Sunday, November 20, 2022

Rapture And 400,000 Years: Two Roadblocks

Lord Shiva, or the Holy Spirit, descended from heaven during the last Satya Yuga and stayed for a few thousand years. That was descent, not birth to a woman. Jesus ascended to heaven. There are prophets who went to heaven alive, in earthly body. They were taken.

The concept of rapture in the Christian community is less than a few hundred years old. The rapture is the roadblock you most often hit with the Christians. If you were born to a mother, you are not it, like one theologian said to me on Twitter. Because Jesus will come down from the clouds.

Except that is actually a prophecy. That is a reference to the modern technology of the airplane. I am meant to travel the world in an airplane. And yes, many have come down with me. I have not come alone. They are all over the world. Moses is back. Thomas is back. Job is back. John The Baptist is back. As are many others. Imam Mehdi is here.

The Second Coming is not the Final Coming just like the First Coming was not the Second Coming.

Do this in my memory until I come again. As in, stop doing the bread and wine thing after I am here. That is a reference to a Second Coming just like the First Coming, birth, life and death, or a human incarnation. Jesus taught his disciples to pray to God to ask for God's direct rule on earth, a literal king, like Lord Rama was king of Ayodhya, David was king of Israel. That is what is about to happen. Lord Kalki will be king of all earth. That will start in 22 years.

The roadblock most often hit with the Hindus is that the Kali Yuga will go on for another 400,000 plus years. So there is zero chance Lord Kalki will show up now, they say.

That figure of 427000 is a word in the Geeta you are translating, not a number you are quoting. Just yesterday I pointed that out to a scholar.

When was zero invented? Where in the scriptures do you get that number?

Kashi/Banaras/Varanasi is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and goes back 10,000 years. Secular sources also come up with that figure. Lord Shiva's disciples started that city. Lord Shiva came during the last Satya Yuga, he simply descended from heaven. He was not born to a woman. He is Pashupatinath. He is Shambhu. (It has been prophecied Lord Kalki will be born in Shambhal, that is Nepal.) He is the Holy Spirit, the true author of the entire Bible.

Lord Rama came during the Treta Yuga. Lord Krishna was here during the Dwapar Yuga. When Lord Krishna left the Kali Yuga started. That was 5,000 years ago. We are still in the Kali Yuga.

Modern astronomy tells us the night sky has a unique pattern each night that never repeats. All the major events in both the Ramayana (Lord Rama) and the Mahabharata (Lord Krishna) come with precise, immaculate descriptions of the night sky. And so those events can be dated. Lord Rama was about 7,000 years ago. Scripture contains prophecies. The Bible, Mahabharata and Ramayana are all scriptures.

The Chinese claim 5,000 years of continuous history. The Jews claim the same.

Jesus says in the Gospel, "Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, in this age or in the age to come." This age is the Kali Yuga. The age to come is the Satya Yuga, to start in 22 years by the clock.

Krishna, your number is off. But it is surprisingly widely quoted. Correct yourself.

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