Wednesday, August 17, 2022

My Identity Is A Big Part Of My Work On Earth

My identity is easy to establish.

The vast majority of humanity today has either never heard of Jesus or has heard but doesn't accept him. But a large number do. But not everybody who was born into a Christian household has necessarily accepted the basic truth. So, to establish my identity, we necessarily have to start with people who already accept Jesus. These are people who not only know Jesus but have been waiting for the return of Jesus.

If I am not the Son of God Jesus come back, and I am saying I am, that is blasphemy. But I will not be accused of blasphemy two times in a row.

You get to start with Jesus. Because if you do not accept Jesus, the question of whether Jesus is back or not does not even arise.

And so let's start.

Jesus was fully in flesh and on earth roughly 2,000 years ago. He claimed to be the Son of God. And he was. And that can be mathematically proven. There were hundreds of prophecies fulfilled in the life and person of Jesus. The chances of that happening are astronomically low. It is not possible for all that to have come true in anyone else, just not gonna happen, did not happen.

When you flip a coin, the chances of a head or tail are one in two. The chances of all the hundreds of prophecies getting fulfilled in Jesus? One in a number larger than the total number of atoms in the universe. You can do the math and then accept Jesus. This message is for the majority who still have not seen the light.

That same yardstick applies to me. I will not become the Son of God because a group of theologians will accept me. I was born the Son of God before all creation. That is who I am. And I am back as promised.

I said I will come back like a thief in the night. I have. I have been on earth for decades now already.

At this blog, I have pointed out the many prophecies I have already fulfilled. But not all. I am not supposed to point out all of them. You have work to do. You get to dig into my biographical details. You get to dig into the Bible. And you get to connect the dots. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

And I will fulfill many more prophecies in the future.

A few days ago I asked some church leaders at a local church to verify my identity. One explicitly refused. I said fine. You can wait until I become King Of All Earth, and then perhaps you may believe. He emailed me back, are you angry? I said, no, I am not angry. I am just accepting the fact that the prophecies I have already fulfilled are not enough for you. So you should wait for the big one. I am here to become King Of All Earth. You can just follow me online as my biography unfolds and one day I am going to be King Of All Earth. All world will see me at once. That also is a prophecy. That is a reference to the Internet.

How is my identity a big part of my work? Because the scriptures come alive in me. After my identity has been firmly established, those who have never taken a look at scriptures will take a look. Those who have will look even more closely.

There is a reason the first four commandments are about God. As a human being, you are of finite, minute intelligence and power. But when you multiply a number small or big by infinity, you end up with infinity. When you accept God, you become the best version of yourself. And why would you not want that?

My identity can be verified by anyone on earth. The prophecies I have fulfilled I have pointed out at this very blog.

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