Saturday, December 17, 2022

What Is The Immediate Work At Hand? (Podcast 5)

I have been tasked by Lord God The Holy Father in human incarnation Lord Kalki with building an organization. The first 10,000 members of that organization will be special. The name of the organization is Kalki Sena. I have been appointed Senapati by Him. He is the King.

The work to establish God’s direct rule on all earth feels like a political and economic program. He is working on a book to explain the basic idea. The basic idea is so simple that an average human being will be able to understand it.

The Kalki Sena is to be a global organization. The membership is free and global.

I have also started three fundraisers on GoFundMe. An organization is going to need funds. The funds will be handled by a duly registered non-profit organization.

I have felt the need to communicate my identity, His identity, and the roadmap to the work at hand.

The work is to end the Kali Yuga. And so the four yugas have to be explained. What are they?

It is for me to assist Him in His work the best I can.

For six years from 2016 to 2022, I knew who I was, but I was not clear as to why I was here. I first met Him in 2018 at a picnic and knew Him for several years before He revealed His identity to me. Once He did it became absolutely clear to me as to the work I am here to do. I am here to assist Him in His work.

The work is the answer to the 2,000-year-old Christian prayer taught by me asking God for His direct rule on all earth. This is not an abstract concept. Lord God has done this before. He was Lord Rama, king of Ayodhya, 7,000 years ago.

He is fully human like I am fully human. That is the whole idea. That is what being in human incarnation means. We are both Madhesi. We both speak the same first language. Our home villages are maybe 10 miles from each other. Our fathers were morning walk partners back in Nepal when I got to know His true identity.

When you look at His picture, He is just another human being. But then when you hear Him speak, it feels like you are listening to Lord Krishna. For example, one day He decided He would like to reorganize the caste system among the Hindus. Just like that.

When you face the Google search box, you have to know there are these immense data centers somewhere behind that simple-looking rectangle. When you hear Lord Kalki speak, you have to know that is the human voice of Lord Vishnu the Holy Father, my God, and your God. He is not here to do magic tricks. He is here to show you what is humanly possible.

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