Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fully Human

What gives me immense confidence to talk to you is the very fullness of my humanity. That is by design. That is also by choice, per the scriptures.

I don't know what's around that corner. But God is supposed to be omniscient. God knows what is around every corner. What gives? It is called the fullness of my humanity. But between my Father and I, we do know everything, we do know what is around every corner. And my Father is always with me.

All creation is evidence of God. And yet people miss out. God tried every miracle possible. And people still miss out. And so God pulled one last trick before it might be time to close the curtain. The fullness of humanity is that last trick. That is God making it super duper easy for you to believe. You get to do the math on the prophecies that have been, that are being, and that will be fulfilled through me to determine my identity. But then you get to follow the trajectory of my lifeline. The fullness of my humanity is not my limitation. It is your limitation. It is God coming to your level to speak. A God who does not perform miracles should be a God you should not struggle with. It should be easy now. On the other hand, my being here affirms the scriptures. Yes, they are for real.

As per the scriptures, I am supposed to come like a thief at night. I did. Prophecy fulfilled.

There is suffering in the world. There is suffering because sin has consequences. All the suffering is unnecessary. Every life form on earth draws its energy from the Sun. Every human being on earth similarly needs to love God with all heart, all mind, all soul. That is the number one thing. And then you can have earthly prosperity too. All the ingredients of the Age Of Abundance have always been available to you. They have been right in front of you. This entire time. But if abundance be your top priority, you will get lost in the quicksand fast.

Blessed are the poor who pray for their next meal with all heart, all mind, and all soul. Blessed are the rich who thank God with all heart, all mind, and all soul for their every meal.

Instead of saying come down from the cross, perform yet another miracle and we will believe you, make the effort to understand why I need to be on the cross. Make the effort to understand why I refuse to perform miracles. When in doubt do the math on my identity.

The three pictures are from 2019, 2017, and 2015.

The Angels Of Heaven Also Have Free Will
The Fullness Of My Humanity

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