Friday, December 16, 2022

The Claim To My Identity (Podcast 2)

I get some strange reactions to my claim that I am Jesus come back as promised. The reaction I get most often is as if I did not say what I just said. I did say that. I am saying that. I am saying that privately. I am also saying the same thing publicly. I am saying it on various social media platforms. I am saying it in writing. I am saying it verbally. I am recording it. I am putting it online.

Not only do I make the claim, but I also offer how the believers may verify my claim. I say, use the same yardstick that you use for Jesus. More than 350 biblical prophecies got fulfilled in the life and person of Jesus. So ask me, what prophecies have you fulfilled? Jesus performed miracles. So ask me, what miracles have you performed?

I have fulfilled prophecies. I have listed about a dozen of them at my blog JesusIsBack.XYZ. I have performed miracles that can be confirmed through a few Google searches by anyone.

But let’s not overdo the miracles. Because the work I am here to do is about human possibilities. If you want to see miracles, just pay attention to the creation. There are miracles everywhere. The creation if full of miracles.

But I necessarily have to start with the believers. There are plenty of people on earth today who don’t even believe there is a God. The vast majority of people on earth have never heard of Jesus. In these early stages, I necessarily have to start with people who are people of faith. I need to start with people who have been eagerly waiting for Jesus to come back. But the work I am here to do will exclude no one.

Otherwise, the reaction to I am Jesus come back as promised is going to be, Jesus who?

People have been waiting now for 2,000 years for Jesus to come back. Obviously, the idea for them is not that Jesus was here, then he disappeared but will be back. The believers have known all along that Jesus as God is everywhere. That is why when people have prayed they have expected to be heard.

So the idea of Jesus coming back is the talk of another human incarnation. Just like last time. Jesus was born, he lived a human life, and he died.

I am aware that you can go online and find literally hundreds of people who are all claiming they are Jesus. They are all committing the grave sin of blasphemy. So how do you know my claim is real? Ask each of them the same two questions. Or rather three.

One, what prophecies have you fulfilled? What prophecies will you fulfill in the future? Two, have you performed miracles? And are they well documented? Three, what is the work you are here to do? And how will you do it?

I am the only one who has the answers. But you have to be willing to do the homework. And once you do the homework, you have to believe. You get to join my team, and you get to do the work. I am actively building my global team. There is work to do.

The last time the work was salvation. This time the work is to establish God’s direct rule on earth. This is your prayer being answered. You have been praying now for 2,000 years asking for God’s direct rule on all of the earth. But it will come to be through mass participation.

An average human being will be able to understand the basic idea. And the work will come to be through mass participation. Come join my organization. The membership is free and it is global. I just need you to give me five to 10 hours of your time every week.

The Holy Father Himself is on earth in human incarnation. He is working on a book that will explain the basic idea for the project. The book should be out in a few short months. Then the work begins.

The idea is meant to be understood. When you ask God to come rule on earth directly, you should not be surprised He has what looks like a political and economic program. Statecraft involves political and economic programs.

This Second Coming only speaks to the most famous Christian ritual there is, the bread and wine ritual. The project to establish God’s direct rule on all of Earth is only the answer to your 2,000-year-old prayer taught by me. Rejoice. Your prayer is about to get answered.

It is perfectly okay for you to want to verify my claim. The way to do that is to ask a few questions. What prophecies have you fulfilled? Have you performed miracles and are they well documented? What is the work you are here to do and how will you do it? I have already answered those questions very, very publicly. Go look at my online presence.

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