Monday, April 24, 2023

Jesus Is Back And Is In Orange County

To: Hon. Maria S. Vazquez-Doles, Orange County Supreme Court, 285 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924
From: Paramendra Bhagat
Date: April 18, 2023

I am Jesus come back as promised and my identity is verified through prophecies fulfilled, miracles performed and well-recorded, and the clarity of my mission which is the answer to the 2,000-year-old prayer Thy Kingdom Come.

You are doing worse than the people 2,000 years ago if you are subjecting me to a psychological test based on this statement. You are not even taking me through a judicial process.

Why only me? The Holy Father Himself is on earth in human incarnation. After all, the prayer Thy Kingdom Come taught by me 2,000 years ago is addressed not to the Son Of God, but to God Himself. And He is here to answer it. The Hindus have been waiting for Him for 5,000 years. He is the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews.

Moses is back and is a lady pastor in Fresno, California. Women will see liberation as the Jews did. The two lawyers are women, as were two lawyers before. The judge is a woman. I will make you wander in the desert metaphorically speaking if that is what it will take. Or do right by the young girl and her mother. Do not let greedy lawyers like Andrea Dumais corrupt the process.

Job is back and is a pastor in Middletown. John The Baptist is back and even has the same name. Many others are back. Prophet Muhammad is back; he just does not know his true identity yet, just like I did not know my true identity until 2016. "Jesus will come like a thief in the night." The Holy Father spent an entire year telling me who I was. And now he tells me to just stay focused on the work, to not worry about my identity. People will come to it slowly.

I find myself on a planet that is sleepwalking towards a world war. We can stop it. But we can not stop it against your will. That is how free will works.

My statement is completely irrelevant to this judicial process. That it is being dragged in casts suspicions on the judicial process itself as to its fairness.

But if you do drag it in against all logic of how a judicial process works, then the first fair step would be where you would let me defend that statement. The thing is, I have laid it out for anyone in the world to see. It is online. You don't need complex theological training to understand my statement, but you do need sufficient faith.

I am not exactly asserting my identity. No need. I am focused on the work I am here to do. That is on. It will happen by the clock. This age will end. A new age will begin. And it will begin in 22 years by the clock. That new age has been vividly described in the Book Of Isaiah.

A court's decision has to be obeyed. A New York City court did wrong by me in 2015. And you had the earthquake in Nepal. As to how many people died in that earthquake is written down in the Bible. I have pointed out the particular verse at my blog.

I am taking the mild action of sending a letter to the judge saying, let me explain.

You have to be someone who believes in God. And you have to be someone who is not only accepting Jesus but waits for Jesus. If you don't believe in God, or if you are not someone waiting for the return of Jesus, that statement does not even make sense. For the past 2,000 years, people of faith who have accepted Jesus have known him to be a Supreme Being who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. As in, Jesus is everywhere, is omnipresent. That is why you can pray anywhere. So what does it mean for Jesus to come back? That is a reference to a second human incarnation. 2,000 years ago was a human incarnation, spirit become flesh by choice. There was birth, life, and death. Jesus being back is Jesus being born again to a woman and living a fully human life. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people who have gotten to know me for the past several decades. I am fully human. I eat. I sleep.

2,000 years ago I told you, many will come in my name. They have. There are hundreds today who all claim to be Jesus. But I did not say reject all of them. That actually has been a sign that my arrival is imminent. You are supposed to verify. My identity is easily verifiable. Either everyone making the claim is wrong, or only one is right.

How do you verify? I have offered a methodology. That methodology itself can be questioned, but so far no one has done it.

What is that methodology? I have fulfilled prophecies. I have listed half a dozen at my blog. That is sufficient to establish my identity. I will have fulfilled hundreds by the time my work on Earth is done. More than 350 prophecies got fulfilled in Jesus. The chances of that happening are super minute.

I have performed miracles that are well-recorded and accessible to anyone with internet access. Dig into my blog's archives. These are some large-scale miracles.

And then there is the mission. The new age will last thousands of years.