Monday, September 26, 2022

To Meet Me

To meet me would be an underwhelming experience. It is because I am fully human. But the idea of Jesus coming back is not that Jesus disappeared, and then he is back. 2,000 years ago Jesus went from being fully human to being fully divine. In full divinity Jesus, Son of God, is the God of infinite intelligence, infinite power, present everywhere. All of space time is contained within God. What that means is God already knows what will happen. That means I was already aware of every detail of my life before I was born in human form. Those who have been waiting for me must know that much. Those people of faith have not been waiting for an absent Jesus to become present again. The wait has been for someone who is fully human. I am fully human right now. I have my human limitations. But I am also fully divine even as I am fully human.

Do this in remembrance of me until I come again. As in, stop doing the bread and wine thing after I am back. And I am back. I am not in hiding. My identity is easy to establish. I have laid it out for anyone who might be interested at a publicly available blog You know I am who I say I am because you can see for yourself the prophecies I have fulfilled. I have not listed every prophecy I have fulfilled, but I have listed enough. Many are for you to find out. You get to dig into my biographical details. You get to dig into the Bible. And you get to connect the dots. Let that be one of your Easter egg hunts.

In this human incarnation the Bible describes me as a very political person. That I am. The Bible says I am here to establish God’s direct rule on all earth. All world will see that. In fact, let that be the Proof of Work for those who might choose to so wait.

My work on earth does not start after my identity has been established. I have been doing my Father’s work my entire life, as I do today. Right now I am working on a tech startup. That goes with the theme of the Age of Abundance. The leading entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley all see it coming. It is right around the corner. It was promised in the scriptures thousands of years ago.

The prophecy of crucifixion was made hundreds of years before it came to be at a time when crucifixion was not even a method of execution. The Bible says all world will see me at once. That is a reference to the Internet. The Bible says you will see me come on the clouds of heaven. Think airplane. How would you have described an airplane thousands of years ago? I will be traveling the world for work at the opportune time.

In the Gospel there is talk of “the end of this age.” There is talk of the End Times. That refers to the end of the Kali Yuga as per the Hindu scriptures that started more than 5,000 years ago.

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