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Friday, March 4, 2022

Through Surrender To God, You Become The Best Version Of Yourself

The first four of the ten commandments are about God. The very word Islam means surrender. Why is surrendering to God so important? A lot of people see that as a roadblock. What do you mean? I should not do as I please? And instead surrender to God? 

Surrendering to God does not make you go away. It is not displacement. It is a plus. When you surrender to God completely, what you are doing is adding to your limited, minuscule intelligence God's infinite intelligence. Through faith you become infinite. You can achieve perfection. 

You do not disappear. The opposite happens. You become the best version of yourself. 

Faith is not walking blind. Walking without faith is blind. 

The Egypt you meet in the Book Of Exodus is full of magnificent engineering projects. Magnificent but Godless. You have to be willing to walk away from everything material if God's calling so beckons. 

In walking away from all things material in the service of God also happens to be the path to tremendous peace and prosperity. Minus faith your very wealth might lose its taste. 

It is not arguments of logic that take you to God any more than you end up with the reality of the Sun in the sky with logic. God is. You just have to open your eyes and see. God is unmistakably present everywhere. To that infinite God you surrender so creation may work the way it is supposed to work at its optimum.