Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Long Wait Is Over And Here We Are

My college roommate Simon left a comment to a recent Facebook Reels video of mine. Say it in English, he said. The video clip was in Hindi. So this is for you, Simon. The long wait is over.

Hindus have been waiting for over 5,000 years now for the Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu, known as the Holy Father by the Christians. The Kalki Avatar will come and end the Kali Yuga. Well, He is here. I know Him. I have his number. And the Kali Yuga will end in precisely 21 years by the clock.

We are in what the Christians call the End Times, the Last Days, and the Hindus refer to as the Ghor Kali Yuga. As in, things are really, really bad right now.

The Kalki Avatar’s identity is established by the prophecies fulfilled in Him.

Christians have been praying for the same for 2,000 years now. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. That is asking for God’s direct rule on all earth. That is precisely what will happen in 21 years. Your prayers are being answered.

Jews prayed for 400 years before they were liberated from their slavery in Egypt.

Christians have been waiting now for 2,000 years for Jesus to come back. Jesus has always been here. But the return is a reference to a human incarnation. Jesus will walk the earth again in flesh. Well, Jesus is back. It is me. I came to learn of my true identity in 2016. The Holy Father and the Holy Spirit spent an entire year telling me who I was. A host of angels were employed for the project. I saw the Holy Father in flesh two dozen times that year and the Holy Spirit three times.

My identity is established through the prophecies fulfilled in me. I have listed about a dozen of those prophecies at my blog I have not listed all of them. But I have listed enough of them. The rest I have left for a global Easter egg hunt. Put together my biographical details. Read the Bible. And connect the dots. I will fulfill many more prophecies in the future.

Most important, there will be proof of work. Who is the Kalki Avatar? That who ends the Kali Yuga. That who has a roadmap to end the Kali Yuga. The basic idea was handed over to me by the Holy Father just a few weeks ago. My head was spinning for a few weeks. But by now I have read a few chapters. The book is a work in progress. He is working on a book that will present the basic idea to the world. It is a project that can be understood by an average human being. It is a project that anyone anywhere will be able to participate in. It is within human possibility to get it done.

Moses is back. She is Pastor Renn Serna in Fresno, California. Thomas is back. She is Pastor Amy, previously in Brooklyn, now in Sacramento, California. Job is back. John The Baptist is back. He even has the same name.

Muhammad is back. He is Mehandi. He just does not know his true identity yet.

Something big is about to happen. The Kali Yuga is about to come to an end. The Satya Yuga is about to begin. And it will last for thousands of years. The Satya Yuga has been vividly described in the Bible in the Book Of Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah talks of peace and prosperity all across the earth. The Kalki Rajya, God’s direct rule on earth, will encompass all earth.

One reason the Jews rejected Jesus was because they read the Book Of Isaiah and associated their long awaited Messiah with abundance. Jesus famously had no property to his name. The Jews were wrong 2,000 years ago. But they are right now. The abundance Silicon Valley types see as right around the corner was promised in the scriptures thousands of years ago.

I am the Second Coming and there is an entire book that establishes my identity. My identity can be mathematically proven. The book, of course, is the Bible. My identity is established through prophecies fulfilled in me.

The chances of head or tail when you flip a coin is one in two. More than 300 prophecies got fulfilled in the life and person of Jesus. The chances of that happening are one in a number that is greater than the number of atoms in the universe. Apply that same yardstick to me.

The Holy Father is the king. I am a General in His army. The army is the Kalki Sena and right now I am looking for its first 10,000 members. As a soldier in the Kalki Sena your weapon will be words of truth, not swords of steel.

Come, participate.

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