins as a gift from God. The Brahmins are also a chosen people just like the Jews. God did not choose a people to play favors. God chose a people so all peoples may see wonderful things can happen if you choose to have a relationship with God. For example, worldly success. But that worldly success does not happen if worldly success is your top priority. The top priority always has to be God.

When the Brahmins got the Vedas, which is chockful of advanced mathematical and scientific formulae, they did not have enough knowledge to even cultivate paddy, or rice. That is how you know the Vedas did not originate on earth. They were a gift from God.

In the Geeta, Lord Krishna talks about Wisdom, the name for Jesus in the Jewish Bible. No matter the extent of your sin, by way of Wisdom you will be able to cross the sea of all sin, He says. He said that before a single word of the Bible was written.

God said to Abraham, don't worry about Ishmael, I will make a nation out of him also. That nation is the nation of Islam. Islam is not a false religion.

In the Koran God explicitly denies that Jesus is His Son. For the same reason God sacrifices His Son in the Gospel, God denies His Son in the Koran.

Christians say, God so loved humanity, He sacrificed His own Son. Muslims should learn to say, God so loved humanity He denied His own Son. Ishmael was denied. Look at all the human beings on earth today who don't know who their biological parents are. God's message to them is, I am your True Father.

The Buddha was an enlightened human being. He never claimed he was God. He almost never even talked about God. But he showed there is such an enormous amount the human mind can comprehend. One way to think of the Buddha is he was the Bruce Lee of the mind. The Bible says, Be still and know that I am God. The Buddha teaches you how to be still.

Shiva, the Holy Spirit in human form, is the founder of Yoga. What the Buddha achieved is a small subset of what Shiva gave in the form of teaching. Another name for Shiva is the First Teacher.

All the major religions point towards the same God.

When you comprehend that God through one book, through one scripture, you have to admit, you as a human being are finite, but God is infinite, and so God is bigger than what you know God to be through that one book.

Even if you raise your spiritual awareness of seeing that all the major religions point towards the same God, God is going to be bigger still. God is not what the major religions say God is. God is all that and so much more.

The first four of the ten commandments are to do with the love of God. Why? Why is the love of God so important?

There are seven heavens. Paradise is the lowest of the seven heavens. When you accept Jesus and wash away all your sins, that is a ticket to paradise. But that paradise is only the lowest of the seven heavens. Mother Mary, on the other hand, is in the highest of the seven heavens.

It is the love of God that will take you from paradise to the higher heavens. The path is entirely spiritual.

Love of God, of course, is the best policy on earth, which is not even paradise.

The scriptures don't contradict each other. The God of infinite goodness wants you to do good. And the scriptures point towards that good again and again.

You are like a laptop that needs to plug into power. God is the power.

There is nothing that God does not know. There is nothing that God can not do. There is no place God is not. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Decades Already Lived

That God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent is demonstrated in my biographical details which are like a four dimensional PowerPoint presentation from God to all humanity. My identity on earth is established through the prophecies I have already fulfilled and the prophecies I will fulfill in the future, the most obvious of which might be that there never has been one king for all earth, I am to be the King of Earth. I am the second human incarnation of the Son of God, the political messiah the Jews thought Jesus would be but wasn't. I have come to launch the millennial reign.

If my biographical details are such a message, how do you explain the decades I have already lived? I was the top student in class at the top school in Nepal from the fourth to the tenth grades. And then there is a steep downward graph. That was God putting himself at the receiving ends of ethnic prejudice and casteism and racism to demonstrate how harmful they are. It is not that God needs to experience in human form to understand. God understands. But it is so you may believe.

My college experience was a similar demonstration on racism and anti-semitism. My experience in America at large has been God demonstrating through experience how harmful racism is. The climactic experience was in 2008. Subsequently God demonstrated power by bringing the number one country down to its knees, a country whose greatness was prophesied in the Book of Mormon thousands of years ago. The conclusion was the 2016 act of forgiveness.

Those at the giving end should confess. Those at the receiving end should forgive. 2,000 years ago I called for a ceasefire on mindless physical violence. Now 2,000 years later I am calling for a ceasefire on mindless emotional violence at the level of the various group identities, be it race, gender, class, and the like.

For the past nine months I have been the primary caretaker to my one year old niece. That is God taking a stand. Men should be full participants in household work. Men should be full participants in child care.

Me in human incarnation is a voluntary emptying of powers on the part of the Son of God. But I continue to exist in perfect harmony with God the Holy Father and God the Holy Spirit. God is still one.

Friday, March 30, 2018

The California Drought In A Biblical Prophecy

I flew to California early in 2017 after having spent almost a year at a homeless shelter in NYC, which was an act of forgiveness. God brought the number one country down to its knees and then forgave that country. That was a demonstration both of God's power, and a demonstration of God's message, that you forgive. Have faith in the God of total power and perfect justice and forgive.

I flew to California. The state had seen about five years of drought. That dry spell was brought to an end upon my arrival. I saw a picture of a cloud that extended all the way from New Zealand to California. Several Mississippi rivers worth of water fell down on California. That was a fulfillment of a prophecy. That was the Father in heaven saying that the Son will take all earth as his inheritance.

Silicon Valley will play an important role in the Age of Abundance that was prophesied by Isaiah, and that is just round the corner. But it has to watch out. It does not want to become a hubris factory.

Only those who have no idea of paradise would want to live on earth forever. You do want to live forever, but not on earth. Earth is a-okay, but it is not wonderful like paradise. There are some in Silicon Valley who would like to engineer immortality on earth. That is ignorance. That is hubris.

Let that Silicon Valley know it is God who brings them water. That knowledge ought to be fresh in your minds.

Satan promised global warming a long time ago. Looks like he has delivered. I will talk you into destroying nature that is your home, he says in the Koran. When you walk away from God that creates space for Satan. It is foolish to think science and technology are reasons to walk away from God. You walk away from God, and you create a mess. The planet is on the brink. God is the source of all knowledge. God is the creator of all that you see. God is infinite. A human being is finite.

Love of God has to be the central organizing principle. That is what will make possible the Age of Abundance.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

To Confess And To Forgive

You face God in both instances. These can be quiet conversations with God. Not necessarily easy.

Forgiveness is not an act of weakness. You are not saying you are too weak to hit back, to take revenge, to get even, or you would. And forgiveness is not losing the ability to see right and wrong. You can't forgive if you don't have the ability to see right and wrong. If you have not been wronged then there is no reason to forgive, is there? In fact the very attempt at forgiveness brings the wrong into sharp focus. And then you let go. Not because you are weak and helpless, but because the God you trust is infinitely mightier than anyone that might have wronged you. And that God is aware of everything that happens. There is nothing that that God can not do. That God is a God of perfect justice. And so you forgive. You throw your burdens on to the shoulders of one whose shoulders are infinitely broad. Forgiveness is an active expression of faith.

Confessing is the mirror image of forgiveness. You are owning up to the wrong that you might have done. And you are asking for God's forgiveness. But that God needs you to pay a fine for the wrong that you did. Ends up the loving God already paid that fine on your behalf. All you have to do is own up. All you have to do is repent. God, of course, realizes you don't really have the capacity to pay the fine. So He paid the fine Himself. He sacrificed His Son. That fine pays for every sin that is owned up to and repented. Because the fine is infinite in size. God the Son was the sacrifice.

Confession and forgiveness are the two tools that will bring down the glass walls of mindless emotional violence in the form of the various isms: racism and sexism and classism and physicalism and heterosexism and various other isms like ablism, adultism, ageism, elitism and so on. Those at the receiving end should forgive. Those at the giving end should confess. Confess again and again. Forgive again and again. And new worlds of possibilities will open up for you.

Both confession and forgiveness can be silent and private. They can also be public and out loud. God has the power to articulate your groans on your behalf. All you have to do is make the effort.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

You Are A Sunflower To God's Sun

Loving God is the most important thing. Just like being in the sun is the most important thing for a sunflower. When you love God it is like when a sunflower reflects sunlight back towards the sun. The sunflower could not possibly hope to reflect back as much sunlight as it gets. But it reflects what it can. That reflected sunlight is not exactly what makes or breaks the sun.

To deny God is for a sunflower to hide from the sun. Facing the sun all day long is what is best for the sunflower. That is how it can do all the sunflower things it might want to do. Love of God has to be the central organizing principle for all humanity. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Fullness Of My Humanity

Before 2016 I never claimed I was the Son Of God because before 2016 I was not aware of my true identity. When Lord God the Holy Father started communicating with me late in 2015 it was unmistakable that God Himself was communicating with me. But I was not yet aware I was the very Son Of God, begotten before all ages, before there ever was a heaven, let alone an earth.

The fullness of my humanity is that I know details from the life of Jesus because I have read the Gospel. Abba has meant it to be that way. But touch and cure was demonstrated to me. An angel posing as a black woman janitor did touch and cure on me. It is no big deal. An angel can do touch and cure. God is not past tense. God simply is, unchanging. But there is no touch and cure this time. And if you don't understand why there is no touch and cure this time it is because you don't understand why there was touch and cure the last time.

The person I know myself to be today in the fullness of my humanity that person has seen heaven, because I ascended to heaven from a bed in Astoria, Queens, I was evicted out of through court order. I have seen hell, I was given multiple tours of hell. I saw faces getting disfigured. Yes, there is a heaven. Yes, there is a hell. I have seen both as the person I know myself to be today.

I should not have to walk on water. There is no touch and cure this time. There is no walking on water this time. The chances of more than 300 prophesies from the Jewish Bible being fulfilled in one person Jesus are something like 1 in 10^17 when there are only 1 * 10^89 atoms in the entire universe. It is a huge number and should speak to all those who think modern science and technology have somehow displaced the scriptures. Few numbers in physics are larger. I have fulfilled many biblical prophecies. I will fulfill many more. That is how you ascertain my identity. That should be enough. I should not have to walk on water.

I take human incarnation not because I can not understand, I can not do without, of course I can, but it is so you may believe. And so the fullness of my humanity makes sense. It is so you may believe. The limitations that the fullness of my humanity imply are not limiting, because God is one. Between the Father and I, yes, God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. That has not changed. Never will.

The fullness of my humanity itself is my Father's work I am here to do. The promised millennial reign begins with me. I am King of Heaven. My first name Paramendra means "the great king of heaven," like Immanuel means "God is with us." I shall be King of Earth. All earth.

The work I am to do has been clearly described in the Bible. And yet Abba asked me at one point if I had a plan. He agreed with the vision I presented. "Fulfill your vision," He said. But He asked me if I had a plan. The mileposts of my work are clearly written in the Bible. But I do have to chart a course. I am your King, and I will.

The Bible says there are white Christians who will struggle with my skin color. But thankfully not all white Christians will, and I hope few will, and even those who will will not struggle forever. The Bible says there will be those who will say, let him become King of all Earth and then we will believe him. But, thankfully, not everyone will take that stand, I am hoping few will.

Abba made a point to meet me almost two dozen times in 2016 as if to emphasize that being in human form is no big deal. You were going back and forth between heaven and earth at will as many times as you wanted, only this time you have chosen to be born a human being, that is all, no big deal. That seemed to be the implication.

If you do need a sign, well, I have moved a meteor across the sky and it is a matter of public record, captured in video by many witnesses. But you should not need such signs and wonders. You should only ask if I have fulfilled prophecies.