Monday, July 10, 2023

काम तो महासंग्राम है

हम छिपे नहीं हैं 
हम छिपने नहीं आए हैं 
काम तो महासंग्राम है 
तैयारी कर रहे हैं 
दुर्योधन का आराध्य देव ही अलग 
जिसका आराध्य देव ही अलग 
उसके सामने कोइ तर्क काम नहीं करता 

कलि पुरुष कहो 
या बोलो शैतान 
राजा परिक्षित से माँगा उसने 
थोड़ी सी जगह 
थोड़ा और 
पैसे में रहने हो 
सोने में रहने दो 
कलि युग शुरू हो गया 
५,००० हजार साल पहले 

कलि युग समाप्ति का रोडमैप 

सब उन्ही का इंतजार कर रहे हैं 
एक नए युग का निर्माण होना है 
सत्य युग शुरू होगी 
और चलेगी फिर हजारों साल 

गीता में कहा 
धर्म के स्थापना के लिए 
आएँगे प्रत्येक युग में 

भगवान राम का जन्म कुंडली है 
बता रहा वो धरती पर 
लगभग सात हजार साल पहले थे 

भगवान बुद्ध के बारे में कहा 
सम्राट बनेंगे 

अयोध्या तो ट्रेलर था 
राम राज्य होगा सारे पृथ्वी पर 

जिस मसीहा का इंतजार यहुदी को 
वो हैं भगवान कल्कि 
जिस ईश्वर को प्रार्थना कर 
दुनिया भर के चर्च में 
प्रत्येक इतवार को पुकारते 
कहते दाइ किंगडम कम 
वो हैं भगवान कल्कि
कि हे ईश्वर 
धरती पर तेरा प्रत्यक्ष शासन चाहिए 
दो हजार साल से 
करते आ रहे हैं 

Janakpurdham: July 2023

Thursday, June 22, 2023

हम वो हैं जो पत्थर में भी खुदा को ढूँढ लेते हैं

Monday, April 24, 2023

Jesus Is Back And Is In Orange County

To: Hon. Maria S. Vazquez-Doles, Orange County Supreme Court, 285 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924
From: Paramendra Bhagat
Date: April 18, 2023

I am Jesus come back as promised and my identity is verified through prophecies fulfilled, miracles performed and well-recorded, and the clarity of my mission which is the answer to the 2,000-year-old prayer Thy Kingdom Come.

You are doing worse than the people 2,000 years ago if you are subjecting me to a psychological test based on this statement. You are not even taking me through a judicial process.

Why only me? The Holy Father Himself is on earth in human incarnation. After all, the prayer Thy Kingdom Come taught by me 2,000 years ago is addressed not to the Son Of God, but to God Himself. And He is here to answer it. The Hindus have been waiting for Him for 5,000 years. He is the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews.

Moses is back and is a lady pastor in Fresno, California. Women will see liberation as the Jews did. The two lawyers are women, as were two lawyers before. The judge is a woman. I will make you wander in the desert metaphorically speaking if that is what it will take. Or do right by the young girl and her mother. Do not let greedy lawyers like Andrea Dumais corrupt the process.

Job is back and is a pastor in Middletown. John The Baptist is back and even has the same name. Many others are back. Prophet Muhammad is back; he just does not know his true identity yet, just like I did not know my true identity until 2016. "Jesus will come like a thief in the night." The Holy Father spent an entire year telling me who I was. And now he tells me to just stay focused on the work, to not worry about my identity. People will come to it slowly.

I find myself on a planet that is sleepwalking towards a world war. We can stop it. But we can not stop it against your will. That is how free will works.

My statement is completely irrelevant to this judicial process. That it is being dragged in casts suspicions on the judicial process itself as to its fairness.

But if you do drag it in against all logic of how a judicial process works, then the first fair step would be where you would let me defend that statement. The thing is, I have laid it out for anyone in the world to see. It is online. You don't need complex theological training to understand my statement, but you do need sufficient faith.

I am not exactly asserting my identity. No need. I am focused on the work I am here to do. That is on. It will happen by the clock. This age will end. A new age will begin. And it will begin in 22 years by the clock. That new age has been vividly described in the Book Of Isaiah.

A court's decision has to be obeyed. A New York City court did wrong by me in 2015. And you had the earthquake in Nepal. As to how many people died in that earthquake is written down in the Bible. I have pointed out the particular verse at my blog.

I am taking the mild action of sending a letter to the judge saying, let me explain.

You have to be someone who believes in God. And you have to be someone who is not only accepting Jesus but waits for Jesus. If you don't believe in God, or if you are not someone waiting for the return of Jesus, that statement does not even make sense. For the past 2,000 years, people of faith who have accepted Jesus have known him to be a Supreme Being who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. As in, Jesus is everywhere, is omnipresent. That is why you can pray anywhere. So what does it mean for Jesus to come back? That is a reference to a second human incarnation. 2,000 years ago was a human incarnation, spirit become flesh by choice. There was birth, life, and death. Jesus being back is Jesus being born again to a woman and living a fully human life. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people who have gotten to know me for the past several decades. I am fully human. I eat. I sleep.

2,000 years ago I told you, many will come in my name. They have. There are hundreds today who all claim to be Jesus. But I did not say reject all of them. That actually has been a sign that my arrival is imminent. You are supposed to verify. My identity is easily verifiable. Either everyone making the claim is wrong, or only one is right.

How do you verify? I have offered a methodology. That methodology itself can be questioned, but so far no one has done it.

What is that methodology? I have fulfilled prophecies. I have listed half a dozen at my blog. That is sufficient to establish my identity. I will have fulfilled hundreds by the time my work on Earth is done. More than 350 prophecies got fulfilled in Jesus. The chances of that happening are super minute.

I have performed miracles that are well-recorded and accessible to anyone with internet access. Dig into my blog's archives. These are some large-scale miracles.

And then there is the mission. The new age will last thousands of years.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Who Am I?

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Dr. Cameron Budenz, Miracle Worker

Pastor Renn Was Moses When She Was Moses

On Friday in two days, Dr. Cameron Budenz of Tarrytown, NY, is going to operate on my right inner ear. The smallest bone in my body is about to be replaced. Bone, replaced, not broken.

About six months ago on July 1, she did the same procedure on my left ear. Before that whenever my five-year-old niece started a conversation with me I would inadvertently say, "Hold on! Hold on! Let me put this thing on!" And I would put on my hearing aid. After the procedure I no longer have to do that. I still use it, because looks like the high pitch end did not all come back. But most of the rest did.

Dr. Cameron Budenz, miracle worker.

There are Hindus who say Jesus was not God because, well, he got killed. God does not get killed. God kills. Lord Rama slayed Ravana. Lord Krishna slayed Kansha, among many others. You will find Hindus who will say, this guy can not be Jesus. If he is, he might have touched his own ear!

Touch and cure was demonstrated to me in 2016. An angel was involved. He was in the form of an obnoxious Hispanic dude. The first time, though, a black lady who swept the floor of the shelter the Holy Father had put me at: corner of 3oth and First. But before that The Devil did the opposite of touch and cure. He touched me and for seveal days I felt this strange sickness. No fever, no cough, nothing, but I was not well. I felt that all over again for a day after I got my fist Covid vaccine years later. She touched me on my shoulder and whatever The Devil had done was gone just like that.

But there is no touch and cure this time. 2,000 years later, you are the touch and cure. Or, rather, operate and cure.

The idea is for me to become relatable. That is what a human incarnation is all about. Otherwise there are all sorts of people who do not doubt Julius Ceasar was a historic person, but they don't feel that same certainty about Jesus. Why? Well, touch and cure. Walking on water. Water into wine. That could not have happened, they say.

Some dude who might have spoken the planets into their place? Completely unrelatable.

And so I was born on earth decades ago. The prophecy was Jesus will come like a thief in the night. I have been here decades and you did not even know.

In the Gospels, Jesus does not address people as "O beautiful creatures of the earth!" But rather as "Brothers and Sisters!" That is quite literally true. Jesus might have been the firstborn, but you all also are children of the same God. Your soul came from the womb of the Holy Father.

There is no touch and cure this time. Instead you have Dr. Cameron Budenz, and the likes of her. We are good.

The mission is about human possibilities.

God going under the knife is God still trying very hard to be relatable. Let's connect, shall we?

After the last surgery I left a thank you note that said, "This was not touch and cure, but it was close!"

Monday, January 16, 2023

Basic Introduction Problems (Podcast 17)

There have been some basic introduction problems. I, the returned Jesus, have been introducing myself to the world for years and Lord Kalki, the Holy Father Lord Vishnu in human incarnation, for months now. And I have been encountering resistance, and I am patient about it. The early people, by definition, will be small in number. And that small number will snowball. The first 10,000 people that will join my organization will be special, but that organization will grow to be larger than the Bharatiya Janata Party of India and the Chinese Communist Party put together. It is a biblical prophecy that I will be widely accepted. There are two billion Christians and a billion Muslims already waiting for me. Lord Kalki's project to reorganize the caste system on the Indian subcontinent will open up the floodgates and the world will see two billion Brahmins.

The major resistance I have been encountering is as follows.

As soon as you mention Jesus, Hindus tune you out. That guy who helplessly dangled from the cross? God is supposed to be powerful. God does not get killed. God kills. They don't wait for you to connect the dots and show them, based on their own scriptures that Jesus was Bramha the creator in human incarnation. As soon as you mention Lord Vishnu, the Christians tune you out. You don't even get to talk about Lord Kalki. Hinduism is a false religion. Vishnu is a false God. They don't wait for you to connect the dots and show them, based on their own scriptures that Lord Vishnu is Lord God the Holy Father. They have been praying now for 2,000 years asking Him to come become king of all earth. Thy Kingdom Come. He is the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews, one king for all earth who will usher in peace and prosperity everywhere.

But if you manage to "hide" Jesus and talk only about Lord Kalki to the Hindus, you still encounter major resistance. The thing that is most often said is that this Kali Yuga, this age of great sin, will go on for another 420,000 years. This is not correct timing. Lord Kalki can not be here right now.

The four yugas, or ages, are cyclical like the four seasons and each lasts a few thousand years. Fall can not be three months, winter three months, Spring three, and then summer goes on for 50 years! Varanasi in India is the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth. Hindu, non-Hindu, and non-religious sources all agree on that number. The disciples of Lord Shiva, the Holy Spirit, started that city during the last Satya Yuga. We have Lord Rama's birth chart today. According to that, He was on earth during the next age, the Treta Yuga, about 7,000 years ago. It is widely accepted Lord Krishna was on earth about 5,000 years ago during the Dwapar Yuga, the age after that. After He left for Vaikuntha Lok, the highest heaven, the Kali Yuga started and has gone on now for more than 5,000 years. In the Vhavishya Purana which is 5,000 years old, Narad Muni asks Mata Laxmi, "How will people on earth know the end of the Kali Yuga is near?" She replies, "Temples will be locked up and there will be long lines of people at liquor stores." Those prophecies got fulfilled during the pandemic. That is how you should know the end of the Kali Yuga is near. 

When you manage to "hide" Lord Kalki and talk only about Jesus, you still face major resistance among Christians. The thing that most often gets said is, you can not be Jesus, we expect Jesus to come down from the clouds. You did not come down from the clouds.

There are less than half a dozen prophecies that are widely circulated as associated with the Second Coming of Jesus. Last time more than 350 prophecies got fulfilled. During the Second Coming, the number is going to be larger. Some prophecies that are in wide circulation today are as follows. One, Jesus will come like a thief in the night. I have been on earth for decades, and you did not even know. Prophecy fulfilled. Two, Jesus will come down from the clouds. It is widely known, during the Second Coming Jesus will be widely accepted. The Pope actively leads only the Catholic Church. The returned Jesus will lead all churches, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Independent, and everything in between. I will also travel the world for work like the Pope does. That is me landing in an airplane in a city, from city to city across the length and breadth of this earth. Me coming down from the clouds is me landing in an airplane. Three, when Jesus arrives it will be unmistakable like a lightning strike is seen from east to west. Imagine how much news coverage I will get. What the Pope gets times 100, maybe? 1,000? Four, all eyes will see him. Only a few weeks ago, half of the world saw Messi. That is a reference to television, the internet, Livestream, to telecommunications. All world will see me at once. I might land in Rio, but I might be on TV in Jakarta when I land in Rio. I might be on TV everywhere. 

The best reference is what happened 2,000 years ago. That more than 350 prophecies got fulfilled only became obvious after Jesus was long gone. And those prophecies got fulfilled at different phases of the life of Jesus. For example, there are birth prophecies. Half a dozen prophecies got fulfilled just on the cross. One prophecy was Jesus will enter Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Imagine if people had been waiting for the Messiah to enter the world on the back of a donkey. That is the mistake people are making today about Jesus coming down from the clouds. That is not a reference to how I will enter the world. I was born. That is a reference to how I will go to meet my followers from city to city, from country to country. I will land on a plane. There will be massive news coverage. My arrival will be unmistakable. That is what is being said. 

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