Monday, August 5, 2019

A Little Bit More Intelligence

Look at the Internet, and look at how most people access that Internet. They hold mobile phones in their hands, and they assume there is information in the air, literally in the air. That Internet is as physical as the air. And that is a new thing. People have not always thought there was all that information in the air. It is something newly created. Created by people.

Does this development have spiritual implications? Yes. The Internet might engulf you. And it holds information. And that information is a lot. It is said an average human being holding a smartphone today has more information at his/her fingertips than was the case for the President Of The United States. But a lot is not infinite.

The Blockchain that is being built takes that to a whole different level. Actionable intelligence will go up by leaps and bounds. Will that development have spiritual implications? Yes.

When you say God is everywhere and knows everything, has omnipresence and is omniscient, it helps to have the Internet and the Blockchain. The Internet is physical. The Blockchain is physical. It is accessible. Think of God's intelligence as like that of the Internet, only infinitely more. The Internet can be a metaphor, a spiritually handy metaphor.

If the scriptures are timeless, as they are, they have to be actively interpreted in terms of contemporary realities, and contemporary developments. They have to be made relentlessly relevant.