Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Holy Father, Holy Son, On Earth

You have to be a person of faith to be waiting for Jesus to come back. Those same people must know Jesus is everywhere because God is everywhere. So the idea of Jesus coming back is not that Jesus appeared, and then disappeared, and he will appear again, but that Jesus was in human form 2,000 years ago, and he will take human form again.

A day before the crucifixion Jesus introduced the bread and wine thing, still being done in churches around the world. Do this in memory of me until I come again. As in, stop doing it after I am back.

I was born to Mother Parvati. I am back. I have been on earth for decades already. I was supposed to come like a thief in the night. I have.

I have pointed out enough prophecies at my blog that I have fulfilled that anyone wanting to verify my identity can go get a headstart. But I have not pointed out all of them. That is for a global Easter egg hunt to reveal. You get to dig into my biographical details. You get to dig into the Bible. And you get to connect the dots. Have fun doing it.

My work did not start after I learned who I was, which was in 2016. My work will not start after my identiy has been established and two billion people have stopped doing the bread and wine thing. I have been doing my Father's work all along.

2016 itself was an act of forgiveness on my part. I voluntarily spent 12 months in homeless shelters in NYC with no little help from my Father. That was an act of forgiveness. I forgave NYC and the United States for keeping me in immigration detention for six months in 2008. It was a biased and botched judicial process every step of the way.

Do not be too judgmental of the Jewish court from 2,000 years ago. You are not doing that much better today yourself.

Talking of the Holy Father, He Himself is on earth in a human incarnation. He learned His identity in 2012 and revealed it to me in 2022. He is the 10th earthly incarnation of Lord Vishnu as per the Hindu scriptures, the Kalki Avatara, and his identity is established by the prophecies written down in the Bhavishya Purana 5,000 years ago.

He is here to end the Kali Yuga (called "the end of this age" in the Gospel) and start the Satya Yuga, the Age Of Truth, scheduled to happen in 21 years.

We are here to establish God's direct rule on earth, all earth.

Muhammad also is back. He is Mehandi. He just does not know his true identity yet.

Peace be upon him. And peace be upon everyone of you.

In the new economy of the Satya Yuga, it will be a moneyless society. Not cashless, but moneyless. The Age Of Abundance that even non believer tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley see right round the corner was promised in the scriptures thousands of years ago and will happen. Everyone will have plenty. But society will become moneyless. It will be like changing the engine of a moving plane. The plane will not feel the slightest hitch.

The moneyless society is one where every human being is equal. More on that later.

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