Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Three Questions Of Verification: Prophecy, Miracle, Mission

I already know that my identity will be established, I will be accepted, I will actively lead the churches around the world, and the Jews will also accept me. That knowledge is contained in the Bible. But that is not a reason to sit idly. That is a reason to act.

Nobody has known the timing of the Second Coming, not even the angels of heaven. So you can not say this timing is not correct.

It is true that there are hundreds of people on earth today who all claim they are Jesus. That knowledge was given to you 2,000 years ago by Jesus. That actually is a sign of the Second Coming.

But then you get to move ahead and verify. Someone making the claim is not enough, obviously, or you would have to accept the claim of everyone making it. So what do you do?

I have offered a methodology. You can, of course, question the methodology. You could try to argue these three questions asked will still not be sufficient to verify the identity of the Second Coming. But so far no one has said anything along those lines.

More often than not I get the rapture reaction. A lot of people think the divine Jesus will show up in the clouds, and all the followers of Jesus will be taken alive to heaven. Everyone else will be left on earth to suffer.

I asked someone on Reddit yesterday, is it possible you are confusing the Final Coming for the Second Coming?

If the rapture is the Second Coming, what am I doing here?

You get to ask, has a Second Coming happened before? Yes. Lord Rama, Lord God the Holy Father Vishnu in human incarnation, was on earth 7,000 years ago. Before he left for the highest heaven, he said, I will be back. He was back 2,000 years later as Lord Krishna. Again there was a birth, a fully lived life, and a death, the going back to the highest heaven.

The Second Coming necessarily is Jesus being born on earth and living a human life. There is work to do.

There is a very famous prophecy that says, Jesus will come like a thief in the night. What that means is, I have been here for decades already, and you did not even know. Large numbers of people got to know me personally before 2016. All of them will help establish my humanity, that I am fully human indeed. That is the whole point of this human incarnation. That I am fully human. I am not here to show you magic tricks. I am not here to provide entertainment value. Yes, I am an omniscient God in human incarnation, but in this human incarnation, I have to read the news to get the news. That is a feature, not a bug.

Somebody asked me on Reddit yesterday, tell me what my name is, if you can, I will know you are God. Come down from the cross and we will believe you. I said to him, God created you such that you do know your name.

This human incarnation is about human possibilities.

Look at the most famous Christian ritual, the bread and wine ritual. One day before dying Jesus taught that to his disciples. Do this in my memory until I come again. As in, the promise was made. And the idea is, stop doing this after I am here. Once my identity is established, churches around the world are required to stop doing the bread and wine ritual. Promise fulfilled, I am here. A rapture would not allow you to make that decision to stop the ritual. That is how you know the rapture is not the Second Coming.

Look at the most famous Christian prayer. It was taught by Jesus. It explicitly asks Lord God to come and rule on earth actively. Has that happened before? Has God ruled like a king on earth before? Lord Rama was the king of Ayodhya.

The Second Coming is about assisting with that project.

How might a rapture Jesus assist? If he never even comes down to earth, how will he help with a kingdom on earth? A literal kingdom.

The Jews wait for a literal king, a king like David, someone who sits on a throne and actively rules, a king who is the king of all earth. That king is here. But the Jews don't get to expect he will be born a Jew in the line of David. Those two prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus 2,000 years ago. Lord God has been born a Madhesi, a Nepali. He is not in the line of David. But He will become king of all earth in 22 years by the clock.

God will establish His kingdom on earth in 22 years by the clock. Literally, not one person will be excluded. There is no litmus test for citizenship in that kingdom. Every single human being on earth will be part of it. The rapture concept leaves too many people behind.

I have fulfilled and listed enough prophecies that nobody else claiming to be Jesus will be left standing if you do the homework. I have performed enough miracles -- and they are large scale -- that my identity gets established. But don't ask for more. That takes away from the work at hand. The work is about human possibilities.

And I have clarity of mission. The work I am here to do is so precisely described in the most famous Christian prayer there is. I am here to help Lord God in His work. He is to be king of all earth. No other project in human history comes even close.

Ask the three questions of verification. You don't get to accuse me of blasphemy two times in a row!

The Second Coming is that I am on earth. I am fully human. You and I have work to do.

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