Saturday, January 7, 2023

13 Reasons The Rapture Is Not The Second Coming As Per Scripture

  1. Satan, aka The Devil, or Lucifer, Iblis, challenged God saying, I know you are infinitely smarter and infinitely more powerful than me, but you created my free will too, and if you will not snuff me out, on Judgment Day you will realize there are very few human beings to take with you to heaven. If that happens, and there are very few human beings for God to take to heaven on Judgment Day, then The Devil will have won. But The Devil will not win. So be glad Judgment Day is not today. 
  2. There is talk of a millennial reign by God. Before that starts, The Devil is locked up. And then he is released for a brief period. And there are still people who will fall for The Devil. They will accompany him to hell. 
  3. The Devil is a curious case. He was born with the knowledge of God. Heck, he was in the very presence of God. He just did not like serving what he considered lowly human beings, "stupid people." He was born with the knowledge of heaven and hell, of the sins. He was born with immense power and beauty. So you don't go that route that is why the first four of the Ten Commandments keep coming back to God, again and again. 
  4. Has that locking up of The Devil happened yet? No. Look around. Has the millennial reign happened yet? It has not even started. We are here on earth to start it. Good thing Judgment Day is not now. Good thing the rapture is not now. Too many people would be left behind. 
  5. Good thing it has been written about the Second Coming, the time and the hour no one knows but God the Holy Father. Otherwise, the Hindu priests are busy saying the current age will go on for 432,000 years of which only 5,000 years have passed. But there is documentation on the past three ages. The past three have been a few thousand years each. And if the four ages are cyclical like the four seasons.
  6. The airplane has been described in the Bible thousands of years ago. Using the word airplane would not have made sense. Coming down from the clouds has to be seen in that light. When Jesus comes back and shows up in a city, say Rio De Janeiro, he will, I will show up not as an unknown quantity. Kind of like when the Pope travels. He makes news. People know he is coming. All that times 10, times 100, no offense Pope.
  7. If the most famous Christian ritual is something you stop doing after Jesus comes, ("Do this in my memory until I come again.") then how are you going to stop doing the bread and wine ritual if you have already been raptured away? The idea is that when Jesus comes a second time, you will still be going to church but you will no longer be partaking in the bread and wine ritual no more because Jesus is not only back as promised, he is widely recognized and accepted. Even the Jews accept him. So says the Bible.
  8. Jesus will come like a thief in the night. That is a prophecy about the Second Coming. That is no rapture event. That is saying I have been here decades already and you did not even know. Heck, I myself did not know until 2016. The fullness of my humanity is the whole point. I am supposed to be relatable. There are a ton of people who got to know me personally and will attest to the fullness of my humanity. I am fully human. That is the whole point. 
  9. Coming down from the clouds is the airplane. All eyes will see him at once is the TV, it's the Internet, it is LiveStream, it is all the above. It is not said only those raptured away will see him. It has been written, every eye will see him. That has not happened yet with anyone. Sorry, Messi.
  10. What about that I am here? You do the math. You apply the same yardstick that you have been applying to Jesus and it checks. Ask the three questions of prophecy, miracle, and mission, and it checks. If it computes that I am here, that I am Jesus come back, then am I not the Second Coming?
  11. The Holy Father Himself is here in human incarnation. He is my God and your God. My role is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with humanity and worship God. I am the priest from everlasting to everlasting (and you get to tithe me).
  12. If the rapture is a Second Coming then it is not even a coming. In that narrative, Jesus never even comes down from the sky. He is seen by no mortal. Not stepping down on earth is not a coming. That is not a promise to do the bread and wine ritual until I come again.
  13. Ask a Hindu. Has this happened before? Has God showed up on earth in a human incarnation and then promised to come back again? And did he come? In what form? Lord Rama promised to come back. Then came back 2,000 years later as Lord Krishna. That was 5,000 years ago. It was another human incarnation. Lord Rama was Lord Krishna was Lord Buddha is now Lord Kalki. That is the Holy Father. You have been praying to Him for 2,000 years now asking for Him to come down and rule on earth. And He is here. And if that is not news to you, what have you been praying for?


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