Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Long Wait Is Over

The Christians have been waiting now for 2,000 years for Jesus Christ to come back. Do this in my name until I come back, Jesus said a day befor his death at The Last Supper. The bread and wine communion is still being done. There is talk of "the end of this age" in the Gospel. There is talk of God's direct rule on earth, the millennial reign, as in something lasting thousands of years.

The Jews, famously, are still awaiting their Messiah. There are Christians and Jews who suspect they both might be waiting for the same person.

The Muslims similarly await the return of Mohammad. He is back as Mehandi, but not yet aware of his true identity.

Moses is back. She is Pastor Renn Serna in Fresno, CA. Job is back. He is Pastor Joe at the Transformation Church in Middletown, NY. John The Baptist is back, and he even has the same name, although in the Filipino language.

The Hindus now have been waiting for the 10th human incarnation of Lord Vishnu for 5,000 years. When you connect the dots, it is so obvious the Holy Father is Lord Vishnu. The Holy Son is Bramha, the creator in the Hindu belief system, the author of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Holy Spirit is Shiva, the true author of the Bible.

Something big is about to happen. There are many others who are back. They are all over the world.

I learned my true identity in 2016. I am Jesus come back. My identity is established by prophecies fulfilled in me.

This year I learned the Holy Father is also on earth in human incarnation. As in Lord Kalki is on earth, the 10th human incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

This age is to come to an end in 21 years. God's direct rule is to be established on all earth. It is to last several thousand years.

Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth, is to start in 21 years. The path to there is the creation of a global moneyless society.

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