Thursday, January 5, 2023

It Is Not A Struggle

It is not a struggle to accept me if you accept yourself. You are a soul that has a body like a body has clothes. That soul is indestructible, even though heaven and earth are not. That soul came from the very womb of Lord God the Holy Father, Lord Vishnu, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah. If you can accept who you are, it is not hard to relate to the firstborn who is now on earth in human form emptied of divine powers, a voluntary undertaking.

I am capable of typos. When you see my typos, you are supposed to think, that is just perfect. That is God being perfect in his attempt to be human.

Prophecied fulfilled ascertain my identity, so you may know the promise has been kept. But there are hundreds more, and those are for you to confirm. I have pointed out enough for identity purposes. But I have no intention to point them all out. Let the scriptures come alive.

Miracles performed and well-documented are also to confirm identity. Large-scale miracles have been performed. They have been large-scale because the current project is just so big.

A sky river that spans the entire breadth of the Pacific and carries as much water as any great river on the earth's surface is pretty large scale, would you say? There are many satellite pictures of that sky river. Dig into the archives.

The meteor that fell can still be seen falling in online videos. It felt like the moon itself fell. But the moon can not fall. The moon has been so very delicately placed into position. The moon makes life possible on earth by simply staying in place.

But I am not here to perform miracles and entertain you. I am here to do work. I am here to assist Lord God the Holy Father in human incarnation. The work is about human possibilities. You get a hint at the omnipotence of God in His supreme confidence.

You are to understand the work to be done, and you are to participate. 

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