Monday, September 23, 2019

The Spiritual Above The Material

Prosperity is not the solution. Material prosperity is not it. Too often we talk like if only there were prosperity, and that would be it. Well, you did have it. In paradise you had everything you could ask for. And you lost it through disobedience.

Sin has consequences. That is part and parcel of free will. Someone capable of free will is capable of love. And love is the point. But someone capable of free will is also capable of sin. And sin has consequences. That is how creation has been designed. Somebody has to pay the price, be it the Son of God himself. The price has to be paid.

If you can get the spiritual part right, then you make yourself capable of material success. God is not opposed to prosperity. But God worries prosperity will make you lose your way. God does worry that prosperity will be your quicksand.

God chose a people, the Jews, not to play favors, but to give you living, breathing proof that yes, there is a God. Instead of envying the material success of the Jews, know that they have suffered much as a people when they strayed from the path of the true God. You can have all they have if you will accept God and choose to be blessed. You can have prosperity. You can have abundance. But you have to put God first, front and center. The spiritual has to be above the material, and then you can have material prosperity.

Love of God comes first. Love of parents comes close to first. Then we can talk about prosperity. Unless you get that message you are better off being poor. For all the pain and poverty and suffering on earth, hell is much much worse.

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