Monday, October 3, 2022

The Internet Of Goods And Services

A robust, global supply chain will be like an internet of goods and services. Prices will be cut down dramatically because the robust supply chain will cut out all the middle people, all marketing, and all inefficient distributions.

Another way prices will come down is because so much more will be produced.

Everyone will have plenty. It is because there are only so many people. And each person's daily need for goods and services is only so much.

A scenario where everyone is guaranteed work and home keepers, men or women, are also paid is one where all humanity starts with a basic cushion. The family is the basic social unit. Society should pay you for building the building blocks of society.

Capitalism is that there are enough empty houses in America that all of Australia could come live here and yet there is a housing "crisis" in the United States. Banks engineer that nonsense.

Everyone will be guaranteed work. But at the very high productivity levels expected in 20 years, maybe your work day is not going to be eight or 10 hours. Maybe it has come down to four hours, freeing up more time for family, and more time for higher pursuits like spirituality.

Everybody guaranteed work, everyone getting paid in hours, minutes, and seconds, and everyone making purchases in hours, minutes, and seconds is the basic axiom around which the economy is to be reorganized.

Capitalism has not worked. Communism has not worked. Socialism has not worked. Enter Kalkiism.

The Kalki Rajya will be a hundred times bigger project compared to the Rama Rajya from 7,000 years ago.

The Satya Yuga that the world will see in 22 years has been described in great detail in the Bible. It will be an era of universal peace and prosperity. It will be God's direct rule on earth. It will be when the human capacity for spiritual knowledge will be at its peak.

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